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Thread: Joyous June

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    Re: Joyous June

    Morning friends,Star sounds like a mess! Yep its true we need to balance our lives,in cases like your former boss though I think ego and wanting the accolades so bad they push themselves to the limit instead of realizing that they're human too,when I go up for my brother's celebration of life I'm gonna make a point to go to the lake,at least its kind of 'beachy' for Lou get some sun and relax,I'm really a bit worried about the alcohol thats bound to be around, just not in the mood for that crap! Lav,recipe zounds good Cyn hope you're getting some rest AND fun,wishing us all a happy AF Friday
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: Joyous June

    Good evening friends,

    Well, today is our 44th anniversary, believe it or not. I think there's a good possibility of making it to 45, ha ha!!!!
    Life certainly does not go as planned. It does not move forward in a straight line. There's hills & valleys & plenty of bumps along the way. WE have both had some pretty serious bouts of depression & related shitty behavior BUT we are still here. That's what I have learned so far

    Star, all it takes is one person with a way too big ego to upset the entire applecart. I hope the organization can heal & get going again in a healthy way!
    We absolutely have to learn as we go along - there's no such thing as 'knowing everything'. That's what's at the bottom of my DIL's issues. A major case of insecurity (from her adoptive status) & a damn master's degree that she thinks makes her invincible
    Keeping an open mind & a willingness to keep learning & growing is the best stabilizer I know.
    Take care in the heat & humidity, it's getting gross here. I found my B/P starting to climb a little this week & actually woke up with a headache this morning so I took the PRN diuretic I have & I can feel it getting better. My B/P is usually higher in a medical office - a phenom known as White Coat syndrome (perfectly normal). I believe 100% that we can make or break ourselves with our diet! Keep doing what you are doing - it will pay off!

    Pauly please keep in mind that if you have Louie with you that's your perfect excuse to remain AF! You don't want him to see you drinking & you are teaching him an important lesson that we do not need AL to handle our lives

    Hello to the vacationing Cyn!

    Peace to everyone tonight!
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