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    Re: 21st of october...2 months 4 days till ho ho ho day

    morning all,
    Nice to be back! Mick, we did get a frost, very heavy this time.

    Lav, how's that work growing taters in a bucket? We grew a small batch of regular taters but they didn't do near as well. It was a strange year for growing, so wet here. I spent a good deal of my free time this summer rebuilding fence and cleaning up flood debris. Still got a bit more to go but count myself fortunate when I see all who have lost everything lately.

    PQ, you sound as if you're on vacation!? hope you are and enjoying.

    Satz, I'm all for having seamas in July.

    Pauly , how have you been? any Hair razing adventures?

    Det, I'll need to look back and see what photos you've posted. how's vegas doing for you?

    burning that midnight oil computing, got a deadline to meet and it's going to be close. Got most of the field work done. Back out to finishing highway portion of boundary.

    have a good one all
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    Re: 21st of october...2 months 4 days till ho ho ho day

    Hello Abbers-

    Mick, great news about the bunnies, and what sweet photos! Wow, they are on their way. Hope,your visit to your brother goes well... hope his pain is manageable. Good job on the muffler!

    PQ, what a nice day you described... I hope today keeps some serenity for you.

    Pauly, oh no, mice for you too! My dog sitter says she had an invasion at her house and now uses dryer sheets to keep them away. Apparently it really works - she had a nest in her car (!) and they never returned. I'm going to try it, along with spraying peppermint oil... they hate that. I use traps, not poison... too scary with a dog here, and one poisoned mouse can disrupt a whole food chain... I just read about a great horned owl that expired on someone's doorstep, and the tests showed it had died of eating a poisoned mouse... kinda sad if it works it's way up the food chain. I hope your poor kiddie gets better soon...

    SK, what beautiful words to hear -- that the walk to the car was OK. Wonderful news! I hope that it keeps moving in that direction.

    Sam, hello, I'm kind of new to the thread, nice to meet you. 6 bushels of sweet potatoes. That would do me for a week or two!!

    Det, how's it going, cooking anything interesting?

    Lav, glad that you had a treat. I have a great, super-simple almond cookie recipe - I haven't made them forever, I will find the recipe. Do you know the website Against All Grain...? Great recipes, most of the stuff has some ingredient that I can't have, but I like to peruse. No, NO BLEACH people! Lav, I know you know this -- bleach is terrible for humans. And it is ineffective against mold. Some sites say that it actually feeds the mold. There is a great green product out there called concrobium which actually kills the mold, but then the dead spores can be a health risk. That's why I'm washing the walls down. Most mold experts say that plain warm water with a little dish soap will remove the remains of the mold ... I added vinegar (very effective against mold) just for good measure. Going to hit is again with hydrogen peroxide to lighten the stains, then eventually cover it wth mold-killing-preventing paint.

    Sorry - more than anyone wants to know about mold! But there it is, just in case you ever have to deal...!

    Started the day yesterday with a business breakfast at a fancy restaurant in NYC then drove the 2.5 hours home, stopping to get supplies for my clients and myself, then ended the day up to my elbows cleaning mold. Pretty funny...

    Wishing all a safe, centered day --

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    Re: 21st of october...2 months 4 days till ho ho ho day

    MAE ALL...

    Mick...great pics! Glad they survived the night, they look quite content together. Hope your visit with your brother was a good one.

    Satz...I concur! was a strange growing season here too. Wet June then scorching July then the BC wildfire smoke moved in and stayed. Just took Monday off as a vacation day, owed another 4 days from last year so will work those in before the snow hits again. Is the highway portion the last boundary that you have to do? serenity today! LOL Guess all hell broke loose yesterday, so good day to take off. Had some ruffled feathers to smooth out and then spent the majority of the day helping Childcare with some non-compliant licensing issues. Gotta say I'm lucky to be in a position to pick and choose what work I do. I knew not to use bleach with mold and I add vinegar to all my cleaning solutions. Hope you can soon put things behind you.

    Lav...posted quickly to see if you had posted, but alas not. Forgot about you and your moon. Only 4-5 eggs from 12 hens! That's not nearly enough. Does production slow down during the winter?

    It's good old mac & cheese tonight, not even bothering with a salad. Hope we all have a peaceful evening....PPQP
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    Re: 21st of october...2 months 4 days till ho ho ho day

    Good evening Abbers,

    The bunnies sure look comfy Mick - good job

    Sam, we had exactly 8" of rain in just September here, yuck. Most things rotted in the garden. The potatoes did well in those big round plastic tubs like this:
    Buy 1-Gallon Rope Handle Tub, Blue at S&S Worldwide
    We bought them cheap from an Amish store nearby & filled them with some really nice compost - did the trick
    We lost a couple of trees & had damage to a bunch of my perennials with all the wind driven rain in late July. You sound like you're keeping busy!

