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Thread: sunday the 27th

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    Re: sunday the 27th

    thanks for the ha ha's Mick, good way to start the day.... the monks and the bear gave me a good chuckle. Congrats Det on you're job!!

    well, we all ready for another week? my motivation has been rather sparse, not sure why.... I'd better get some though, wife's birfffday is this Wednesday!

    hope everyone is well

    X post Pauly, Frank was set up!
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    Re: sunday the 27th

    Quick hello to all -

    CONGRATS DET!!! You are definitely creating a new life, how great.

    To everyone else, I wish a happy and safe day. I must run, big work day today, and I spent all day with hubs yesterday, so of course I am behind.

    Will try to check in later. Cheers -

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    Re: sunday the 27th

    ARF! Happy Tue ABeroooos!

    Pauly, say the word and we'll hit a new coffee shop together sometime... my treat.

    things are finally falling into place pretty well here all over. Interesting how that after some very concerted
    effort with my mindfulness practice I don't feel like I'm fighting things anymore. I'm learning to transcend fighting
    altogether, and that kind of 'pushing sh#t uphill' effort/fatigue cycle I've been putting myself through for so many decades.

    have Chinese porkchops in the oven currently (ok they're not actually from China I'm pretty sure)

    so glad to see everyone don't pretty well on the thread here, that makes my day so keep up the good stuff.

    did my drug test for work today and more paperwork and got a couple items of clothing. thankfully dress code is
    biz casual which is nice.

    packing up for gym/RR meeting once again and I spose i better check those chops...

    be well loves
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: sunday the 27th

    MAE ALL...

    Mick...yup, we've got the sunshine which makes all the difference when the weather is cold. Had to go for a consult for an upcoming colonoscopy. My doc had moved way down south so was nervous about trying to find the place. Saw a sign that said Freeway Ends so was glad to see my destination just up ahead. The Trump / Hillary Clinton joke made me laugh out loud. The accountant is at it again driving everyone crazy to the point where the childcare director said I'm not listening to anything you say anymore. I'll only listen to "PQ" lol.

    Pauly...I really wan't expecting the polar bears comment. LOL Glad you're blocking the work situation out of your mind, just tell yourself "Not my circus, not my monkey!"

    Sam...sending you motivation, don't want to mess up on the 30th. may be behind work wise but you're way ahead relationship wise.

    Det...that concerted effort was well worth it. You sound so much more at peace with yourself.

    Lav...I'm sure you'll pop up shortly.

    It's stir fried veggies and rice for dinner tonight so must get at it. Have a peaceful night everyone....PPQP

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    Re: sunday the 27th

    Good evening Abbers,

    Running a bit behind today but that's OK. We took a few hours to go walk through the orchid display at Longwood Gardens today. Such beautiful flowers, honestly. YB has some orchids in the greenhouse, now he wants a bigger greenhouse, haha!
    Btw - that cheese soup picture.....YB said it was delicious, I saw a lot of people eating it with smiles on their faces, LOL. WAY too much dairy in that bowl for me!

    Mick, your trains are reminding me of the setup our old neighbor had in his basement. It's sitting there unused now, don't know what's going to happen to it, shame. You have a real talent for revitalizing old stuff, making it like new

    Sam, hope you get your birthday shopping done before this next storm blows in tomorrow. Good luck!!!

    Cyn, more snow on the way, ugh! Get ready!

    Pauly, YB knows better than to annoy me with gas issues, haha!! I've been pointing him to the door for nearly 46 years now. Go outside & do that, yuck!!

    Det, never heard of Chinese pork chops.
    I think most of us have some history of fighting ourselves over stupid shit that we can't change or control. The only smart thing to do was give up, yep, just give up. That's what I did so I could stop beating myself up
    Glad things are moving in the right direction for you.

    PQ, yep, I am here

    Hello to SK & Pie.
    Hope we all have a nice night!

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    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: sunday the 27th

    morning all are we today then? hope all is well ....just to tell you its snowing like mad not been going long but pretty heavy duty...been to theback man this morning for a shed load of needles in my back ..job done...rabbits are covered up and snuggled nice and warm. .its a bit hill billy this morning ,-1 letsav a brew

    hiya Lav are you today then?hope all is well ..Thank you for your nice comments ..not sure its me being creative or just a tight arse not wanting to spend money!!I actuaslly enjoy that sort of stuff ..Julie reckons Im creative I dont do teccy drawing stuff ..I think of an ideae and it evolves on its journey..I wasnt bad at it in my last job though some would say devious as opposed to creative.
    Such a pity about your neighbours set up..I dont know what gauge it is guess is oo or ho...
    you are right in what you say we spend a lot of time fighting crap..sometimes you can win by not fighting for the bigger greenhouse ...yes .

    hiya ppqp...hows you ? you will see the sunshine we have got!! so the accountant is at it again is she?will she never learn ...hope you havea decent day

    hiya det how are you today then?hope all is welll.any word of when do you start?

    hiya pauly how are you today then hope you are good..

    hiya sam the man ...hows you then?all good I hope ...sometimes we lose our motivation ..and we know not why ...think it weould be a good idea to get it back by tomorrow!!!

    right folks be well..#

    I’m not saying I’m a shit businessman, but a few years ago I paid 400K for sole distribution rights for cats eyes in Venice.

