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Thread: w/c 13th

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    Re: w/c 13th

    Happy unhung Monday ABerooos!

    Mick, backpack shopping sounds like a great workout.

    Pauly, sounds grand. i feel my very best when eating beef and lamb but as Lav mentioned the prices have me on the po boy diet of
    chicken and whatnot. The price of ALL real food is insane. boo!

    Had a lovely workout last night, then Refuge Recovery meet and meditation. Really getting a lot from this group and so glad I decided to
    give them a serious go.

    Pauly you have pizza poisoning... that's why you can't wake up hope you feel better hon.

    Pie, you must be relieved on the property closing...nice.

    Sam, sad thing about Vegas is not much in the way of birds. sad for a photographer.

    Lav, thanks for the note on SK. I'm just off the phone helping my dad with his confuser. Also I'm setting up a fire 8" tablet for my grandma to use for when
    she comes over. She's coming over to live with my uncle so it will be awesome to have her here full time.

    chicken curry in the works... 2 more trays of microgreens planted... all systems 'check'.

    hoping you all have a smashing evening and be well m'loves
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: w/c 13th

    MAE ALL.... I'm feeling guilty that we have no snow! Thanks for taking that on! Another Alberta Clipper heading down from the north so our temps will be dropping drastically, but only for a couple of days. Chinook back again for the weekend. They are predicting some snow I'll let you know what we end up with.

    Mick...did you actually run to your appointment with the back man? I'm glad you made it home safe and sound and with groceries to boot! I have a series of tv shows that I watch when I want to not when they're scheduled. All the premieres started last week!!!

    Pauly...we are allowed to sign up, free of charge, for any program that's offered at work. So I'm taking a 4 week program called Food, Mood & Energy. First class today she explained she'd be dealing with how your gut and brain react to food. Thought of you & Det. LOL I'll let you know if I have an epiphany about what you guys have been talking about. We had fish & chips for supper tonight.

    Sam...nope, haven't noticed that phenomenon with the bird feeders myself. Interesting.

    Pi...great news about the closing. Hope the money landed where it was supposed to and that you get your share. Of course the puzzle is At the Dog Park. LOL

    Had a restless night last night so plan is early to bed and hopefully some decent sleep. Have a good night all....PPQP

    X-Post Det....sounds like you've turned things around, good for you. I'll let you know if I learn anything from my course.
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    Re: w/c 13th

    Good evening Abbers,

    Grateful to have my guardian angel on duty - I took a spill in the living room, went down hard & banged the back of my head on the hardwood floor. Sh*t, all I could think of was another skull fracture like the one I had 18 years ago
    Fortunately my head is OK, so is the table & lamp I knocked over, haha! We have one of those vacuum systems where you just plug the hose into the wall (all the dirt goes down pipes into a big collection container in the basement). I had just finished vacuuming & went to reach down to pull the hose out of the wall socket & apparently stepped on the hose, which threw me off balance & I went down like a ton of bricks! The back of my head is sore but no real lump, lucky me. My foot hurts for some reason. Feel like an idiot but a lucky idiot, could have been worse. So that's it, I'm swearing off cleaning my house from now on

    Mick, sounds like you got some good exercise today.
    If I had to walk 8 miles to the nearest store & 8 miles back carrying groceries I would choose to starve. ha ha. There are no sidewalks around here either so I would probably get run over by a truck or a horse &buggy, haha

    Pauly, high fat meals make me sleepy & give me gall bladder attacks, not fun. I hope you metabolized all that pizza, LOL

    Det, that's great you have a grandma moving in, good for the both of you.
    Does she like to cook too? I found good priced fresh 6 lb. whole chickens at Costco last time we were there & found out that they cook to perfection in the Instant Pot in 36 minutes!!! That barely gives you time to make a few side dishes

    Sam, my bird feeder is as busy as ever. It also attracts all the neighborhood squirrels & racoons too unfortunately.

    PQ, it barely went above freezing today but we did have a very sunny day so we had some melting. It's only 18 degrees right now, chilly!!!
    More snow due Thursday then again Saturday & Sunday, ugh.
    Enjoy the free course, sounds interesting.

    Hello to SK, Cyn!

    Pie, did you find the money?? We all want to know!!

    Heading out to meet my friends for lunch tomorrow. Glad we picked a day without a snowstorm, geez.
    Have a nice night everyone!

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    Re: w/c 13th

    Oh Lav! I'm glad you're OK,sounds awful actually I had mostly salad at the place so I don't think it's pizza poisoning haha,PQ,we had green peppers stuffed with meatballs and provolone for dinner hope you ger some rest,see you all on the flipside
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: w/c 13th

    mae all how are we today then? all goo I hope is a waiting game ...waiting for amazon ,waiting for phone calls ..Bought a new fit bit last night ...a fit bit zip ...the original one that came out ...time distance steps cals etc seems like folk are going back to the original stand alone ones with a battery as opposed to the ones that need charging off a computer ...they are hard to get hold of now ..I could have got one out of the states but the import tax and postage comes to the same price as the fit bit itself .
    quite chuffed ..Ive lost 8.4 lbs in 18 days .rabbitsd are out playing ..did a bit of tidying up in the garden first thing ..curt the thefuschia bushes back and cleaned and pulled some weeds etc ..including a nettle ..not clever ..

