Greetings Abbers,

Freezing our butts off here, only 12 degrees this morning, what??
Only had snow flurries yesterday & that was plenty for me

TT, I am dangerous (to myself) with sharp objects too. Hope your finger heals quickly.

Sam, I really don't appreciate it when someone tells me I worry too much. It seems like an attempt to invalidate your feelings & that's just plain wrong. My father did that to all of us, ugh. I am concerned about our environment too & I am really hoping that we can work hard enough to hold the line....
I remember being a junior in high school for the first Earth Day, it was so exciting! I am a progressive thinker on everything, I won't go back to the old days.

Pauly, if you are on Pinterest I will send you lots of gluten free recipes including an easy flat bread you can use for sandwiches
You just may end up feeling like a million after a GF month.

Pie, congrats on the paychecks, yay!! Nothing like making some money!!
I hope Dad continues to behave, oh boy.

Det, glad you found something good to cook!
I made a pot of dairy free mushroom soup today to help jazz up the rest of the dinner which was leftovers, ha ha!

Mick, great pics again!
I loved the snowy mountaintop in Florida
A dog on the porch & a chicken on the mailbox? Could be my house, lol

PQ, I don't know that I have the fortitude to live with your weather. Stay warm friend!

Wishing everyone a peaceful night. It's warming up to 50 degrees tomorrow so it's going to feel like spring once again.