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Thread: Sweet September

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    Re: Sweet September

    Morning friends,Star I understand how you're feeling,it's a huge life change you're going through! You'll figure it out though I've been kinda bluesy here,my hormones are so outta whack it's crazy,I've got to get ahold of my emotions cuz that's not good for me at all,plus I've been so damn tired these past few days,this will sound odd but it seems like every time I eat eggs for too many days I get weird,maybe too much choline? I noticed that last summer when I was AF for awhile and trying to go low carbish,it could be unrelated too who knows,Lav hope your head cold is clearing up,I've also wondered if I'm catching something or still having an allergic reaction to the hair dye I used the other day cuz my scalp and ears still itch maybe its gone throughout my body running me down again who knows,Cyn,whatcha got planned for the weekend? Off to get ready for work bleh,wishing us all a happy AF Day
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: Sweet September

    Morning all --

    Lav, so sorry about that cold! Mine really kicked my butt, however it seems to be going away faster than I expected... I'm pretty cleared from all the sinus stuff, and not coughing. I wish you the same! It really does sound like YB is getting a good way to be out and about, that's great. Oh boy, hope the insanity twins behave --- but you are not taking care of the puppy/new dog? I am getting ready to leave my pooch for the weekend, the dog sitter is coming here. Thanks for asking about the doc visit; no new info, just a couple of smaller tests (and a dreaded colonoscopy, but it's been over 10 years, so I guess....)

    Star, I'm so glad Pauly picked up on your vibe and said something... I was kinda wondering also. You can always say what's going on, even if it's the same thing over and over -- that's what we do here, right? As I read your post this morning, I wondered if maybe working with a life coach would be a good thing for a little bit... there are lots out there that work with people on transitions, and who understand all these issues. I am in a writing group with some women who do that, and they sound terrific. Sounds like making a plan and working it might be a help right now - just a thought.

    Pauly, good luck with the transition back to home, I really get that! My HB can get home, unpack immediately, and then he's off and running in whatever his next project is. Me, I feel like I'm swimming through cement even when I just change cities for a few days, not sure why that is for me, but I just have to deal with it. So sorry you lost a long lost, darn that is aggravating. Good luck getting back in 'the swing' of things.

    Shout out to SK, hope you are feeling better ---

    Lav, thanks for piping up about the exits... I bet you got plenty of training in your field... I kind of wish we all would have more training. Even though I include some of this info in my presentations, I never have thought that I might be in an active shooter situation. But our bucolic corner of the state is the highest gun-owner population, so I think I'll be including the 'exit' strategy in my talks for now on. Especially with everything so heated up now, I think it would be wise. I'll be looking for those exits, thanks to you!

    I have a client this morning, then will head off to NYC on the train this afternoon... will be working with a NY client on Monday, then heading home - without missing the train hopefully! I will try to post by phone --

    Sending all a glimpse of beautiful bright autumn light and a great AF Saturday ---

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    Re: Sweet September

    Good evening friends on this last day of September!!!

    This month has flown by quickly, geez.
    What should we call ourselves for the month of October? I think we should include the word optimism.......

    The Insanity Twins are behaving, thank goodness. Even the one with the brain tumor seems just fine. He was on steroids for a month & now they are just watching to see what happens next.
    I have kind of a weird situation coming up next week. YB's 65th birthday & I don't know what to do. Normally I would cook a ton of food & invite the family over. Taking him out to eat is fine but then there's no real celebration. Once again this ongoing family dysfunction is screwing with my normal plans.

    Star, speaking of plans, I know exactly what you're talking about. Those long range life plans we make when we're younger & work so hard to achieve & suddenly everything changes. It's frustrating & very scary, to say the least. I am always so much better off when I am working towards something & feeling excited & hopeful. I guess we are probably all a lot like that. I am currently coasting but I really don't feel I have the energy or ambition to start on anything new. It's difficult to change direction when you've been focused on one area for so long, I get that. Hang in there & stay on the positive side. The Universe has something in mind for each & every one of us.

    Pauly, I know my allergies cause a lot of fatigue, that's pretty typical.
    Sounds like you need to do an elimination diet & find out what's not agreeing with you. Take a nap

    Cyn, I really wish more women would take safety/self-defense classes. Honestly, I see older women leaving their purses in the shopping carts at the supermarket making themselves easy targets for thieves. I scan the parking lots before I get out of my car or walk out of a building. That comes from working shift work - arriving at/or leaving work at midnight is scary sometimes. Creepers in parking garages, ugh. You do a lot of traveling on your own so I am hopeful that you are staying alert to your surroundings
    Good luck on your current trip!

    Wishing everyone a nice night!
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    Re: Sweet September

    Snoopy, I totally understand your feelings. I felt at times my job defined me and it's hard to transition through that.

    Pauly, I always feel better when I eat eggs (vit B?) I keep Jimmy Deans' scrambles in the freezer when I am rushed. I used to eat a humungous breakfast i.e. eggs, mushrooms. hash browns, turkey bacon and spinach I had to use 2 pans and microwave. I had better energy and need to get back to it. I think you should get tested for food allergies.

    I'm heading for a colonoscopy soon also.

    Lav, invite who you normally invite. The response to the invitation is on them.

    I have to go back to the shelter with Peggy to see if they are compatible. Time has flown, talk to you all later and hi to everyone.
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