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    Re: sunday the 27th

    Mae everybody, Mick,haha funny jokes yes you do keep busy with great projects and the good thing is that you complete them! I start but sometimes give up or lose interest
    Det,you start orientation tomorrow? Think fighting ourselves only makes it harder than it has to be,go with the flow
    Lav,I know I'd love,love,love that soup at the time but like I said it'd do a number on my guts glad you got out to see the flowers
    PQ,pulled pork in the crock pot again, we have a store chain here called Albertsons and its kinda overpriced compared to other stores but their meats are cheap so I've been stocking up on various ones to keep in the freezer,hope your veggie stir fry was bueno
    Sam,looks cold on the news in your neck of the woods,brrr! Much love to all and have a great BF Tuesday!
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: sunday the 27th

    Hot Diggety Ding Dong, Det! So happy to hear your new job news. Way to go, and enjoy your new clothes too!

    Temperature plummeted 30 degrees overnight, but no room for complaints, given what some areas are dealing with. Sam, did you ever beef up your heating system?

    Thought of you last night, PQ while watching a documentary on the evolution of horses, and their relationship with humans. One of the segments focused on the Blackfeet Indians in Alberta, and some unique relay racing that they do.

    In the kitchen, I've been channeling Mick, while roasting all manner of root veggies. It's way too hot here to do that most of the year, so enjoying it for now. Beets are the best!

    I got some filing done today, which is my way of sneaking up on the tax work that'll soon need attention.

    Waving to Lav, Pauly, and the rest of the gang.

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    Re: sunday the 27th

    MAE all -

    Mick, the jokes are wonderful... but I forget the first ones by the time I get to the end! Still, a laugh is a great thing. Your train setup sounds grand. Glad to hear the bun buns are snuggled in.

    Lav, oh how nice that you went to Longwood ! So, a bigger greenhouse, eh? Well, if he'll grow orchids for you, sure! Are you getting snow? Not too much predicted here, 6-8", manageable.

    PQ, how is your snow, sticking around? PS, Are you a horse lover? Me too - I must check out the doc that Pi mentioned.

    Pi, are you talking about the new PBS documentary about The Horse? I saw the first episode and loved it. I've been watching videos of Natural Horsemanship, and am intrigued by human/horse relations.

    Sam, hope you stay warm in the coming deep,freeze - at least we're not in MN'

    Pauly, I love whoever said "not my circus", how perfect! I hope you can just do the work you want to do, regardless of where.

    SK, what's up? How are you feeling? Are you having this cold weather too? I hear there's snow coming to Atlanta... eeek, I hope not to you.

    Det, I was moved by your comments about the grace of your practice and the non-striving approach. What a good reminder, thx.

    Wishing all a good Hump Day evening... cheers -

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    Re: sunday the 27th

    Good evening Abbers,

    Snow flurries started about 9:30 this morning, went off & on all day then the real snow turned on around 4:30 this afternoon. We're not really supposed to get that much, a few inches. I am concerned about the drastic temperature drop coming. The chickens are all tucked in with dry feet & a nice space heater
    I don't have to leave the house until tomorrow afternoon & that's OK with me. I'll be meeting the grandsons at their bus stop & imprisoning them here until 8 pm or so, haha!

    Mick, I just asked YB about our friend's trains - they are mostly American Flyer but he also has some HO & other sizes. All I know is there's a LOT of them, in a setup very much like yours.
    A bigger greenhouse will require a lot more heating & I'm not going back to work to pay for all that, haha!

    Pauly, I made mushroom soup today, dairy free (no gas) LOL
    I remember shopping in Albertsons in FL while visiting relatives down there.

    Pie, everyone (but us) has horses around here. I love watching them & stop to say hello to them when out for walks. There is a small horse farm right across my road. I love hearing them
    I'm gathering stuff for the guy who does our taxes. Our taxes got so complicated we gave up trying to do them ourselves many years ago.

    Cyn, you definitely get more snow that we do. Be careful!
    YB has to drive out to our daughter's house very early tomorrow morning to meet a contractor friend of ours. Together they are going to attack a remodeling project. I wish them both luck

    Hello to Det & SK. Hope you are both well.

    Have a nice night everyone!
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