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    Re: 21st of october...2 months 4 days till ho ho ho day

    Good evening friends,

    Waiting for the storm, nothing yet.
    I picked up the boys then found out my DIL was planning on stopping over at midnight to pick them up - in the middle of a storm with 50-60 mph winds, DUH! YB told her NO, we’ll just keep them overnight. FFS, what is wrong with her?
    I hope she doesn’t get blown off the road somewhere. I also thought to feed & potty their two dogs - nice of me, huh?

    Mick, glad you found your brother reasonably comfortable. Waiting for results is not fun.
    I hope we don’t lose any more trees tonight, tired of the cleanup, ha ha.

    Sam, I hope you don’t have any damage tonight. It’s been a tough year.

    Pauly, isn’t it funny how much people worry about missing their morning coffee? Lol

    PQ, my daughter & her husband now have the virus - so glad I didn’t go there yesterday. I hate that barfing virus, ugh.
    Granddaughter is apparently completely over it already. I hope your weekend is awesome.

    Hello to Det, Cyn & SK. Hope everyone is OK.

    Have a nice night everyone!
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    Re: 21st of october...2 months 4 days till ho ho ho day

    morning all ,how are we today?well so far we havent had the dreaded snow ,but it was really cold last night ,both rabbits cuddled up in a mahoosive ball of straw.Its supposed to be sunny but really cold today ,we shall see ,Our clocks go back tonight ,so its an extra hour to have a lie in ..if I did ...actually this morning never got up till 6.Supposed to be out metal detecting tomorrow...brrrr...

    ok brew time

    hiya Lav,how are you today?all doing well ..that is apart from half the family chucking up all over America..Personally ,I cant see anything wrong with picking your kids up at some ungodly hour,in the middle of a storm,where theres a chance that you could be blown off the road or hit by trees or summat...oh an feeding dogs ...what dogs...have we got dogs ?oh well...hope you have a grand weekend...

    hiya Sam ..proud owner of a clean chimney ....obviously getting ready to give it some welly over the winter!!how are you doing mate?hope all is good in Virginny

    hiya Pauly hows you ?that is apart from feeding 2 tortoises do they not stop eating ? they are worse than my rabbitz..the 99c store ? if its anything like our pound shops ,you go in and a lotta the stuff has taken a price hike big time....I drink black coffee all the time ..probably too much!hope you have a great weekend ..

    hia ppqp how are things in your world today then?I thought you had given up the cigs yonks ago much are they in Calgarysville?Im not too keen on goatees either ..prefer fish or chicken ...If I grow a beard ..a )I look like a demented Santa Claus and b)like my head is on upside down...what are you up to over the weekend ?anything spectacular ?skydiving off the Calgary tower ? no?oh well just askin ..have a good one ..

    hiya Sk ,treegirl pie etc ,hope you are all well ...

    right peeps out deeeeeeeetectin tomorrow ,so early doors start ...have a lovely weekend

    Cops have intercepted a suspect package addressed to New Jersey Senator Corey Booker.
    Mr Booker said he had no idea why anyone would send him a butt plug, a massager and a year's supply of lube. And he had absolutely no idea how the sender obtained his credit card details.

    I won my first cage fight earlier.

    Fcking canary never knew what hit it.

    I saw a car with a sticker saying, "I am a vet therefore I can drive like an animal".
    Suddenly I realized how many how many Gynecologists there are on the road !

    I spent all day yesterday bobbing up and down in the water.

    It's been my dream ever since I was a little buoy

    I was in Tesco and saw a guy off Crimewatch who is wanted for several robberies. I tackled him to the ground and punched him unconscious. The police arrived and arrested me.

    Apparently they use actors on the show.

    I saw 2 guys wearing matching clothing and asked if they were gay.

    They quickly arrested me.

    Man walks into an appliance store and goes up to the cashier

    Have you any two-watt bulbs?

    For what?

    That’ll do. I’ll take two.

    Two what?

    I thought you didn’t have any.

    Any what?

    Yes please

    I was out fishing yesterday when I heard a soft voice saying "Kiss me, then I will turn into your faithful mistress"
    I looked down and saw a little frog, " I said "Was that you speaking"?
    The little frog said "Yes, kiss me and I will turn into your faithful mistress"
    So I picked the little frog up and placed it in an empty bait box.
    When I got home, the missus was out, so I opened the bait box and the little frog said "Are you going to kiss me now so I can turn into your faithful mistress"?
    I said "Nah, at my age I'd rather have a talking frog"

    Police have arrested a woman for stealing a sign reading;
    "& Emergency".
    She claimed she found it by Accident

    When I go to someone's house and they tell me to make myself at home, the first thing I do is throw them out because I don't like visitors.
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 8..done that bimbling into year 9..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 10


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    Re: 21st of october...2 months 4 days till ho ho ho day

    morning all
    wet day for farmers market. Suppose to play starting at 10. maybe this mess will have moved on. thank goodness the winds haven't blown
    whoops, didn't see the time, gotta run.....
    Liberated 5/11/2013

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    Re: 21st of october...2 months 4 days till ho ho ho day

    MAE ALL...

    Lav...I too hate the barfing virus! Wise choice not to go. Of course G/daughter over it, passed it on to Mom & Dad. Hope you didn't get hit too hard with the storm.

