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Thread: sunday

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    Re: sunday

    hiya folks,,,just written this while Im watching telly..Det I couldnt find the poem I was looking for,but I think this kind of puts the message across..this is for you mate copy it put in your wallet in your car on your fone ..anywhere..and when you need a drink left some bits pretty vague so that you can put your own personal thoughts on it...You can do it!!

    Reach for me
    Reach out and hold me, let me feel your touch,
    Life owes you, it’s not fair, but I can give you so much
    I will make you feel happy, funny, brave and so bold,
    So appealing to everyone, never out in the cold

    The sage of all things on this earth,
    No one but me knows your worth
    No one else, you just need me,
    I am yours for eternity

    So you lose your job, and life goes wrong
    Don’t worry about it I’ll be along...
    People bypass you in the street,
    That stinking slumped mess lying in a heap

    But now you’re shaking. I wonder why
    You crave for me more as slowly you die…
    Remember me telling you that I was your friend?
    I lied ha ha,
    Goodbye.. the end
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    Re: sunday

    wow Mick, i'm still crying from that poem, thank you so very much for taking the time today as always. That goes for all of you loves.... each and every one of you great people.

    I'm very relieved to receive an email from the therapist last night saying there is room in the group for me (they keep it small). Having a mix of guys that know the crap I'm in, and a therapist with 22yrs of experience, the combo should be good. I'm going in optimistic at least.

    Antabuse I'm definitely up for also. I need all the tools I can get. have a message out to my doc already.

    Pie, massage sounds so lovely, good for you.

    well, time to cut hair, make lunch, shower etc for work tomorrow. Hope that goes ok I'm worried having missed days again last week but I can't stress over this now.

    thank you all again so much.

    be well loves (that includes me)
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: sunday

    Good evening Abbers,

    Det, I am so happy to hear your news. That sounds like a great plan so hang onto it with both hands, OK?
    We will be here as your extended support group, sounding board or whatever you need.

    Mick, thanks so much for the two feet of snow, ha ha!!!
    The latest prediction for snowfall total is now 12-18" so we will be closer to two feet I guess
    I'm afraid this snow will murder the early spring blooming stuff like the forsythia & pussy willow, oh well.
    Sounds like you are almost adjusted to being home, good for you!

    Hello to Pauly, Sam, TT, Pie, PQ, SF & all the regulars.
    Wishing everyone a peaceful night.

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