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    bank holiday monday white (and black) rabbits

    morn what happened there then?Ive lost the post the jokes and sent 2 pms and they have eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevaporated...well as you can see its bank holiday monday here ..yup a julie is off work and my dear daughter Amy is coming over..Ive been cordially invited to go shopping in manchester with them today,but unfortunately have got other important things to do count the blades of grass on the lawn..
    Pick my other car up tomorrow night,so got to get tax insurance and all that sorted out..then got to arrange for mine to be picked up..

    looking on the rspca website ...there are loads of people trying to reserve Panda...unfortunately ...she is destined for here in the hills..but not till May 11th ,though I am going to try and swing it earlier..this is her story on here

    PANDA - Manchester & Salford Branch - Detail -

    ok brew time it is..

    well seeing as swe sont know what happened yesterday lets just have a genral round up...

    hiya det ...what you been up to then mate sent you a pm but it looks like a missed the post ...did you do anything over the weekend?

    hiya pie wow nice chimney breast to work on ...would that wall take an old railway sleeper as a mantel?

    hi are you then?see you managed to get back on here ...what have you been up to anything?

    hi pauly hows you then ?dont know if you saw the post I put up yesterday ..

    hey snoopster hows life in the fast doing good

    good evening tt how are you today then?what have you been up to then ..owt or nowt ? as they say here ..well they do in yorkshire which is at the top of the hill...

    these are about 20 feet apart images (2).jpeg images (3).jpeg

    hiya Lav hows you then? good weekend?

    hiya Sam..long time no hear..

    hiya SK you ok?

    right letz get some jokes on the go...

    I went for a testicle check up last week. The little Thai nurse cupped my testes and said, "Don't worry, it's quite normal to get an erection during this procedure." I said, "I haven't got an erection." She said "No, but I have."

    Think your life's tough? Try buying a Wii in France.

    Son: "Dad, what's an alcoholic?"
    Dad: "Do you see those four trees? Well, an alcoholic would see eight."
    Son: "But Dad, I only see two."

    My wife wanted me to buy her a Siamese cat.

    Far too expensive, so I bought two normal cats and glued their heads together!

    Why should you never wear Ukrainian underpants?

    Because Chernobyl fall out.

    I couldn't work out how to fasten my seatbelt.

    Then it clicked.

    I've been thinking about selling my John Lennon memorabilia on eBay.

    Imagine all the PayPal..

    I tried to sign up to a website the other day.

    I put my password as "BeefStew" but it said password wasn't stroganoff.

    My sister asked me if I wanted to wind her new born baby?

    I thought that was a bit harsh so I just gave him a dead leg instead.

    Just got a birthday card, opened it and rice went everywhere!!

    It was from Uncle Ben!

    Apparently our local Police station has had it's toilet stolen.

    Police have nothing to go on.

    Dad: Where have you been?
    Son: Teacher made me stay behind and do lines
    Dad: That was two days ago!
    Son: What can I say, he buys good shit!

    Our Wi-Fi wasn't working last night so I sat & chatted to the Mrs for a change.

    I'm surprised to hear she no longer works at Woolworths.

    What starts with T, ends with T and has T in it?

    A teapot.

    The police came to my house and asked where I was between 3 and 5?.

    I told them pre school.

    I always keep an empty milk bottle in the fridge just in case anyone has black coffee.

    Dad: I gave all your toys to the orphanage.

    Son: Why did you do that dad?

    Dad: So you won't get bored there.

    The fact that jellyfish have survived for 650 million years despite not having brains gives me hope for our next generation.

    Keep your potatoes wrapped in tin foil and in a cupboard, these are a welcome consolation if your house burns down.

    What do you call two blokes sitting on top of a window?

    Kurt and Rod

    My therapist set down half a glass of water, asked if I was an optimist or a pessimist.
    I drank the water & told him I was a problem solver
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7


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    Re: bank holiday monday white (and black) rabbits

    Good morning Mick and everyone, guess the administrators did a great job fixing the problem, we lost some posts but can always put up new ones.

    Mick, so you are getting Panda? Hope it all works well. We have had tons of rain here for days. Hope it clears up soon. Off to drink coffee.

    Have a good one all.

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    Re: bank holiday monday white (and black) rabbits

    MAE ALL...

    Wow...was reading Mick's post, clicked on the pic and the forum went down.

    Keeping this short before it goes down again. Will check back later....PPQP

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    Re: bank holiday monday white (and black) rabbits

    Morning All, Nice work by the admins in defending the site and restoring it so quickly. I'll check back later.

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    Re: bank holiday monday white (and black) rabbits

    Hi everyone - Happy May Day. Yes the forum was down. I will keep my post brief too. Spent yesterday morning at the docs - not sure what is wrong with me. It doesn't seem to be my liver but my pancreas enzymes are not as they should be. Not urgent at this stage but very worrying to me. I will be having an ultrasound but because I am due to go overseas next Monday for 2 weeks so I dont think I will have it before then. Plus my GP is on bereavement leave so I am dealing with a locum. Trying not to worry or go anywhere near Google.

    Love the signage Mick - we have that sort of nonsense over here too. It gets very territorial. Well at least you dont have to show a passport when you cross the border - yet!!

    Catch you all later - if MWO is healthy again. Looks like it is.

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