    Cyn, you are always busy, no doubt about that!
    I didn't think you were actually using bleach to clean up the mold - I know you better than that, ha ha!
    Glad you are getting a handle on the situation & I remember using that paint on a problem area in a previous house, worked great.
    Good luck with your client work.

    Hey PQ, it's always crazy going back to work after a few days off, right?
    I hope the next snow is not for many, many weeks!!!!

    Hi Pauly, Det & SK, hope you are all well.

    We are being warned of a nor'easter this weekend, rain & wind starting Friday evening. I don't think we need this but what can you do?
    Have a nice night everyone!

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    Re: 21st of october...2 months 4 days till ho ho ho day

    Hi Sam, great to have you back. Those sweet potatoes were a good haul. Do you mostly bake them or use them in baked dishes, etc?

    Rabbits hanging out, that's great makes me feel warm. Kittens, (I'm talking to you Misty!) are fun to watch, but can make a mess. Whenever I sit down or goto bed Hermi is right on my lap cuddling.

    Had my ears re-pierced and bought cat ears for Viv. She's had a 5 day virus with high fever and now DD and SIL have it, I hope I got out of there w/o being exposed. Got my nails done, pedicure and eyebrows. Then I went to Whole Foods got shephherd's pie with roasted brussels, beet salad and sausage gumbo.

    Det, speaking of your minature greens, have you had morenga (sp) sound like it's the super food of all super foods.

    Cyn, you are very thorough in everything you do and is this case gained more knowledge, good job.

    Hiya Pauly.

    Lav, I remember when Tawny frog got chickens, she was overloaded with eggs and then they didn't lay, or sure what the cause was.

    PS I was showing off my walking to Viv. andshetold mw she knew I could do it.
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    Re: 21st of october...2 months 4 days till ho ho ho day

    Hi everyone..and how are we today then?hope all is well with everyone ,Im a wee bit late today ,been a bit busy ,plus a few bits and pieces have cropped up that have got to be dealt with before they get worse or even out of perspective .It isnt raining at the moment,so the rabbits have been out playing ,in fact they have been zooming about in the house too..Jeeves still sticks to the conservatory while Bonnie isnt phased going anywhere.I couldnt find here earlier ...out she pops from behind the telly cabinet ..Im waiting for the post man then Ive got to go out .going up to my friends farm ,to take some stuff up there ,
    we have a weather warning for this coming week ....snow!!eek....whats that all about...

    ok lets have a brew..

    apologies for not answering on an individual basis ,need to get a rush on...

    My local MP is a conviction politician.

    Drink-driving, kerb-crawling and expenses fraud so far.

    Dear BBC,

    It has come to my attention that the long running series Doctor Who now has a woman in the lead role. About bloody time too, the show has been dominated by men who bully and destroy any species who they don't agree with since it's inception. I'm sure the lady will be level headed and deal with the universal threats in a far more civilised manner. A word of warning though to you Cybermen and Daleks who may think she's a soft touch, beware her secret weapon, yes, the PMT. It's not going to end well if you mess with her at that time of month. Oh, and one last thing, that horrible masculine blue Tardis, don't you think it's time it was changed to a nice pastel pink?

    Tim. E . Lord.

    Dogs make the best pets because they behave just like humans.

    Take this morning, for instance. I rolled around in my own faeces in the garden for a while, then killed the neighbour's cat.

    Scientists have recently discovered a fossilized dinosaur fart.

    They say it's a blast from the past.

    I've been watching some videos of David Bowie touring the Middle East.
    My favourite is when Ziggy played Qatar.

    Scientists say that the most complex computer in the known universe, the human brain, uses only 20 Watts of power.

    So I'm off to wire my head up to the mains socket and turn myself into a super-genius.

    Can't believe no-one's thought of this before.

    The difference in the cultures between Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland.
    If you see a bloke walking down the street in Edinburgh carrying a golf club, there’s a pretty good chance he's off to play golf.
    My wife just dumped me because of my "stupid comparisons."

    I feel like a China Shop in a cow field.

    I almost had a psychic girlfriend but she left me before we met.

    Trump say the Saudi cover up of Khashoggi killing "Worst in history". Trump. cover up. Ironic.

    I love it when women bring their cars to my garage for repair.
    I just tell them they need a new Froggle-splanget-murgle-intictor and they pay what I want.

    Liverpool Community TV to be disbanded, or as we know it, Crimewatch.

    Donald Trump is shtting enough bricks today to build his fcking wall.

    I was approached by a charity worker

    "I'm sorry to stop you sir." she said

    "That's ok, you haven't" I replied as I carried on walking.

    The UK is having a potato shortage due to the current heatwave, as potatoes can stop growing when the temperature rises about 25 degrees celsius.

    The head of independent crisp makers Pipers has told the Sunday Times ‘there is a danger we will have a crisp crisis’.