    ok letsav a brew ....

    hiya Sam are you doing mate?all is well I hope the snow still there ?

    hiya Pie are you then ..hows the puzzle going is it the Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle ?...I used to love doing them..have a great day.

    hiya Lav...hope you are ok? no ill effects? jeez the lengths some folk will go to get outta cleaning ...yes yesterday was a walking day ..I actually enjoyed it but there again Im a bit nutso ...18 degrees ? thats sunbathing take it easy cleaning ...leave that for the gkidz

    hiya pauly ok ?hows work doing for you ? has it calmed down or is it still a pot of kerap..too much salad is bad for you too needto balance it up...a plate of fries ..on a lettuce leaf .....

    hiya det ...looks like you are on track again ...good for you ..ffs dont throw a grenade in it all again...its timeto get off that treadmill mr hamster timd..front it up and take it on mate can ..especially with gran there ..

    hiya ppqp ...hows you ...yes I did run to the back man ,then last night to Julies dads to give him tea..was going to run to aswimming this morning but I need to wait for all the phone calls and amazon stuff watch ...nothing will happen now ...No snow this time you are usually up to your neck in it ..

    hiya sk ok?and likewise tee gee ..

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    Re: w/c 13th

    morning all
    nice brisk morning, getting ready to get out and feed critters. Mick, like the out house joke!
    Lav, hope you're not too sore this morning..... I get it, been doing some swan dives myself lately. take care!!

    off to it friends
    be well
    Liberated 5/11/2013

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    Re: w/c 13th

    Mae everybody,Sam no more swan dives for you or Lav! Haha,Mick,work is OK,the new lady they hired seems OK to me,the only problem is a couple of the older ladies seem kind of jealous of her or something,I'm glad I don't work with them much cuz I'm a morning shift and they're afternoon/evening shift,made Romeo some cupcakes for his birthday tomorrow,I guess they're having a parry for him and his cousin on Sunday cuz they're both turning 1, I'm gonna throw a tiny party for just us tomorrow though since it's his "real" birthday,he likes Elmo so thats my theme for him,PQ,its Parmesan crusted chicken breasts and macaroni and cheese for tonight need something else for sleep,this unisom makes me groggy for hours after I wake up and you're not supposed to use it everyday anyways but shit,,,I've gotta sleep or I'm a super wreck,much love to all and wishes for a great BF Tuesday!
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: w/c 13th

    Hi everyone. Did you all see the transformation of the White House to a White Castle yesterday? No class fool.

    Lav, I'm so glad you're okay. Keep an eye on the ankle, at least nothing is broken.

    Pauly, Romeo 1, already? That dinner sounds delish. I'm wearing a hat. got in the patio got into the patio and spilled a 10 #

    Sam, I haven't seen a change at the bird feeder. Of course the squirrel got into the patio and knocked down a 10# bag of feed, that the therapist was kind enough to haul in for me.

    Mick, that's an impressive weight loss and hike.

    Gotta go.
    Enlightened by MWO

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    Re: w/c 13th

    hidy ho ABeroooodles near and far!

    Mick, well done on the fitness goals! I'm doing well in the gym myself and enjoying feeling sore. So what's with these fitbits anyway...
    does it phone help if yer having a heart attack or something? I'm really not up on trendy stuff which is weird for a gadget guy like myself.

    Lav, yer not stupid at all but you are truly lucky... owie! apparently your bone density isn't too bad! Ok, I'm going to have to get a darned
    instant pot. My Aunt is even raving about hers and apparently you can make real homemade yogurt in them. That's tipped it for me... soon
    as I get my ass moved into a house (soon) I'm getting one. now which one..... suggestions?

    Pauly, enjoying the rare Vegas rain? it's lovely for sure. I'm taking both lithium orotate and melatonin and finding the combo to be very effective for
    sleep. Sounding yummy over there! I just made a pot of creamy squash/coconut curry soup. Perfect day for it.

    SK, so nice to see your post

    on the edge of my seat as always for a freaking job to go 'official' any day now... I can feel it....

    be well loves
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: w/c 13th

    MAE ALL...

    Lav...I'm glad you're ok. My SIL has one of those wall vacuums and quite frankly I think they're more trouble than they're worth. There was a bit of sun in the morning and then a winter sky rolled in. By 5pm it was foggy and cold outside. They're calling for snow starting tomorrow.

    Mick...did the waiting game pan out? Sometimes I wish they'd just leave well enough alone, why does everything have to be upgraded!! Good job on the weight loss! more swan dives! We all have to take extra care of ourselves. sweet to make Romeo cupcakes and celebrate his day on his day. A year already, where does the time go! I couldn't face the grocery store or the thought of cooking so it was linguine and alfredo sauce for supper tonight. Seems like everyone else had the same idea, the restaurant was full of people picking up orders. didn't see the transformation of the house, I'll have to google it.

    Gotta run, dinner's getting cold. Have a great evening all....PPQP

    X-Post Det....fingers crossed the job comes through!
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