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Thread: w/c 16th

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    Re: w/c 16th

    Happy Unhung Monday ABeroooskies!

    Mick, I'm sure the bunnies were relieved to have you back and pampering them. bunbun chewed up another one of my
    audio cables today. d-oh! what a little vandal that fuzzball.

    Lav, my that reaction has taken it's time to heal. Glad you're at least getting some kind of a break from the heat. Still
    smoking hot here by my standards. yepper, outside solar sales, which means literally outside walking around in the sun. ugh.
    But I'm giving it the 'ol college try here as I keep one eye on the jobs market for the heck of it.

    SK, I know the feeling... having your primary limb messed-up is the pits. We just get used to thinks subconsciously. Hang in there!

    AL is most certainly not a performance enhancing drug. And for me? well, I'm just freaking thrilled to have a clear head
    and steady hands.

    PPQ, still the zoo ring-leader i see! nothing but fun it seems. Thankfully I've managed to keep things fairly simple here
    lately and I really need that these days.

    BBBQ'd some chicken tonight with garlic, rosemary, honey and lime juice. weird perhaps but most yummy.

    been eating a TON of microgreens which is fantastic. Made a huge sunflower microgreen and whey protein smoothie
    for breakfast. Actually it was 1/2 sunflower and 1/2 pea shoots. I keep changing it up for fun! and I'm dialing-in my recipe
    for pea shoots pesto which is 'da bomb'.

    Mom is still in the hospital recovering from rather advanced diverticulitis. Calling her a few times per week to give support. Wish
    FL wasn't so darn far away. Now to help her with the booze thing is next. This hospital stay is the first time she hasn't been able
    to drink in many years and while thankfully the withdrawal wasn't bad, she'll return to her 18 beers per day habit without change.

    Well, time to do some relaxification i dare say... couple TED talks sounds like a plan to me.

    be well loves
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: w/c 16th

    good morning all,and how are we today then? we are currently getting the butt end of one of these storms ..Helene I think it is..It is pretty windy tho.Hasnt this year gone quick ...getting up now at dark o clock in the morning .Went to the back man yesterday ...another session of needles ,they dont hurt ..apart from 1 which goes into the nerve at the bottom of my back that kind of does!but I feel good ..I put on 3 lbs on holiday ..I can live with that ..
    ok brew time ...

    Det...respect my friend ...I admire your positivity went thru some crap in life ,and moreso recently are doing good mate it seems like you are on the right track at last ...fingers crossed for you .

    hiya Pauly ,how are you then today?all good I hope..Isnt it strange all the the things that were allegedly life enhancing over the years ,have suddenly become bad smoking drinking diesel cars ,plastics the list goes on .There is a big campaign over here at the moment ....sober October ... the ad is all overthe telly ...fed up feeling rubbish ,hangover headache cant function dry mouth etc ?...then quit drinking for october ...have a sober october ..If that is how you feel why not quit altogether??? This campaign has been running since 2012 as has dry thats 2months of the year the govt dont want you to drink...instead give the money to charity ....hmmm,,,does that mean then that the govt run charity commission dont give as much to charities? so what they lose in revenue from booze they claw back in charity subsidy?Never trust a politician!

    ppqp ...Anew hat!!!!!!!! boss ,coordinator financier ,smoother of troubled waters andnow....traffic warden .!!!!!how much wages are you on?you will be able to retire by the time you are 40 (did you like that?)hope your day goes well....

    hiya SK are you then?90 degreez? wow ..Dont know what we will do when Julie retires ,years ago we thought about moving to Portugal,went there to have a look ,it rained ,the place was pretty rubbish ,the area moreso ,so we sacked that the moment we like travelling too much ..come the day god forbid when that isnt possible then we will need to review the situation.Where we are is nice ,if we could change the weather ,and be near the sea it would be magic ..I miss the sea, tho in the current climate not necessarily a good place to live by!you take care of yourself and those cats !

    hiya Lav how are you then today?hows the allergy doing ..? Im still on the steroid cream ..dont know what this is about ...but I will give it another week.Already looking at Chrimbo hols ...a place called Amadores been there before nice weather and walks ..lets have a brew and start the day...

    hiya everyone /anyone else ....take care ...

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    Kinda brings tears to your eyes doesn't it?

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    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7


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    Re: w/c 16th

    MAE ALL...the site seems to be back to it's normal self, well done administrators.

    Lav...didn't realize the rash had spread that much! Hope you can get it sorted soon.

