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Thread: w/c 9th jul

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    Re: w/c 9th jul

    morning all ...itsa lovely morning here today..both rabbits are outplaying together ...for some reason they seem to be a lot closer not that how are we all today then?all good hopefully ...Mr Fox was round last night but before I could get there he was gone..
    Julies dad went for a scan yesterday far as his main organs go..he is as fit as a fiddle....INCLUDING his does that work then?its just his head functionality that needs to be sorted out ...yes there is def dementia..but it can be slowed down by doing some of the things he isnt and vice versa...
    ok on that note having been proved observation ? how does that work ..lets have a java...

    hiya Lav how are you today?healthy brew for you g/s no1 is sound and not a rebel ? similar to me and my brother as kids...I was always the innocent one..he was the rag arse..well thats what perception and planning said ...even on my avatar on fb Im the back seat driver roses were harmed during the night..

    20170711_075548.jpg anti horse sticks....

    have a good one

    hiya det are you then today?hope all is well with you mate..havent a clue what I did with the roses...I was playing about with them...they are all to say I planned it but.......spicy Italien sossij? with broccoli?wow that is an explosive mix!!
    have a good day my friend.

    hi are right ...never too old to learn!!my own Stampede in the back ..never thought of it like that..any word form/about your person in charge aka loosely known as boss?I used to hate that the prison service ..prisoners ..alright boss...or you ok guv...... no Im not in charge of a feckin slave gang nor am I a London taxi driver!! I are the gardens doing?

    hiya pauly ..hows you doing good ?like you Im usually out of bed and doing something within 5 mins waking up ...but even I think are allowed..hope you have a great moany co-workers and no arsey customers!!!

    hiya Sam you ok? you learned to retain the informatin that isnt necessarily of imprtance and yet must be..Ive got a head full of that..!!stick at it my friend will get there!!

    hi snoops,tt pie and the rest of the crowd...hope all is well with you?

    UNDER no circumstances accept a friend request from the New Zealand rugby team, they are Hakas!

    Give a scouser a fish, and he can eat for a day.
    Give him a fishing rod and he'll put it in your letterbox and nick your car keys.


    Just had an argument with the manager in McDonalds.

    What a clown!

    I once made a belt out of $10 notes.

    Turns out it was just a waist of money.

    A piece of sandpaper walks into a bar.

    The bartender says "What will it be?"

    The sandpaper goes "Just something to take the edge off"

    If you choke a Smurf..
    What colour does it turn?

    What do you call a man with cat scratches all over his head ?


    My grandfather races pigeons.

    I don't know why - he never beats them.

    What happens if you go on a survival course and don't pass?

    How to speak Irish





    Say them all quickly.
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 8..done that bimbling into year 9..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 10


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    Re: w/c 9th jul

    Good morning to everyone, hope your Wednesday is AF!

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    Re: w/c 9th jul

    hey hey all,
    morning to you Mick and Snoopy.
    feeling like a hot one coming on, I have to set up a boof at the local fair here for the soils folks. figures it'll be a scorcher. bringing plenty of aqua!
    hope everyone has enjoyable day

    Liberated 5/11/2013

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    Re: w/c 9th jul

    Mae everybody, Mick funny jokes haha do the docs suggest any treatments for the dementia? I know there's some meds for it,such a baffling illness that to me seems like its on the rise,or maybe we just hear more about it these days,Sam,stay hydrated out in the boot I shouldn't have bragged about how good I've been sleeping cuz last night was not great at all,I want to kick Winslow out! Ever since the fireworks he's been sleeping under my bed,now he's used to it and relentlessly scratches the door til I let him in,driving me crazy,then this morning he jumped on my bed and started crazily digging into the blankets trying to get cozy,ugh,much love to all and I hope we all have a happy AF Wednesday
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: w/c 9th jul

    MAE ALL...

