Thank you TT for sharing that memory. The memories that alcohol leaves us with that never really go away, just tucked away to make us feel the shame or guilt again.

I happened to see a pharma ad today tagged with all its side effects. Makes me wonder how alcohol slides by without having a tag of all its possible side effects. People laugh and joke "wow I'd never take that"...yet, unwittingly drink and celebrate alochol which has ALL those exact side effects.

Det-I am sorry you are going through all this. Is all this final? Is her mind made up? Or are you guys taking a break?

A friend of mine has a daughter that went in for her last cancer screen (she is 18 and graduating next week)---this was to be her last one--cancer free for 5 years. Except they found the cancer returned and it is such a rare case that no doctor will take the case. Not even St. Jude's. She most likely will not survive very long. Sometimes you get hit with reminders--that you really don't have any problems at all.