    A spokesperson from Walkers commented saying 'this won't effect us in any way, as we put no crisps in our bags'

    "Woman abandoned as baby 80 years ago finds out who she is"
    A pensioner.

    I heard that the Chicago police department has replaced all their sirens to play The National Anthem to force suspects to stop and take a knee

    I was reading today that Shark experts from around the world are meeting in Sydney to discuss ways to prevent casualties, after a rise in the number of attacks in recent months.
    I'm no expert, but may i suggest not bloody swimming where sharks live is a good start.

    "Britain’s top cop Cressida Dick wants tougher sentences to deter violent teens from criminal lifestyle"
    How about "Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff was innoculated for pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysilio gogogoch"
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7


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    Re: 21st of october...2 months 4 days till ho ho ho day

    Evening all -

    SK, I love Vic's answer to you anout the walking, and the earrings! You are one cool gran... I hope you don't get the illness...

    Lav, sorry about the chickens not laying... maybe the weather has got them just as confused as we are! I have had terrible sleep the past 2 nights -- when I wake up in the night I think of you! Yep, nor'easter warning she here. I will be clearing the gutters again in the next day or two.

    PQ, sorry about the crises at work... so glad you missed a little of them. Mmmm, mac and cheese... in my dreams. No wheat and dairy for me -- enjoy, I will enjoy vicariously!

    Pauly, how's life? Is the little one at all better?

    Mick, great news about the bunnies. I hope your visit with your brother went well. Oh, and great train pics also...

    Det, hope you are clicking away and making much beauty...

    Off to get some work done, other than mold issues! I turned off all the fans, and there's no musty smell, hallelujah. Both dehumidifiers are still plugging away, although the upstairs one stopped a few times during the night... ah, peace.

    Cheers all for a beautiful Thursday to come --

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    Re: 21st of october...2 months 4 days till ho ho ho day

    MAE ALL...'s actually trying to rain. Temps are dropping back to normal around 55F and still no snow in the forecast. I'll let Mick have it. LOL Heard the nor'easter forecast on the news and thought of you. Hope it doesn't amount to much. don't get over confident with that walking, wouldn't want anything to happen. did your visit with your brother go? You sound busy again today. Hope you got all your cords well guarded with Bonnie running around. So glad they're getting on. Sorry about your forecast but I'm trying to put off the snow as long as I can.

    Tgirl...glad the mold issue is getting resolved. I'm glad I wasn't there for the crises at work on Monday, they can deal with it. doing ok? Hope Romeo is on the mend.

    Det...did you have your job interview? Can't remember when you said it was. Did you master the tie? LOL

    Boss and accountant going through the annual audit and by the sounds of it neither of them know what they're doing. I hope his lack of knowledge and management skills comes to the forefront. He was given a 6 figure salary and we're a non-profit organization! It'll be interesting to see what next year's budget is.

    Chicken noodle soup for dinner and that's good enough for me. Hope we all have a restful evening....PPQP

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    Re: 21st of october...2 months 4 days till ho ho ho day

    Good evening friends,

    Rain free day so it was good
    My younger grandson is parked here until around 9 pm I guess. He’s been eating non stop, ha ha!

    Mick, Isn’t it funny how they talk about a warm up & snow all in the same week? Sounds like our weather forecasts here.
    I hope your busy day went well!

    Cyn, the chickens always take a break after several months of heavy laying. Time for them to molt anyway & give their systems a rest.
    Sorry you are dealing with moon-interrupted sleep too. It’s such a weird thing.
    I hope the nor’easter doesn’t take out the power again. Must make some preparations.
    I broke down this afternoon & baked up a batch of apple muffins. Saw the recipe on King Arthur Flour & made them dairy free. We seem to be surrounded by apples so I had to do something. I may try them with GF flour next

    Hello to PQ, Pauly & Det!

    SK, you sound really good, I am happy for you
    We always take things like getting out, walking, shopping etc for granted. Boy do we miss those things when we can’t do them. Glad you are out & about once again. I’m sure Viv is happy for you too.

    We are heading out early to make the trip to our granddaughter’s school for grandparents day. This will involve a nice lunch out as well, yay!
    Wishing everyone a nice night!

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    Re: 21st of october...2 months 4 days till ho ho ho day

    Mae everybody,Lav,I seen your recipe on Facebook thanks for sharing,I'm always on the lookout for healthier things to bake,I made some cookies yesterday just spur of the moment and after not eating so many sweets for awhile these seem extra sweet! Yuck,still love my sugar but not too much,PQ,i made stroganoff for dinner,just something easy,Romeo seems better but i always get him at nap time so its hard to tell cuz he doesn't like to sleep when I have him,I tell everyone its cuz I'm so entertaining that he can't relax around me haha SK,do take it easy,I'm glad you're getting around but don't push to hard,much love to all and wishes for a great BF Wednesday (what's left anyway)
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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