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Thread: Sat 20th

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    Sorry you had a bad day PPQP. I bet you'll see the best solution more clearly after some time away from what's bothering you and a good night of rest. My solutions are usually a bath and bed. Take care of yourself .

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    Thanks NS....going to escape into my book.

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    Hey PQ, Seems like some heavy issues are raining down around several of us right now. Mick, would you put a rush on that order of magic umbrellas, please! Meantime, escaping into a book sounds like a good plan.

    Kuya, I hope you're able to arrange for coverage at work while you sort out everything else around your mom's passing.

    Pauly, I admire your ability to share your personal experiences, especially to offer up a story that might help someone else.

    Speaking of stories, was that Mick going on about birthin' babies? May have to go back and reread.

    Sam, best news I've heard all day is that your new calf has some springlike weather to enjoy.

    Lav, I think you could run an advice column specializing in how NOT to take crap offa nobody!

    Major decisions looming for dad's care after family meeting today. Think I'll leave it at that, so as not to immerse myself in that thinking mode for tonight.

    Who'd I miss? Need to go back and check.

    That's huge news on the resignation, Det! How're you feeling?
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    Checked in to see if you posted Pi....I can relate to those family meetings. Hope you have a peaceful night....PPQP

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    Wow, my goofy day was relatively easy after reading all these posts!
    I think it is time for a great big group HUG

    Take care of yourselves everyone, have a restful & peaceful night!

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    Success comes one day at a time

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    Quote Originally Posted by porqoui View Post

    Having a really shitty day! Second guessing my discussion with the boss. Money issues at a head. Feeling hopeless. Hopefully posting will let me let it go.
    Stressing over money is so hard. No matter how karmic we feel a bill that needs paying NOW is scary.

    Try to go into the discussion with your boss with an empty will then get the inspiration you need at the time. Main thing is get some sleep, eat a good dinner and trust that the right answer WILL come to you.

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