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    Thread: 7th octomber

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      Re: 7th octomber

      Hi, Lav, I think DIL has an eating disorder as well as BP. Some retreats are just that "retreating from life". Glad you had g/kids.

      Pauly, good luck with allergies.

      It s 62 and thundering, coolest it's been since early spring. I managed to make a fist (slowly) this a.m. yay!

      Cyn, seems like you did all the appropriate things and it is working.

      I haven't eaten rotel for years - eat more fibre.

      Mick, love the bunny stories, you old softie.

      Mi 's favourite spot ison my lap. Sometimes gets jealous. they play and fight Fun to watch!
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      Re: 7th octomber

      Good evening friends,

      Exhausted but happy after a successful day
      We set up our tables under a very cloudy sky & yet the rain came down hard about halfway through the fair. Thank goodness we were able to shove everything under the canopy we set up so nothing was ruined. I sold $255 worth of stuff today, yay!
      My oldest grandson went along with us & developed a nice little sales pitch - he's not shy, haha! I was handed an invitation to do a Christmas in July show near there. That was nice so I will put that on my calendar. It's an inside show, AC & everything so no weather worries for that one.

      Mick, your weather seems to be as goofy as mine. What's up with that?
      It sounds like the bunnies have a plan

      PQ, even though we live in a farming community there is actually a pizza/sandwich place no more than a mile away. Funny, it's the only food business in the whole township. I can't eat anything from there anymore but it's easy to call & pick up a pizza when needed.
      About the fiber in your diet - here's a little help: Increase Fiber in Your Diet - 1 Simple Tips to Get More Fiber
      There's no fiber in meat or dairy products, you have to turn to fruits, veggies, grains & beans.
      It's importantto increase your fiber intake slowly & be sure to drink plenty of H20. If all else fails you an always go the drug store & buy a product like Benefiber.
      You'll keep your gut happy & your arteries clear

      Pauly, how was your day?

      Cyn, glad you don't have any monster mold in your house, ugh. Getting everything fixed one step at a time makes it doable, for sure.
      The sun came out this afternoon as were packing up to leave the craft fair. Did you see any sun today?

      SK, my DIL uses any excuse at this point to avoid mothering her own children. I am just grateful that my son is as good as he is with the boys & that I can stand in when he's at work.
      The boys have always liked coming here & have verbalized it a lot lately.
      She's going to eta herself into a coma at some point, no kidding. It's sad but it can change, if she wants it to change, right?
      Now that you can make a fist please don't go & punch anyone, OK? LOL

      Det, what are you up to today?

      Should be a good night for sleeping, nice & cool now.
      Have a nice nigh everyone!

      AF since 03/26/09
      NF since 05/19/09
      Success comes one day at a time

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      Re: 7th octomber

      Hi all, I read something last night about what they put in cat food because I always focus on their nutrition and it tis disgusting. I used to cook Peggy's chicken, but it was too rich. Anyway they had carrots and cooked chicken tonight an lalctose free milk.

      Someone mentioned turmeric this week with the cumerin, gaba, l-tyrosuine and l-theanine Something is working for me. But when you put thm all in at once, you don't know which. is helping but most of them

      seems to b e in the amino acid powder available through MWO.
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