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Thread: w/c 25th

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    Re: w/c 25th

    Greetings Abbers,

    Cold & windy here but if it dries up the mud that's OK with me

    Mick, glad to see you & hope you are OK.
    Just so you get the dust out of the kitchen by Christmas.....right?
    Hang in there.

    Det, you are getting some good interviewing experience at least. I hope some appropriate jobs open soon for you.
    Happy researching

    PQ, Congrats on the pay raise, YAY!!!
    I hope it eases some of the financial angst that makes life difficult, Been there & done that too, ha ha!
    Glad you're not currently getting snowed on.

    Sam, I'm keeping a good eye on the chicken's feet so they don't end up with frozen mud on their toes, eewww. I need to toss another bale of straw in their yard tomorrow now that I think about it, geez. That's interesting about your Dad paid $10/acre back in the day. Can you imagine that nowadays? Times change & sometimes we have to let things go, sorry.

    Cyn, let the leaves break down over the winter then just mulch them in with the first grass cutting in the spring. It seems to help with our lawn for the most part.
    The IP I have is the Ultra. I think it's slightly newer with a few more features than the IP Duo 60. I'd bet either one would be fine.

    Hey Pauly!

    Pie, there you are!!!
    We missed you but glad to hear you are well. Still slinging real estate?

    SK, glad your kitty is doing better. I've never heard of an animal sneezing blood before, that's scary.
    Hope you are doing well too!

    Nothing exciting here but I'm good with that. Got my hair cut today - woo hoo!!
    I need to get back to the dozens of projects in my sewing/embroidery shop, been playing hooky for a few weeks.
    Wishing everyone a nice night.

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    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: w/c 25th

    MAE ALL...

    Mick...and of course there's a website for nicknames and you would find it. LOL Glad you're keeping busy don't over due it. Hope things are better.

    Sam...too bad you have to sell the mountain tract but life goes on and peoples lives change. That at least is a constant. Nice to hear you had a good visit and were able to get some tunes in with your bro. Now that you've brought up ho ho ho season you'll be talking taxes next.'re right I have managed to create my own serenity at work. Took 8 years but I made it. LOL

    Pauly...has mom gone home? Time to get back into your routine. Hope work is going good, did you get another body in the place yet?

    Pi...congrats on locating the correct thread. We've missed you. New address means you've moved? I always think of you when I'm moving stuff around in the condo. Could sure use some of your expertise. Sounds like things are still going good for you.

    SK...I have never paid someone to clean my house, too embarrassed to let anyone in. LOL Deep cleaning was all me. I use Mick's theory about stopping the chatter in my mind. Put everything in boxes and deal with things one at a time. So in my mind I have my condo sorted into boxes and just clean one area at a time. Doesn't feel so overwhelming that way.

    Lav...well at least it's not raining, you've had enough of that. Thanks, the pay raise will come in handy. We have a program at work where we can pay into an RRSP and the company will match the dollars up to 2% of your salary. I think I'm in a position to start that up again. Hate to give up free money. We seem to be on the same hair cutting schedule, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.'ll probably post right after I submit this. Hope you had a good day.

    Wishing us all a peaceful evening.....PPQP
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    Re: w/c 25th

    good morning are we today then? hope all is well.We are in the middle of Storm Diane I think it is ..its blowing a hooley ,and pouring with rain too.The rabbits needed cleaning out ,so Iwent into their hutch and did it ...she wasnt impressed and started biting the bag.Yesterday I built a flatpack chest of draweres yaaaay no accidents ,bfeakages or nuffink thats that out of the road ...the worktop is still getting snded down ,I sadly enough quite enjoy it,and seeing the finished the result..Other things are getting better too fingers crossed ..anyway ...brew ftime..

    hiya Lav how are you today then?happy you have got to catch up on a lot of work? are these chrimbo orders?yes Ill have the dust out of here by chrimbo def ..hopefully I will have it out by next week.We had a poor harvest this year ,the heat opened the corn too early and it ended up too lean friend on the farm usually end up with 32 roundels of hay from one of their fields ...this year they got 12!so the price has been really pushed up.hope you have a good day ...