    Mick...human health can be a mystery. Just like the person who never smoked gets lung cancer. Hope they can sort something out. P&J probably bonded while you were on jolidays. Probably felt like they were left on their own, but now they know it's only temporary. Will they go van camping with you or is that a no-no?

    Hey Snoop...always good to see you dance on in.

    Sam...thought you were going to setup a beef...LOL Keep yourself hydrated today.

    Pauly...goes to show who's the boss in your house. LOL

    SF...thinking of you. Miss your thoughtful posts.

    Boss is only here for today and tomorrow then off for 3 weeks holidays. Don't know how he managed that as he's not been here a year and we only start with 2 weeks off. Gotta say it's really pissing off the accountant. LOL The summer student he hired to cover for the Program Coordinator, who is taking the month of July off and hasn't been working a year yet as well, is a godsend. I'm getting all kinds of things done that I don't have the time or knowledge to do. I'll take one of her over the other 2 any day.
    Just as push came to shove in the money department son got a couple of cheques in the mail. It's uncanny how things seem to always work out. Just need to learn not to worry and stress in the meantime. Hope we all have a Happy Hump Day....PPQP

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    Re: w/c 9th jul

    Thursday here folks. Well yesterday I had my colonoscopy and what an adventure! No not the actual procedure but getting there - the car nearly crashed in the snow and we had to abandon it and walk in the dark up a big slippery hill and then some more to get here - and then trudge back down afterwards while I was still a bit sedated. Mr GB was with me and he was great - it was almost romantic! The procedure ruled out signs of colon cancer - found something else but I am not doing anything about it (probably related to childbirth). I have a meeting with the specialist coming up about my other pains in my abdomen.
    Mick - I dont think your father-in-law's 'habit' will help the dementia. There is therapy as you know to help slow the process down.
    PQ - looks like students and interns are propping up a lot of businesses and organizations. Thats one reason why some of us older qualified people get shoved off though. Mr GB finds out more tomorrow about his job - as do thousands of others in the place he works in.
    Sam - not hot here as NZ is being covered in a snow storm. Lots of closed roads, transport problems.
    Hi there Lav, SF, Pauly, Det, Pie and others - catch you later. Tonight the house is being taken over by a small group of 18-19 young women. They will be fine and I will remove myself to the other end of the house. So glad my daughter is sociable.
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    Re: w/c 9th jul

    Happy hump day eve ABerooos,

    TTops, my what a day! glad no scary stuff was discovered.

    For cognitive decline blueberries are clinically proven to be powerful on several fronts. If they were in a patentable drug form they would
    be selling like mad. Also omega 3 from krill.

    Tomorrow eve after work I have my job interview finally! looking forward to that.

    Dinner was duck egg omelette with marinara sauce. for dessert it will be cauliflower with garlic butter

    I really do need to try and get out more. Feeling a bit lonely today. New job would be a huge help as it's much
    closer and I wont be blowing 250 per month on gas just getting to work. Then I can more easily justify jaunts for
    social things.

    Lav, hot is one thing but adding the humidity... I feel your pain.

    ok, more geeky studies await me....

    gnight loves
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: w/c 9th jul

    WOW...TT...glad you're ok. What an ordeal! We only have a summer student as her wages are being covered by a grant. It's just fortunate for me that she's one smart cookie and has saved me hours of learning what I need to know to accomplish the next requested task. I'm taking full advantage of her, especially with the boss gone! LOL

    My new snack to go to...blueberries...thx Det. Great news about the job interview...we'll all be there with you. Yes those lonely feelings are going to crop up so be prepared for them. Maybe a good time to immerse yourself in your photos? Sort, categorize, edit, start a portfolio? The new book I'm reading has the main character making a living selling her photos. Started by selling "stock photos" (animals, food, historical sites, etc) to start a revenue stream then start showing some framed pictures where she could, coffee houses, malls, some photo galleries (for the bigger $'s). Worth a thought.

