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Thread: w/c 10th

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    Re: w/c 10th

    Quote Originally Posted by Determinator View Post
    Heya ABerooos,

    moving slowly here in sicko land, I'm sure it will remedy it'self as it always does.

    Lets see then... giant hedgehogs, mustard gas, funerals...oh my. Mick that's pretty funny you cut down the
    wrong tree oopsie then.

    sorry not a very energetic post today, just feel like I'm floating around a bit. will check back in laterish

    be well loves
    det nope didnt get down the wrong tree ...cut down the ONLY tree.............................................h a ha ..

    pauly get well soon likewise you too det
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 12

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    Re: w/c 10th

    Good evening Abbers,

    I sure hope the sickos are starting to feel better - Pauly & Det!!!

    Mick, so how did you do with your lists??? Get everything done on time?
    Didn't see my groundhog buddy today, he must have decided to sleep in a bit since it's the weekend.

    PQ, so your boss specializes in nepotism? People get fired & even jailed for that BS around here, jeez.
    I hope your day with the MIL went well.

    We are still dealing with warm & humid weather here, not at all Fall-like. Grateful for the AC as always
    Greetings to the rest of the crowd & wishing everyone a nice night!

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    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: w/c 10th

    Quote Originally Posted by Mick View Post
    det nope didnt get down the wrong tree ...cut down the ONLY tree.............................................h a ha ..
    Still laughing over this!

    Det...sounds like you just need a nothing day and that's ok. A little worried about you so just remember you don't want any hangover nightmares!!!

    Pauly...maybe you and hubs both get in a grog....fill the bathtub up with lots of bubbles and together breath in the steam.

    Got MIL to lab with Health Care Card only to discover she didn't bring the requisition. Managed to go back and get it in time to get the appointment.
    Doing pizza tonight so heading out to get it....have a peaceful evening all...PPQP

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    Re: w/c 10th

    Hi Mick and everyone. The swimming pool joke was very funny. Mick, St. Asaph's does have the RAF base.

    PPQ, love the list of your boss's achievements, what a moron.

    Pauly and Det good wishes for a speedy recovery.

    I'm back from Michigan. The service was short but meaningful. The music was Dylan (knockin on heaven's door, my choice), Joe Cocker, CCR and the Stones. From everything my step kids told me he knew his days were numbered but didn't say a word. My daughter was very emotional. Had a lovely brunch at The Yacht Club and enjoyed the trees turning color. Flying is just awful these days. Security opened my luggage and closed it with the clothes hanging out. A man standing with me said "Dude, I hope you're going to fix that".

    Later in the fall I am either going to Maine for lobster and tree colour or NYC to see plays.

    Talk later.
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