    hiya ppqp...hows you then?thanks ..yes things are getting back on an even keel ... I can breathe again!!As for putting things in boxes or lists ..I have to do that ..otherwise my mind tries to do about a million jobs at once ,and you end up doing none!good for you getting the extra loot ...better in your pocket!take care and have a good day

    hiya sk are things with you today then?hope all is well in eskayland!

    pie !!!!!!!!!!!!and a big hello to you ..great to see you ..yep had a bit of a rough patch shall we say ,but luckily for me ,drink never even entered my head..with the worktops ...this is how they were...


    that is 5 coats of danish oil...over time it has got marked etc ,so I have got to strip it all back and restart again...I got a quote from a finisher would have cost me around 800 to get it done ...ermmm no ta..glad to see you back ...howz things with you?

    hiya pauly are you then? hope all is good with you ...are you back in work?a big bueno to you and have a good one..

    hiya sam...yep I guess its difficult to let go of something thats been in the family for so long.the way I look at it is ..we are all only custodians ...when we leave this mortal life ,it passes on anyway ,so if it isnt being of use or value to you ,then why not get something that will help you in current circs it finance or other ..hows the gigging going?

    thats gigging ...not giggling!!

    hiya teegee ok ? so you are up for an instant pot ?Ive got a lawn blower .vacuum ..great toys to play with !!yes youre right the snow is a good leveller ...all the gardens look the same!

    right good peeps ..take it easy and stay safe..

    My mate needed a bone marrow transplant

    We found a match in Argentina

    The operation was a success

    Our thanks go out to Diego Marrow Donor.

    Ryanair is proposing a 'fat tax' for obese customers.
    I think this is a great idea and I'd do it like this.
    A bit like the hand luggage size test, have a chair with arms at the check-in that passengers have to sit in. When they get up if the chair is still stuck to their arse they pay the tax.
    The rest of the queue behind them can all cheer and clap and shout "Pay up, you fat git!" making the normally dreary check-in experience a more light-hearted affair.

    I seen that new Queen film in the out door drive in. There was a terrible electrical storm during the showing.
    Thunderbolts and lightning. Very, very frightening

    I've just calculated that I could save around 20% on my electric bill..if my fridge had a large window!

    Did you hear about the Irish social club outing,they went on a mystery tour and the coach driver won 53 pound!

    I get out of the wrong side of the bed each morning.

    It's against a wall.

    Paddy was reeling back from the pub after a heavy Friday night session in the Dublin suburbs when he decided to take a short cut down a darkened alleyway. Half way along the alleyway he suddenly found himself confronted by a baseball bat wielding hoodie, “Gi’s yer fecking money granddad!” the youth demanded, “Get bent yer little bollox!” replied Paddy and tried to push past him. The youth caught him with the bat breaking 2 ribs, Paddy screamed out in pain then promptly smashed the teen’s nose all over his face, the boy shrieked but retaliated by smacking Paddy in the centre of his forehead with the bat. Paddy went down but kicked out as he did and caught the lad on the knee bringing him down as well. The pair of them rolled around on the cobbles trading punches and insults, eventually the strength of youth won out and the yob had Paddy pinned face down, he teased his wallet out of his pocket, flicked it open and cursed “Ye daft eejit fecking old bstard, ye’ve got ten bloody Euros. Why the feck did ye put up such a fight fer that?” Paddy replied, “I didn’t know it was my wallet yer after, I thought yeez was after the eight hundred Euros in derby winnings I hid in me boot.”

    Decoding the weather forecast:

    Rain: Might rain but probably not.
    Sunny: Pssing down.
    Warm: fkn freezing.
    Light winds: 80 mile an hour gales.
    Chance of snow: Sunny with temperatures of up to 70 f.
    A little snow: Six foot drifts.
    Scotland: Jan-June Snow and Ice, July-December Cold with a high chance of snow.
    Manchester: Jan-December, Rain, becoming warm rain June to August.
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7


