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Thread: Tuesday30 May

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    Tuesday30 May

    Hi Guys - so are we going to move to a monthly thread on 1 June? I am all for it - doesn't mean we just post once a month of course that would not be good. But we can respond as often and when we can. The other good thing about one thread is that you can scroll back and check on what people are up to, while writing.
    Hope you are OK Pauly - work provides structure when we are going through uncertainty - so although its not always the greatest place to be - it will help. All the strange dreams etc about your brother will come - its not something that will easily go away. We are here for you.
    You too Det - how did you spend the long weekend?

    Mick - we are waiting to see about a new cat. Waiting to see if I move overseas and also daughter is away from Aug - Dec - so this is not a good time to adopt a new family member. The office-clearing is gradual - I own everything except the furniture and the computer - and there are a lot of books and several boxes of notes. Many will be thrown or given away - but I have to hang on to some stuff just in case I need it for another job. Its not stuff either than is easily available digitally. The problem is where to put this stuff at home - we dont have a spare room. So things may be a bit messy at home (well they are already) for a while.
    I went to my therapist today - this is paid for by my employer and it was helpful a bit.
    Hope everyone is doing well - I will leave it up to Mick to supply the jokes. Have to go and get dinner on now

    Be good everyone!

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    Re: Tuesday30 May

    tt s quote...Have to go and get dinner on wear what you want this isnt a formal thread............................................ .....

    mornin folks hope we are all doing ok...didnt do too much yesterday ,was in a bit of pain,but ok thats it we go live on Thursday?we ned to warn the other thread that this zoo is de camping and movin onto their premises!!but foist...a brew..

    hiya pauly ,how are you today?I guess it will be up and down for a while,thats the nature of grieving.always remember...he is your brother...not was..

    Sam the whats up doc?salad city the ground you have is clayey?pretty hard digging ...get a minidigger..they are great to play on ..even if you dont need it!!

    hiya are you today?managed to get some down was more of a case of having to as opposed to wanting to!!got to give the solicitor full marks for trying...but thats as far as it goes!!

    hiya Lav ....hows you then?all good you got up the end bits yesterday?couldnt see where you would put end bits on a pagoda.....

    brew time it is...hopefully the build will go up this week and into next ..then is put the concrete apron in job done..should be finished in 3 weeks..

    hiya everyone else ...empyr snoopster pie det ....where are you ..

    I am so skint at the moment that I decided to spend my last pound on a scratch card. I could not believe my luck, I had fck all left to scratch it with.

    When it's sunny I think 'Beer garden.'
    When it rains I usually go to the pub for a while.
    When it's snowing I like to sit in front of the TV with a case of Beer.
    I'm starting to think I have a problem with the weather.


    What do you call a sandwich shop that just opened in India? / New deli

    Why was the broom late for work? / He overswept

    How do you drive a cow into the ground? / With steaks

    What do monks eat for breakfast? / Ommmmmlets

    Where do nuts go to the bathroom? / In the pee can.

    How do you arrest a sick person? / Put him in hand coughs.
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    Re: Tuesday30 May

    HaHa Mick, great jokes as usual. I was impressed by the pictures of the building/digging you did! Wow. Are you done for a while now? What's next on the agenda for summer projects.

    TT, lots of changes for you and your family, glad you found the therapist a positive experience. Take care.

    Porquoi, that garden sounds wonderful. What a great summer project.

    Pie, hello to you.

    Sam, nice to see you.

    Det where are you, OK? Let us know.

    Have a great AF start to your week.

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    Re: Tuesday30 May

    New Deli! Good one, Mick! Thanks for the startup, TT. Hello to you too, Snoopy, and greetings to Lav, Sam, Det, Pauly, and all the usual suspects. PQ, my beginner's luck at real estate continues with a 2nd sale on the horizon. Being constantly sober is a huge factor in being able to respond at a moment's notice. Yesterday at 6pm, I got a request to show a property. No problem, I was out the door in minutes. Last week a client dropped by unexpectedly after 8pm to deliver a check. Again, no problem. I was able to open the door with no fear of slurring my words, or hiding any "evidence." This is the way to live, for sure.

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    Re: Tuesday30 May

    Mae everybody, Pie,thats awesome news! I love your enthusiasm Mick,funny jokes,TT thanks for the kickoff,tried to text Det last night but maybe he was at his group meeting or just busy,are we gonna merge as TT asked? Either way I'll still be here everyday, gosh my stomach is a wreck,hate that!hafta eat dumb oatmeal this morning cuz I'm out of eggs,actually I'm out of everything cuz I usually grocery shop on Sunday but I wasn't here of course and I sure as hell wasn't going after a long car ride,oh well,much love to all and I hope today is a easy AF Tuesday
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: Tuesday30 May

    MAE ALL...Wow, where did the day go. I didn't even have time to turn around. So I'm a little confused about going to a monthly thread. Does this mean we are just going to post in the currently named "Motivated in May" thread and on June 1st whatever it's called?

    TT...thanks for kicking us off this morning. Happy to hear you still have coverage for your therapist.

    Mick...I think most of the monthly crew knows we're coming. LOL As far as the lawyer you are correct, they're not getting any money from me. is a great summer project and there's always someone in the garden to visit with.

    Pi...good luck with the 2nd sale and you are absolutely right about being able to respond at a moments notice.

    Pauly...hope you had a good day and that things are starting to settle down. I know you've got a long road ahead of you. Take care of yourself.

    Det...worried about you, please check in.

    Lav...will say hi now.

    So it sounds like we're all in agreement about the monthly thread. Last daily posting tomorrow so let's all remind ourselves about Thursday.
    Hope we all have a peaceful evening....PPQP

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    Re: Tuesday30 May

    Good evening Abbers!

    Thanks for the startup TT. I really don't mind how many threads we have going on, just used to them I guess.
    I hope you find some place to store your paper work. Is it possible to rent a small storage unit for a while?

    Mick, I think a PAGODA is a little gaudy looking for a deck here in cow country, ha ha! The rain has held up construction the past few days anyway. YB has been dealing with a lot of wrist pain & received two Cortisone injections in the wrist today & is now wearing a brace to splint the hand & wrist, oh boy. I hope you can rest up a little too!

    Hi there SnoopStar & Pauly!
    Pie, congrats on your RE sales, yay!!!! It is good to be clear headed & ready to go to work at a moment's notice.

    Det, please check in.

    PQ, a busy day goes much quicker

    Hello to Sam, SF & the rest of the crew.
    Have a decent & peaceful night everyone!

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