    Det...glad you popped in and that you're keeping things fairly simple. Sorry to hear about your Mom, maybe this could be a turning point?

    Mick...I can get used to getting up at dark o clock, it's leaving work at dark o clock that sucks. Hopefully that'll hold off for awhile. Only 3lbs! Must have been all those hikes you went on, well done. Freedom 40! LOL Chrimbo holi talk already! You just got home. Seems to me you're doing retirement right.

    Will be checking out Kijiji later, need a new hat rack. Have a good one all....PPQP

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    Re: w/c 16th

    Mae everybody,Mick,love the jokes amazing how much I missed them Det ,I didn't know your mom had a problem with al,,how old is she? PQ,that sux about the painters still feeling like crap here but will get thru,much love to all and wishes for a great BF Tuesday!
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"

    Off the table no MATTER what.

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    Re: w/c 16th

    Hello everyone.

    Mick, you live a charmed life so I understand you wanting to stay. I, too, love the ocean. I was showing Viv the ocean life on Blue Planet, she was intrigued. That was while her mother was here and when she left Viv flipped to Annoying Orange.

    Det, I made a similar dish from Pierre Franey. friend of Jacques Pepin. I always thought Franey had an appropriate death for a chef. I think he was in his 80's and was sailing home on QE 2, after a delicious lunch followed by his favourite triple cream brie. He died peacefully in his sleep.

    Pauly, get well soon.

    Lav, I didn't realize the rash had spread so far either.

    PPQ. if I didn't mention it before, good job on being the traffic warden!

    Well, the cats have played in their hotel and unfortunately it's a launching pad to the kitchen counters. Today, they want to cuddle with me then walk over the keyboard. They cut the audio, took me to DOS and the 500% zoom remains despite me changing it every day. Their nighttime antics and crashing have knocked down framed pictures, vases, etc. Time to remove the Royal Doulton, etc. This a.m. Misty jumped on top of the couch and realized if she pawed the pictures enough they would move. I have a water feeder that puts water into their dish when it's empty and it's upended every morning.

    Last night they were both on the bed, lying down and misty was licking Herm's face, and I thought to myself, this what I hoped for, and at that moment Misty bit Herm's ear and ran away!

    It's never dull around here, but I still miss Peggy, and I think I will for some time.
    Enlightened by MWO

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    Re: w/c 16th

    Good evening all --

    Mick, welcome home!

    Torrential rain here last night and much of the day, but at this point there is some golden light, and it is a little less humid. My off-hours are consumed with a damp and moldy basement. Today I was able to save archival files and pictures, and throw tons of things away... in a way it's easier than dithering about it all.

    SK, hilarious stories of the kitties. I am sure you miss Peggy... even with my boy here, I still get tears over my girl who is gone. Lav, loved the FB post with the glorious Maxie. Pauly, sorry you are not well?! Hope you are better. Poor Lav, this rash stuff sounds serious - good luck.

    Great to hear everyone's stories, and wishing everybody well.

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    Re: w/c 16th

    Good evening Abbers,

    We had the torrential rain here as well today. My rain gauge is showing nearly 6" just for the month of September so far. Crazy wet, hot weather all summer I think may be part of what is causing my skin reactions, ugh.
    The allergy doc has a few ideas & one is a possible photosensitivity problem related to a medication or supplement. I can do a lot of things but I truly cannot control the weather, duh!!

    Mick, glad your acupuncture is going well. I am a firm believer in alternative therapies & getting to the root of a pain situation. US docs are so quick to write a Rx for narcotics & now we have a huge population of addicted patients.

    PQ, your line painters thought they were going to get their work done early - oh well, ha ha!!!
    I'm happy to take any cold weather you don't want or need, for real. My redness & swelling have just about disappeared now after the Prednisone. I just hope it doesn't make a return before I get the rest of the allergy testing done. I had 6 tubes of blood drawn this morning for a big list of tests. Can't wait to see what that shows.

    Pauly, I stopped taking my Immune C because I felt it might be a problem in the allergy department. If I can I will restart it because I swear it keeps me from getting colds & other respiratory funk. Feel better soon

    SK, there are so many hysterical videos online of cats doing crazy stunts. Maybe you should set up a video camera for your kittens, LOL
    I think you will miss Peggy for a while, I know I am really missing my big girl Maxie who left us last summer. Dogs are special family members

    Cyn, great to see you! Sorry to hear you got water in the basement though, that sucks.
    We had a guy here last week to fit a new roof ring around a vent pipe but the ring we purchased was the wrong size. He did do some caulking that has kept the water out of my kitchen for the time being.

