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Thread: w/c 27th

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    Re: w/c 27th

    MAE ALL...

    Lav...I'd wait to be paid out my accumulated vacation but when I finish work I'll be headed straight to the box so what's the point. LOL

    Mick...yup, had a chat with the boss and I've got him sorted out with what I want him to do next week. LOL Sorry for sending the rain back but we've had enough for now. We have both raised and in-ground plots. The mobility challenged one is actually a wicking bed. We built a 12" reservoir in the bottom of the bed which we fill up through a pvc pipe. The theory is the plants wick up the water from the bottom so the gardener doesn't have to water as often. dare mother nature mess up the new bridge. At least it held up. LOL Raccoons can be nasty little creatures. Enjoy your tunes today.

    Have to pop down to the funeral home to pick up a late flower delivery. Don't mind in the least as it means the boys are working today. Yay! First day I've had the place all to myself!
    Have a Super Saturday all....PPQP

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    Re: w/c 27th

    Good evening Abbers,

    I have my grandsons here for the night so it’s busy. They haven’t stopped eating since they arrived, ha ha!
    Rain & more rain today, hucky out there. My dog found another snake behind the garage today, swell.

    Mick, mushrooms are popping up everywhere, it’s SO damp!
    I’m not going to plant squash this year. It gets tooo crazy in my garden. I’ll just stop by the farmers markets & buy them.
    Keep taking care of tgat back!

    PQ, although we are both officially retired we still continue to haul in a little cash here & there. There was definitely an age limit in our jobs, retiring young was the plan all along. Hang in there

    Sam, I think it was a racoon that tore apart the birdfeeder we have mounted on a big pole near the deck. The sucker absolutely destroyed the thing, pulled out the glass sides & broke them, geez
    Racoons & foxes are not chicken friendly, no way.

    Have a nice night everyone.
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    Re: w/c 27th

    Mick, I'm sure you do this - heating pad at home and muscle relaxants for the plane. don't want you to be unable to stand up when flight arrives.

    Glad you are all doing well.

    Lav, I think Trump has lost his mind. He is presiding in such chaos, losing our allies. I think Melania left him.
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