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Thread: wc 15th

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    Re: wc 15th

    morning are we today then ? all good I hope ...we had overnight storms but it is as if they hadnt been at skies again today ...had an early night last night ,feel a bit more less tired today whthout further ado ,lets get on ,
    hiya ppqp,hows you then?thanks for the pic ...yes I think you are right the whit flowered job shouldnt be there ....a fine selection of veggies in there..and also a good few sunflowers too!!I love em...Im off to Italy in Sept ,cant wait to see the sunflowers there ..oh and of course Sorrento Pompei and Herculaneum...did you get the storms?hope you have a nice weekend

    hiya Pauly ,how are you ? yep think we are all in the not cool gang I dont think cool is the in word nowadays anyway!!how are you doing ?ok I hope ...have an ace weekend ..

    hiya Lav ....see you on the dark side of the to agree with you . I still blast that in the car when Im on my own !When I lived near Stafford ,in a little village ,I went to Ozzy Osbournes house for a new year party was absolutely mad !Im guessing now but around 74/75...anyway hows the kid free life doing ?yes I saw the triple yolker....have you ever had any with none? I love making things out of "junk wood"I need a new belt sander ...I burnt another one out yesterday sanding shelves down...
    as for the tomatoes ..yes I will have loads ...and guesswhat ..Im not allowed to eat too many because of the potassium..a rule that goes unhindered let me tell you !!but there are loads to give away .

    hiya Sam and Pie ,TT Det Nora C SK and all the names that yoosta be here , hope you are ok ...

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    Re: wc 15th

    Mae everybody,Mick jokes are hilarious! I'm impressed you partied at Ozzy's house,must have been wild! In work today but not feeling it,I'm sure I'll be alright once I get there tho,much love to all and wishes for a super,sober Saturday!
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: wc 15th

    @paulywogg-Hey girl, I posted on your Paulysville thread. I cannot believe it's been a year since Jon passed away. Thinking of you, hon. So glad Jon told you he loved you before he went on to a better life. You were the BEST sister.

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    Re: wc 15th

    afternoon all
    Pauly, agreed good jokes today, Mick.
    not much happening other than working on stuff that doesn't work and my fixes don't repair anything. New valve for post driver, put it on and the valve is too small to work unless tractor is really revved up. Compared to my old one, much smaller. So am I out $500? wait till monday and call the f..ckers. So no fencing again. oh well. Found out I'm going to court as a witness in a boundary dispute. I swear, why don't people get along. Without going into it, this one is the dumbest.

    Flying out soon to Seattle, going to a wedding, niece's. Should be a good time.

    well hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their weekend.
    Liberated 5/11/2013

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    Re: wc 15th

    MAE ALL...

    Mick...Agreed, the white flower has to go. LOL Glad you're feeling a little less tired today and hopefully you'll get a good rest tonight. Storms didn't materialize last night but the clouds are bubbling up as I type, so we shall see. Are there lots of sunflowers in Italy? Having a quiet weekend so far and loving it.

    Pauly...hope work went ok today. I'm impressed Mick partied at Ozzy's as well.

    Rusty...not sure how you get the link, when I type in @paulywogg it just sits there. LOL

    Sam...bummer about the valve, hope you can sort something out on Monday. Frustrating! Another dumb dispute in court, seems Americans will sue over the drop of a hat. Have a great time at the wedding, going to play some tunes for them?

    Brought a load of veg's back from the garden so off to make a salad. Hope you're all enjoying the weekend....PPQP

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    Re: wc 15th

    Greetings Abbers,

    Total rain day here but at least we're not getting the tornadoes like the mid-west is getting, wow!

    Mick, that egg was the first ever triple yoker & yes, we do get an occasional egg with none. I guess the chickens have ADD too, ha ha!
    Much quieter so I was able to get a lot more unpacking done. We have too much STUFF I should just pitch it or donate all that unnecessary stuff, ugh.
    Glad you saw blue skies today.
    Btw - did you send this tool over here as a punishment for us sending the orange menace over there?? HA ha Nigel Farage flies under radar to support Trump-backed Senate candidate | Politics | The Guardian

    Pauly, hope your work day wasn't too bad

    Sam, sorry about the continuing trouble with your post driver Is renting one for a day or two out of the question? I know YB has rented them in the past for small jobs.
    Good luck with your court appearance, hate that stuff myself.
    I hope you have a great trip to Seattle. I've never been there but I wouldn't my going some day

    Hello to Rusty & everyone.

    Just a note to let you know that I've heard from SK again. Poor thing has fallen again & has fractured her other wrist (in addition to the hand fracture she endured previously). She is going to some facility to recuperate & get physical therapy. I really hope she does well & can get back to her home.

    Wishing everyone a nice night!

    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: wc 15th

    that's bad news for SK. dang!

    oddly enough I had one to rent this weekend then my new valve came in and I canceled, go figure, eh?

    PQ, taking some noise makers on my trip, oh yeah!
    Liberated 5/11/2013

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