    Det, you sound like you are managing quite well, I am happy for you! One day at a time is the sane way to go

    Just remembered I need to take the trash out & it's pitch dark, oh well!!!
    Have a nice night everyone.

    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: w/c 16th

    Oy Oy ABerooos!

    yawn! stayed up til midnight thinking I'd sleep in but still up before 6. Oh well, seems i've become a morning person so
    I can accept that. Mick, ditto PPQ on ONLY 3lbs after all those fun travels? well done matey.

    SK, yer sounding chipper which is lovely. Pictured the cat imagery very well
    That was indeed a classic 'chefs passing' you related. Hadn't heard of that one.

    Lav, quite a vampire day for you... 6 vials takes a few minutes and I hope you were well hydrated.

    Pauly, have someone bring you a Vietnamese 'pho' soup.... cure what ails you I say. Or a Thai 'thom yum' soup. both great.

    Treegirl, nice to have you pop in!

    ok, trying to get a bit 'hipper' and stylin' action going on in Det's trailer of high fashion got some slim-fit slacks that actually fit me
    instead of my circa 1993 baggy cargo pants. Shoe store next....

    you guys have to check out the youtube channel 'you suck at cooking' it's totally hysterical.

    well, nighty night time shortly. be well loves
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: w/c 16th

    hiyaall ...well here we are again ....we saw the end of storm Helene ....and guess what .....theres anther one on the way ....Storm thats it back to the rain ....already looking at holidays for chrimbo ...can we move christmas to next week ...???Julie was at the docs yesterday ....results of blood tests ,,she is bang on with everything except cholestoral...its a bit high 6.2 ...the good ones (ldl?) are low the hdl high which ever way round it is ..this has gone up since she quit drinking does that work ? diet is good ,pilates twice a week...the biggy is that both her mum and brother died of heart issues ...
    Det your the cholestoral man ? advice ...? the nurses are stumped!

    ok lets get on ...the trains are coming along pretty good ..but brew time we go

    hiya sk ...hows you then ?Sounds like the cats are leading you a merry dance ..yuo sure you havent got the keystone cops living with you? as for the Royal Doulton ...what do you collect ? my mum used to have all the toby jugs ,and figurines ...favourite jug was the the trawlerman ,favourite figure was the balloon guess is you like the dancers ...and yes you will think of Peggy..I still miss all my rabbits that have gone ..every single one ...each of them were characters..

    hiya treegirl..hows you then?what have you been up to ,apart from clearing out a cellar?has the rain gone ? and the sunshine there now ....

    hiya John Travolta aka det ok mate ....?well I have to agree with you I like both the Vietnamese and Thai foods too..

    hiya Lav ,hows you then?hows the allergy > I think mine is starting to go...shshhhhhhhhh fingers back is feeling alot better ..Ive got another appt next Monday and then we shall see how it they think it could be due to meds .....the best of luck with that ...hope it gets sorted out quickly for you ..

    hiya pauly ,how are you feeling today then|?any better today ? I hope so..have a wunnerful wednesday...

    hiya ppqp..hows you then ?hows work doing then?line painters finished?how many hats have we got now then?yep I ve got this retirement lark boxed off ..I work hard but holidays help....hows the weather your way ? take it the snowy season hasnt started yet?

    right folks best to you all...take care

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    "Oh, that's so sad! Did you have any kids?"


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    Some people say the cup is half-full, others say the cup is half-empty.

    I just say I'm not fcking coming back to this Starbucks.

    Being totally crap with anything related to DIY, my whole family was completely shocked when I rewired the house!

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    The other day she climbed into a wardrobe and sang some of her folk songs.

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    Well, that’s how my dad lost his job as a fireman...

    I was off work at home, after getting out of hospital, having had a circumcision to cure a nasty infection .

    I said to the wife "put the heating on it's bloody freezing"
    She said "where's your pullover?"
    I replied "it's at the hospital in the feckin bin".

    I went out and bought a pair of high heels to give to my wife with for her birthday...

    She'll like these as she's always moaning about how she can never reach the top shelf in the kitchen !
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7


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    Re: w/c 16th

    Mae everybody,Mick glad Julies blood work looks good except the cholesterol,seems like that pretty common though,loved the jokes Det,I think its a great idea to make a "new you" out with the old,I've always said that clothes hold memories so out with the old,bad,sad memories! Waves to all and have a great BF Wednesday!
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"

    Off the table no MATTER what.

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