Lav, I'm so sorry for your loss too.

peggy hasbeen sick for a few days, not eating and difficulty walking. whenever she peed she seemed better. this am i saw her underbelly swollen so i had to call DD b/c i couldnt get her into the car with cast. she used to be a vet's assistant, so she brought a very large towel to pick her holding her bum and front legs b/c picking her up with her belly she really cried.

took her as a walk in and had to wait 2 hrs. they x-rayed her and sent me to an emerg. i was standing at the desk of th er and saw the faxes coming in with a huge mass and i knew. doc asked me if i wanted to keep her alive and i asked him if she was suffering and he said yes and i knew we had to end her suffering. dd and i said our goodbyes and then they put the needle in. dd took care of payment and when we got outside she was bawling. saying i'm so sorry, and i do beleve she was sorry, and at the same sorry for much more.

It will take a while, i've gone to fll herwater bowl. et. my neighbour came over bawling. peggy touched many hearts. the mass was on her spleen and it hadgotten swollen b/c it was bleeding.