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    Well this morning was odd. I had a full morning of consults to deal with and sadly 2 euthanasias (which is unusual in the same morning)

    Funnily I had been sent a photo of my mum a couple days ago and had kissed it only yesterday and actually acknowledged to myself out loud that she had done the best she could.

    I am glad to have forgiven her, even if only in my heart, before she died.

    Perhaps that simple act crossed the world and allowed her the peace to go... who knows.

    I will have a quiet weekend with the kids then the madness of arrangements for funerals etc from the opposite timezone will begin.

    Instead of my daughter my eldest son will accompany me to the funeral. He was the only one of my children who really knew her, so it is appropriate that he come.

    Thanks for the support guys

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    So sorry to hear your news kuya.
    There is no set in stone way to feel about these things. Take care of yourself, you will be in my thoughts.

    Pie, I am glad that whatever is going on with you seems to have stabilized somewhat. Some days are just overwhelming.

    Peace to everyone tonight!
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    Post Thanks / Like glad to see your post. Been thinking and watching for you. Hope you're able to have a peaceful night.....see you in the morning. PPQP

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    so sorry to read of your mother. Thinking of you
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