    Pi...I miss your big smiling face. LOL Have a peaceful evening all....PPQP

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    Re: w/c 9th jul

    Good evening Abbers,

    Oh yes the heat & humidity are still hanging on, yuck!
    On a good note Det you'll be happy to know that YB harvested 15 pounds of garlic this week, ha ha. Some of it will be saved for replanting before winter gets here but the rest is for eating pleasure I hope you interview turns out exactly the way you like

    Mick, you must have to do a plant count every morning to be sure everything survived the night. I do the same with the chickens, ha ha!
    Glad your bunnies are happy in their coed dorm!
    Yes, my oldest grandson is calm, friendly, intelligent & eager to help & learn something new every day. The other guy seems to be stuck in a rut of constantly bucking every rule & regulation & his focus is on himself & what he can get. Very different brothers, for sure.

    Sam, hope you did not melt in this excessive heat today!

    Hi there SnoopStar!

    Pauly, I have always had big dogs & have never allowed any of them to get on the beds - no way! I give them a cushioned dog bed in the corner if they want to use it but that's as far as it goes, haha!

    PQ, I always enjoyed having nursing students on my unit especially if they were willing to get their hands dirty & jump in to help the regular stuff get the work done! Free labor is something to be valued, LOL

    Wow TT, you did have an adventure. Glad it turned out OK despite the bumps in the road. I hope you can find the cause of your discomfort soon.
    Your daughter sounds like she is enjoying herself at this stage, nice.

    My grandson stayed up until 10 pm & he was just a joy today. Time for me to get some sleep too.
    have a nice night everyone!

    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: w/c 9th jul

    I refused to go outside today. I got hit so hard with the sleepies with this last heat wave. Today I needed to get shit done! Now without the photography gig, I was finally able to put my full attention on doing my own product photography. I really am having fun with this on-line thing. The whole process fascinates me and there is always something new to learn. Plus, I have met some of the coolest people who create amazing things. This is the shit that keeps me sober.

    Mick--the prison and work analogy was spot on for the majority of jobs. Honestly, when did it get so bad?

    PQ--I really hate boss's like the one you are describing. Problem is that if anything goes wrong they blame you. The worst are the one's who in private tell you "thank you, you are doing a great job"....back that up with a raise and a title....cuz we all know you are taking the credit. Also, I'm pretty up front that I am not a nice person. If you want someone to walk all over and kiss your ass...I'm not your girl.

    You guys were mentioning the KKK....which made me think of an event that happened the other night. After my shift at 11pm I stopped into a gas station. There were two black employees and a black customer. The customer was going on and on and I could not really understand all the slang he was using. He walked out of the store and both of the employees apologized to me. Apparently, the customer was making racial statements....both said, "this is 2017, we don't support that or think that way and we are sorry you had to hear that". Racial stuff goes both ways, and both sides need to step up if we are to make any progress.

    Found this super cool songwriter place close to home. The people were amazing talent, I could go there every night. And the best part---the food rocked---kale/brussel sprout salad. Little pricey, but much cheaper than when I was knocking back drinks.

    Thinking I may get a tattoo. Nothing too crazy...but, crazy enough.

    One of my co-workers shares on FB her struggles with booze. Honestly, I commend her for her bravery....because all I did was hide. And its not all that..."I'll share now that I am recovered BS". It is the real deal--little clip-its as she tries to stay sober. To boot she is friends with almost everyone at work. The very last people I was openly telling I had an AL problem was work.

    Found out another friend is back drinking hard. It really is hard to know how to best support someone. I really hate this shit.

    Pauly--we went to the black sand beaches when we were in Hawaii years ago. When you said it was creepy---instantly I thought---"that's it, the place to spread my ashes for all eternity". My love of Stephen King. My social has three 6's, as does hubby's. We crack up because everything is literally 6's with us. They just gave me a raise at the store...66 cents. Who gets 66 cents? Me.

    Have a great Thursday!

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