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    Thread: w/c 3 /6/18

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      Re: w/c 3 /6/18

      Morning all -

      Busy days here, and spent one of them traveling to NYC and back, that always takes the starch out of me.

      Sounds like all are chugging along -- Samstone, sorry about the legal traumas, glad that people are getting together to garden, ppq glad to hear that you will have a relaxing weekend, thx all for the caution about the animal life in my yard, Mick, thx for the fabulous pics! 4 years a ago I hiked part of the Cornish coast with hubs and another couple - great views! But yours were spectacular.

      Lav, so sorry that the humidity is coming our way -- I must say that the last week has been spectacular here... I tried to enjoy every moment of it, knowing it wouldn't last. Sounds like we may have to put in more screens plus the window air conditioners, phooey. Thanks for the cautionary tale about Maxie and the animal, sheesh.

      Pauly, are you out there? Miss you, girl, would love to hear from you -- how's food issues for you? I am tired of it all and confused by all the info, LOL. Good luck.

      SK, landsman! When I had the choice to create a new name for myself, I used my Welsh name, but used the ancient spelling, which I like a lot, but now I have to listen to people mis-pronounce it, and no one knows how to spell it. Oh well -- it's worth it! So sorry about your weather -- that would seriously take a bite out of me.

      Off to work, and then get ready for SD overnight visit. Daily folks - she got a job on the west coast, so we will be helping with that move!!!

      Cheers all -

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      Re: w/c 3 /6/18

      morning all
      beautiful pics, Mick, love the train shot.

      so morning here just turned interesting, daughter comes in to borrow a double boiler, breaks it, now glass every where. think I'll check in later.

      have a good one everybody.... sheesh......
      Liberated 5/11/2013

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      Re: w/c 3 /6/18

      MAE ALL....

      Mick...glad to see you're home safe and sound and that you had better luck with the weather. Super pic's. Glad you both were able to meet your goals and that dehydration wasn't too severe. I'm sure the Peskies will be happy to see you.

      Tgirl..."that always takes the starch out of me" haven't heard the expression for quite awhile. Has the animal life in your yard improved any?

      Sam...you just never know what a day will bring. Be careful with that glass.

      A few shower sprinkles this morning but nothing that would soak the garden. Heading over to give it a good watering before it heats up today. Tomorrow calls for steady rain through till Friday so I'll be off the hook till then. Pauly it would be nice to hear from you.....PPQP

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      Re: w/c 3 /6/18

      Good evening Abbers,

      Just sitting around waiting for the rain to start, ha ha, my exciting life!
      Hot & humid all day, yuck.

      Mick. welcome back & thanks for the awesome pics, very nice
      That train ride looks like a thrill. Glad you had an enjoyable time.

      Wow, Cyn, your SD is moving to the west coast - that's big! Whereabouts? I love San Francisco even though I couldn't afford to live there.
      Maybe the rain will bring some humidity relief. At least we can hope

      Sam, broken glass is a nightmare. Good luck with that project!

      PQ, we've had to do very little outside watering. Mother Nature has done most of the work for us this year. I just read that all this excess rain is causing rot & disease on fruit trees & the farmers are still having a hard time drying hay so it can be bailed, geez.
      I hope your day worked out well.

      Hello to SK, Pie, & the missing Pauly. Come on out girl, we're waiting!

      Have to go tuck the chickens in for the night.

      Have a peaceful night!

      AF since 03/26/09
      NF since 05/19/09
      Success comes one day at a time

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      Re: w/c 3 /6/18

      Hello, first I would like to thank the daily thread for allowing the monthly thread in.

      Sam, I darned well hate litigation. I's stressful an expensive.

      PPQ, thanks for looking that up for me. I'm using Ipad, but need to fix the other.

      Lav, at least you've had a couple of nice days.

      Today has been 98 deg with 47% humidity I am majorly grumpy and nauseous. I walk

      from my door to my car and sweat is running down my face. I would love to stay home, but Peggy doesn't mind the heat. My dog walker is away this week. So I still have to pick up dry cleaning, grocery store, physical therapy, etc. Yes, I've started PT When I was being assessed today she looked at me front on and said "oh, honey, I'm so sorry. You are really crooked"! I'm sorry too

      I am appalled at Trump trashing Trudeau and then hanging with a murderous dictator, and just calling KJU a tough guy. He is on his way to being a dictator himself. The repuglican party has no shame and makes me sick. Now the NY state is charging the whole family with frau. All of them except Melania.

      Love to all.

      Nice to see you Pauly.
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      Enlightened by MWO

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