    Mick...I'm glad the bunnies got together before the cold weather sets in. Now they can keep each other warm. Our clocks go back next weekend so have to wait for that extra sleep in hour. No...still procrastinating on the quit smoking. Smokes are about $15/pack of 25 and with smoking a pack a day it's $100 I can't afford. I need to get serious as I've noticed a big difference in my breathing, have developed a wheeze since going through a chest cold a little while ago. No skydiving this weekend but will be making a couple of trips to the bottle depot and then getting the car ready for winter since Mother Nature gave me some more time to get things done. Dress warm for detecting tomorrow.

    Sam...hope the mess has moved on before you have to perform. Farmers markets will soon be coming to a close around here.

    Pauly...hope you have a good day at work.

    Shout out to Det, Sk and Tgirl...will check in again later today.

    Just finishing my coffee then it's time to load up the car. Figure I'll be making 2 trips to the depot today. Have a Super Sober Saturday all....PPQP

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    Re: 21st of october...2 months 4 days till ho ho ho day

    Hello all -

    Hmmmm I posted yesterday, but don't see it... operator error!

    Glad to hear that all are chugging along. Mick, I hope detecting was good and not too chilly. Lav to the rescue as always - I hope you could rustle up enough food for the boys as well as the dogs (lucky pooches that you remembered). PPQ enjoy your Saturday! Pauly, hope all,is calm today at the shop. Sam, so nice to see your posts. SK, whatever you are doing, keep at it - wonderful news! Re: cat litter, I face the same situation with the soft water pellets - I manage to get them out of the car into the basement, but lifting up to pour in the tank? No thx. So I cut off the top and use a small pitcher to transfer the stuff into the water softener. Good luck! Det, hope you had a grand time with your gran, that must have been nice. Good luck on the job front.

    Just came in from clearing the gutters of tons of leaves - the spouts were all stopped up. Of course I did it in the middle of the wind and rain... I forgot to do it yesterday evening when I got home. Oh well, I hope a dry basement is the result. Is anyone else watching The Great American Read on PBS? What a wonderful pursuit... I found it by accident, and only lately - I see it is available on Amazon, so I'll get it. So many people so passionate about books... it was a great spirit lifter.

    Take care all -

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    Re: 21st of october...2 months 4 days till ho ho ho day

    X-post PPQP! Sounds like a busy day - good luck. Lav, I meant to say how sorry I am about the flu bug, but also that you missed grandparents day - I remember last year's pics, it was such a sweet event...

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    Re: 21st of october...2 months 4 days till ho ho ho day

    Good evening friends,

    Survived the night, storm not as bad as expected. Youngest grandson woke up just before 5 am loudly exclaiming there was a laughing clown in the kitchen...…..there wasn't, LOL
    They were picked up by 10 am so the rest of the day was mine to do pretty much nothing

    Mick, I fed my son's dogs (over at his house) when I was there to meet the kid's school bus. I am a nice person, ha ha!
    Glad you didn't get snow, too early for that. We did get more than an inch of rain last night, no snow. Glad the bunnies have settled in together. Good luck detecting, wear a hat!!!

    Sam, hope the weather didn't mess up your plans to play today

    PQ, after numerous attempts to quit smoking I finally jumped on the nicotine replacement bandwagon. It did the trick for me, have you ever thought about doing that? Closing in on 9 1/2 years now & I'm happy the kids have never seen me smoke. Your lungs clear up pretty fast, you'll be surprised.
    My daughter texted me this afternoon & said they (the adults) are still feeling pretty bad but granddaughter is in good shape. I hope your day was good!

    Cyn, I'm going to have to find a harness for you to wear when you are on a ladder during a storm - geez!!!
    I think it's time for all of us to get those leaf guard covers for our gutter, ha ha! I agree, having a dry basement is priceless
    I haven't seen much on PBS lately. I will catch up with that series though, sounds good.

    Hello to Pauly, Det & SK.

    Sad day in Pittsburgh today, another senseless massacre.
    I will be voting for people next month who will do the right thing & get these assault rifles off the streets.

    Have a peaceful night,
    AF since 03/26/09
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    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: 21st of october...2 months 4 days till ho ho ho day

    Happy Sat night fever ABerooos!

    oh my, sickos in our midst, so sorry to hear of that. Chicken/veggie soup for everyone and don't hold the garlic.

    Just a quickee checkin as Grandma is still here and i'm getting in my time with her. Got out this morn for coffee and walk in
    the park with my lady friend and that was wonderful.

    got a new filter for my camera lenses that should allow me to do some groovy special effects once I get the hang of it.

    SK, sent you a PM you sweetheart you.

    Tree, thanks for the PBS headsup.

    Lav you DIL sounds like a treat

    Sam, how'd the tunes go?

    Pauly, what's the good word?

    back soonish
    be well loves
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: 21st of october...2 months 4 days till ho ho ho day

    Det, it's so nice to hear you're spending time with grandmother.

    Lav, I hate that you are sick.

    Get well I spen t twilight hours with my neighbor soon. She kind of ambushed me when I was bringing groceries home, so I accepted her invitation for a drink, but didn't drink. I used the excuse of medication. She is obsessed with things but the worst of it is she has a tumor next to her brain. She has already been handwalking across the walls and from car to car. She had 3 dizzy spells whilst I was there. She has daughter close by, so I hope she i okay, she cannot live on ss, so has a 40 hr/weekjob, gladly a receptionist. I worry about her.
    Cyn those gutter covers are so worth it. Because men usually do it annually forgettingthattey are now older. My husband used a ladder and it seemed as if he was swaying.

    Goodnite moon.
    Enlightened by MWO

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