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    Re: w/c 25th

    Mae everybody,Pie!! So good to see you friend,hope all is well,sounds like it Mick,you mentioned insta-pot and I had to laugh cuz Brady's working at the Amazon warehouse and him and his friends are making fun of the amounts of them! Seems every other box is an insta-pot so I guess we know what the big Christmas gift of the season is glad things seem to be back to normal with you,careful in that storm PQ,I too have thought about paying someone to clean my house but too embarrassed! When mom was here she cleaned some cuz she can't sit still for more than 5 minutes,she started on my fridge but I think she said"screw that!" Half way into it haha! Still no new hire,I actually hope we don't get anyone for awhile cuz its been slow anyways,frozen chicken pot pies for dinner,Marie Callendar makes a decent one much love to all and wishes for a wonderful BF Wednesday!
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: w/c 25th

    Working in your sewing/embroidery shop sounds like a good plan for a cold and windy day, Lav. Is it holiday projects you're up to? Yes, I'm still slinging real estate. Hopefully closing a sale on Friday, and have one listing for lease.

    PQ, yes I've moved. A smaller condo with a better location came available, so I bought it, and sold the other one. The new condo has a front yard, and needed top-to-bottom renovation, which I'm a sucker for. I got everything but the kitchen done before moving in, then went 70 days without a kitchen sink. I know this because I used the MWO date calculator to keep count. Sounds like your compartmentalized cleaning approach is a winner for you. Whatcha gonna do with all the boxes?

    Those are some fine looking worktops, Mick. The maintenance sounds like a bear though, having to remove the previous finish. How often do you have to tackle that? I'm supposed to seal the granite tops I just put in, but haven't yet decided on which product to use.

    Hey Pauly, it's good to be back chatting with you guys. Glad you survived visit from Mom, and got part of your fridge tidied up! I've noticed an uptick in the number of times folks are shown enjoying liquor on tv shows and commercials. Holiday time of year, and all that, I guess. Seeing those images is unsettling though. I have to remind myself that it's only tv, and that most people aren't turning to booze at every celebration or stressor.

    Trying to get a handle on my Christmas list today. I feel procrastination coming on...

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    Re: w/c 25th

    Hidy Ho ABadoooods and dudettes!

    oh my am I feeling good. I've been feeling fine last few days (or so i thought) but woke up this morning feeling like lightning bolts were flying out of my fingertips. holy crap! enhanced mental state-of-mind after adaptation is a hallmark of the keto diet and now I understand what they are talking bout. To make a long story short, a byproduct of the neurotransmitter balancing is the brain's production of a drug that is bioidentical to a recreational drug called GHB. Yes, I feel slightly 'high' but in a very calm and interesting way. I'm also getting a crapload done and my mind is so sharp... it's very noticable.
    There are crap-tons of bad misinformed assumptions and urban myth about ketosis still floating around so I'm very grateful
    for literally dozens of excellent clinical trials that are tremendously positive in too many ways to summarize here.

    for those that asked please start here for more info so I don't just type for 2 hours and fill up the thread
    and Dr Rhonda Patrick is also amazing. oh, and Dr Berg.

    sounds like some positive things abounding across AF land which is lovely.

    Mick, what gorgeous craftsmanship!

    Pie, right-o, those lying adverts can't sway us. We know AF is the way to prosperity and we'll shout it from the mountain tops.

    Pauly, I must check out this insta-pot thing. boil water for tea super fast?

    Lav, keeping up on hobbies/interests is a great sign. I'm looking at musical instruments again. I'd be out snapping pics but we
    are socked-in with some rain clouds. no complains about that though.

    applied for several more jobs today so pressing onwards and upwards. My feelings of dread/anxiety on the job hunt have abated and I'm
    certainly grateful for that. and I slept a full 8hrs straight last night! first time in ages. yay.

    well, off to do 500 more things before the day is up

    be well m'loves
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: w/c 25th

    MAE ALL... just seem to go from one storm to another. No wonder you go away for chrimbo! First hutch cleaning, well at least she didn't start biting your pants. An accident free flatpack chest of draweres, well done. You are keeping yourself busy aren't you. Glad to hear other things are getting better.

    Pauly...insta-pots are all the talk around here too. At least you got half the fridge cleaned out, I'm just going to replace mine. LOL Then it's just as well there is no new hire. Things may start to pick up with the Xmas season approaching. I've discovered that the in store made chicken pot pie that my local Co-Op makes is pretty tasty. Then use a light flaky crust, so that's my new go too and we are also having it for dinner tonight.

