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Thread: w/c 29f

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    Re: w/c 29f


    Pi, congratulations on the baseball win. A sports newsman said it was the most exciting 7 games in a very long time. In reply to your older post, I've even given up tv and I'm still so busy. The tv sacrifice was so that I didn't become isolated, I am a reader though. 81 deg here today, a.c. back on.

    I don't want to bang on but 45 has been the gong show. I enjoy the strategy of Mueller and the indictments. None were charged with Russia involvements; Papadopoulis was arrested in July and has been singing like a canary and arrested for lying to a prosecutor, Manafort and Rick Gates (?) were charged with laundering money sending Trump a msg of how far they have gotten but no WH indictments - yet.

    Bought acrylic paint for the rock painting, took a parcel to UPS and took the garbage to the compactor (no wheelie bins here) and then took Peggy to the dog park. An aggressive german shepherd was causing chaos and attacked my friend's service dog. Of course it doesn't represent all g.s's but if your dog isn't social don't bring it to a dog park. Peggy was hiding underneath the picnic table.

    It's been a very nice day, but a little hot for this time of year. I am grateful for good neighbors because in an apt. it means a lot. Living in my own home needs a bit of adjustment. The coyotes behind me are now a pack and the creek where their den is is full of copperhead snakes and a 4' rattler was outside the building across the pkng lot.

    Have a great day and have a smashing weekend.

    Lav, I think the fire is the most appropriate for this time of year,
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    Re: w/c 29f

    Ahoy ABerooos!

    Mick, sorry to hear about the medical mystery going on there..

    Dang PPQ, that's colder than here for sure.

    Yep, quiet night and quiet day... can't complain I spose.

    gotta figure out something for chow...hmmm....

    be well loves
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    Re: w/c 29f

    Greetings Abbers,

    Cooler here in these parts again, like it should be I suppose. We have noticed that so many of our plants & shrubs are confused & trying to bloom. No, azaleas are not supposed to bloom in November, geez. Weird things happening.
    I read an article today in the Washington Post that scared me half to death - we may not have coffee in the near future due to global warming!! The powers to be are rushing research & trying to develop coffee plants that will be more heat tolerant

    Mick, sorry about Julie's Dad, he must be so confused, poor guy.
    I hope they can keep him stable until they figure out what's going on. Take care of yourselves too

    Det, pizza is something I had to give up too until I discovered that I can make a decent cashew mozzarella & make my own pizzas right here at home. Desperate times call for desperate measures, ha ha!!!!

    SK, we have had two German Shepherds over the years & they were OK, fairly well behaved but not the best on your house & it's contents. One of them was fond of eating shoes & sofa cushions, ugh. You need to carry a big stick with you - coyotes & snakes are not my favorite neighbors, geez!
    I just realized it's raining but it's a little too late to start up a fire, tomorrow for sure

    Hello to SF, Pie, PQ, Pauly & everyone!
    Have a cozy night one & all.

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