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Thread: w/c Feb 25th

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    Re: w/c Feb 25th

    SK, yes indeed i have one of his books. You never hear of violence coming from Buddhists
    nosce te ipsum
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    Re: w/c Feb 25th

    MAE ALL...

    Ventured out for a few groceries and it's a challenge driving on those side roads. The main roads have been plowed and sanded and there's a parking ban in effect tomorrow morning to try and deal with the onslaught.

    Pi...good for you. It's nice to do something just for yourself. how did your weather fair today?

    Det...I know what you mean about houses and power lines in your pics. Sounds like you're heading in the right direction and have some strategies to cope. Good for you. Looking forward to the Greek tater invention.

    SK...hope the bulbs come up ok, I'm sure they will.

    Lav...hope your power came back on.

    Mick...look at all the fun you're missing. LOL

    Salmon in the oven so must get the sides ready. Have a peaceful evening all....PPQP

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    Re: w/c Feb 25th

    Greetings Abbers,

    I am back with full power!!!! YAY!!!!
    The electric company estimate was way off & I am grateful
    We were fortunate to not have any damage here but there was plenty damage nearby. One of the Amish farmers had three 30-40 ft x 100 ft hoop houses blow over & one landed on top of his barn!!! Apparently they were newly installed & not equipped for such fierce winds. The community rallied around & helped get things put back together as much as possible. YB drove them to different places for hardware supplies, etc. What a mess. A train that runs through town had two cars blown off the tracks, yikes!!! I am ready for spring, no kidding.

    Det, great pics, thanks!
    Glad to hear you have found a good meeting. We all need what we need to beat this beast

    Hello to Pie, enjoy the new mattress, sounds good. I am jealous of your gardening, can't wait myself.

    Hi there Pauly & PQ.
    The weather is just bizarre all over this winter. Too much snow, too much rain, not enough this or that.......

    Sam, how did you do with this storm?? Our woodstove kept the lower level of the house toasty!

    Mick, hello to you wherever you are.

    Hello to the rest of the group & wishing everyone a peaceful night!

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    Re: w/c Feb 25th

    evening all,
    Lav, fortunately for out little neck of the woods, we didn't do too bad. Lost power for 1/2 day. Some of my neighbors did not fare so well. Lots of folks here still without power. Hope you are doing ok, power back yet?

    have a good eve and Sunday everyone!
    Liberated 5/11/2013

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