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    Thread: w/c 29

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      Re: w/c 29

      MAE ALL

      Mick...I see you're playing hide the post again this morning. Found it! If you want to see the pics pop over to the bottom of last weeks thread. LOL

      Re: w/c22th
      hiya folks ,,,well pretty busy today,firstly did a bit on the railway ..bearing in mind its foil lined in the loft its like an oven!!anyway fitted another board behind that bridge at the back ,cut a tunnel through too ...looks good ...and relayed the track through it



      now Im going to lay some paving Slabs for the new hutch to sit on ,Ive mixed some sand and cement ...yep out detecting tomorrow ..the ground might be too dry ..you dont get lots of depth in this ....Lav any more probs with the foxes ? Panda has got this new one ..every time I pick her up to give her meds ..she pees on me ..Im sure its done on purpose ..sorry its a short fred ,off to get these down ...have a great weekend xx

      Wow...the train layout is looking great! Don't know if I should caution you about over heating or watching out for your back. Sooo do you actually have to pick Panda up? Hope you're taking appropriate precautions. LOL If we don't see/find you in the morning good luck with the detecting.

      Having a lazy morning but the tummy is talking to me now. Off to find something for breakie. Have a Super Sober Saturday all....PPQP

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      Re: w/c 29

      Good evening Abbers,

      Damn, I waited until 8 am to open up the chicken house to let them out in their yard. I figured the fox(s) would have gone somewhere else to look for breakfast - apparently not. I ost another one today
      As much as I hate guns I'm thinking about learning to shoot so I can take care of those bastards myself.

      Mick, saw your pics - they look great!
      I think you can buy bunny diapers online if you look, LOL

      PQ, I hope your day was fab!

      Hello to everyone else.
      I'm going online to look for more fox deterrents since I can't have a donkey here PQ, ha ha!

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      Success comes one day at a time

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