MAE. Yes, it is very difficult to get rides as a senior citizen with no car. When I was in WA state I used to drive many snrs to their appts. it was very rewarding. They also had an ace senior center.

Peggy is doing so much better. She has been very hungry, more than usual, so just going along. I have an app called Nextdoor and people post all kinds of assistance, etc. There was a post today about a local shelter whose dogs have reached their temporary stay quota. I think they are about to be euthanized. I've chosen a 10 yr. old black lab with a grey muzzle. I'll have to ask about his history because he might need vet visits. I look at the dogs without looking at their eyes, b/c then I'm hooked. There are much younger dogs, but they go quickly.

Sometimes I think life was much simpler before this current electronic age. Today ATT&T was supposed to hook me up with tv. I haven't watched in a year but Vivian says, "Nana, direct tv" before she leaves. I think the bloom is off the rose regarding the fairy garden. It's been fun and her imagination has been great to see, she may be ready for a break from it. It was a very expensive endeavour. Back to AT&T my appt, was 12 noon to 4:00 pm. The tech never arrived and customer service told me that time was never put in the system. I then spent almost 30 minutes listening to their gibberish before I said "hold on", just book me another appt. So 4 hrs and 30 minutes wasted.

Det, my husband was a very good fisherman and always fished for King salmon in the spring. I think I must have 20-0 recipes on how to cook it. I think my faves included citrus glazes.

Mick, I hope the bunnies are ok.

PPQ, I'm sure your MIL appreciates everything you do. It's a puzzle as to why she doesn't share more with you. Maybe she doesn't want to trouble you.

Lav, I'm glad the weather is cooler for you.

Pauly, that is sad about your co-worker. I heard buying those pills cost a fortune.

Hi to everyone I have missed.