    Pi...70 days without a kitchen sink, I couldn't have done it. Is the front yard landscaped? Plans on doing a garden veg or flowers? So....I don't really have a bunch of boxes lying around the condo. LOL It's more like a 4 foot grid in my mind. When I get the urge or I can't stand looking at something anymore, I can tell myself ok you can tackle that square for now. Slowly things are getting done and you can notice it.

    Det...sounds like you've got things going in the right direction. Now you've got me intrigued with Keyto Nutrition, I'll be checking out the link. Glad to hear the dread/anxiety of the job hunt has abated. It is what it is. You keep doing what you're doing, it's definitely positive. 8 hours of sleep, I know what I'm asking Santa for Christmas now.'re probably posting as I'm typing this. Did you get started in the sewing room?

    We're out celebrating birthday lunches at work tomorrow so wearing my stretchy pants and not eating brekkie. LOL Have a peaceful evening all....PPQP

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    Re: w/c 25th

    Evening greetings Abbers,

    I made myself very useful today & cleared a sh*t ton of stuff out of closets & even my stock shelves. It's all bagged up & ready for pickup Friday morning. I donate to the Purple Heart & they find good homes for all your unused stuff

    PQ, no rain today just crazy wind bringing the temp feel down to the teens Brrrrrrr!!
    You should definitely set up an employer matching 401k or whatever you have available there. Protecting your future is important & you'll be glad you did.

    Mick, it seems like you just did those work tops - I remember the picture. Good luck.
    We put Corian countertops in when we built this place 15 years ago & they're still there. If it gets scratched you can just gently sand it & make it look new. I know everyone is using granite these days. I think it was a bad year for farmers just about everywhere. I heard the straw/hay situation is so dire that the growers/sellers are depending on imported stuff from South America.

    Pauly, I hope you get one of those Instant Pots for Christmas - makes life easier & a snap to clean up too

    Pie, I closed down the main portion of my biz earlier this year. I'm just doing some 'under the table' work - tired of dealing with the tax collector & non-paying customers. I'm having more fun doing the crafty stuff & selling that.
    Congrats on your new condo, I hope your DYI projects go well for you.

    Det, 'lightning bolts flying out of your fingers'? Are you sure you weren't dreaming??
    Never heard of any diet causing those kind of effects. Maybe it's those brain supplements you started, haha.
    Glad you are feeling well & looking forward to a healthy future.

    Hello to Cyn & SK. Hope you are both well. Hello to Sam too!

    Have a real nice night one & all.

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    Re: w/c 25th

    Hi PQ!!!!!!!
    AF since 03/26/09
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    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: w/c 25th

    I bought a lap top a few months ago and every time I clicked on it the drop down menus would happen. In the meantime I bought a Chromebook, but it doesn't have auto fill, which I need for new websites. I decided to pull it down today and entered the keys necessary but t wouldnt accept any. I spent a coupleof frustrating, maybe to the chromebook trating hours with it. Called AT&T and they told me I was connected. To the chromeback connected, but not to the laptop they told me they woud follow up in 10 minutes And that never happened. It seemed like my whole aft was wasted. I will drop it off at AT&T tomorrow and then catch up with UPS, the bank, Target, etc. Disappointed my check di
    dn't arrive, but we'll see tomorrow. I did not do the divorce well and I lost 50K by rushing to sell the house, etc. Because the market was flat, it was on the market for 10 yrsand we were just relieved to sell it.

    I sure got rolled over on that one and I am to blame for not dotting the i's and crossing the t's. He had taken a $100,000 as a 1st mortgage on it, and of course his debts were 50% mine. She also

    got 66% of his company pension. I upset myself when I start think of it. Her husband had lots of money and when he died of cancer he left her sitting pretty

    I also need to get my driving l
    license renewed so it's a trip to the license office to stand in line.

    Pauly,my fridge was a mess because I couldn't bend or use my rght hand. I'm su
    re the contents of your fridge are more than mine Because of your famiy size. I pulled out a stool and trash bag an it didn't take more than 30 minutes.

    I've rambled too much, all about me.

    Mick, I ordered a Unicorn sweate for Viv and the unicorn was all sequins and beautiful wings.

    See you tomorrow.

    I need to get my nails trimmed down so I can type properly
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