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    The Missing Thursday Thread

    MAE ALL....

    Thought I'd post from work and unless my eyes deceive me there's no thread!!
    We got wind, rain and snow yesterday. No rain or snow yet today but it's still quite windy out there.
    Late night at the garden meeting last night so looking forward to going home and vegging tonight.
    Hope everyone is having a Thunderous Thursday....PPQP

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    Re: The Missing Thursday Thread

    Mae everybody,PQ,I think peeps decided to take a break today haha,hope all is well
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: The Missing Thursday Thread

    Ahoy ABerooos!

    thanks much PPQ, you saved the day.

    vegging tonight is certainly what I'm doing. So sore and tired from setting concrete anchors at work. My hamstrings and back
    are letting me know whats up

    hope all are well on this very quiet thread today. Hopefully all are out doing fun summertime things.

    I need to make a lunch for tomorrow but I'm already falling asleep. egad. will figure out something.

    anyone have big plans for the holiday weekend fast approaching?

    be well loves
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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