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Thread: w/c Feb 17

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    Re: w/c Feb 17

    Mick, thanks again for the video. My grandparents used to own a pub in Stalybridge right at the bottom of a hill, before they opened one in Mottram - Golden something. I took my ballroom dancing lessons in Oldham. It is interesting how small the world is, especially when you travel.

    37 deg. and rainy today. Went to dr today have to go go back in a week for hearing test.

    It occurred to me on Valentine's Day and smelling the roses that don't smell, I've ordered Jackson & Perkins roses that have a beautiful perfume for myself and Vivian.

    I need a portable plug-in bar for my plug - ins. I have two heating pads for my back and a shoulder one and look a little silly, but I'm on my own.

    I filled the feeder with sunflower seeds because it attracts cardinals. I love it when Mr. Cardinal sits nearby when Mrs. Cardinal feeds, as with most birds they are monogamous. I bought the squirrel a spanx and enrolled it in Weight Watchers.

    Cyn, at least you are accomplished, and that's a great feeling. Returning to NY for a mini-vacay is on my list.

    Hi to Det, Pauly, PPQ Lav, Cyn and whomever I have I may have missed.

    Trump becomes an even more ignoramus daily.
    Enlightened by MWO

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    Re: w/c Feb 17

    MAE ALL....I hate starting my week on a Tuesday, really confuses me. LOL

    TG...hope you got a good night's sleep.

    Mick...that'll happen when you go to bed early. Bummer about the engine, glad you can send it back. How can you have hanging baskets up already! It was a very long day today. Just couldn't get into anything. Best part was my co-worker took the day off so it was nice and quiet. We had a heatwave today, 26F. Won't last long but we sure needed the break.

    Pauly...hope you had a good day. It's left overs for dinner tonight.

    SK...when I lived with my sister for awhile she had about 10 feeders around her yard. Guess who had to fill them!'re probably typing at the same time as me.

    Going to be an early night for me. Have a good one....PPQP

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    Re: w/c Feb 17

    Good evening folks!

    PQ, I'm taking my good old time tonight so I think I'm last, haha!!!
    We're as ready as you can be for 5-7" of snow tomorrow, ugh. BUT it's supposed to be 60 degrees on Sunday, yay! We have to drive out for our granddaughter's birthday party on Sunday, don't want to miss that

    Mick, I hope your local farmers can find a way to keep that plastic in place when the winds pick up. Apparently it's not easy to do.
    Yeah, how is it that you have hanging plants already??? I'm jealous!!

    SK, I hope you don't trip over all those electrical cords - be careful. I'm a great one for tripping over things.
    My Mom used to grow beautiful Jackson Perkins roses. I don't do such a great job with roses, they all get that back spot mold on the leaves, ugh.
    I found the lid of our bird feeder wide open this morning which means we had a visit from Mr Raccoon overnight. I love the cardinals too

    Pauly, I can't believe it snowed in Vegas & you didn't make a snowman. LOL

    Cyn, don't know when this snow is going to get to you but I hope you stay safe & off the roads!

    Hello to our resident nudist......sorry Det!

    Hello to Pie & Sam. Be well everyone & have a nice night!

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    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: w/c Feb 17

    hey hey ABeroooooofers near and far!

    Mick, thanks as always for epic posting and train updates. Do you post your pics to any online
    train enthusiast sites? i bet they'd enjoy what you've done/doing.

    Well, I made it to the gym today without indecently exposing myself

    Treegirl, sounding might busy.

    PPQ, enjoy you're 26F 'heatwave' my goodness.

    Pauly, I'm just much more calm in general and sleep well too. What I'm doing is working for me and I'm
    super grateful indeed. Follow my lead and yes you too can just walk around nude in public and be A OK with it :P

    SK/Lav, love cardinals too. They had lovely ones at my rehab place in OK but sadly there's diddly-squat for birds here...
    at least in this part of town. Been going over the rental websites and planning my move. Hopefully 3-ish weeks or so?

    Caysea, loved the post and so good to see you here amigo!

    managed to space-out while cooking and didn't even check for a photo-worthy sunset. d-oh! at least I'm thinking about it.

    time to check on the chicken. Be well loves
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: w/c Feb 17

    MAE all,

    A quick hello before saying good night. Long work days here, with clients and then our house... I hope that I will get it all done... giving it the "old college try".

    Mick, so glad the visit with your brother was good, aren't you kind to bring him a special treat. And how wonderful,to post a video of those towns! Amazing the connections here on this little thread in the world. PPQ, I always find it hard to cope with weeks that start on the 'wrong' day. Glad to hear that you had a tiny break from the cold. Det, that story cracked my up! You are certainly comfortable in your own skin -- congrats. Pauly, I had hamburger vegetable soup today, and thought of you. Never had it before, but the little country deli I pass on my way back from a client's has good food, and I was famished, so I tried it - this version was good. Lav, yes, more snow, but I think this time you are bearing the brunt of it... we are getting more ice!, eek! I can't believe how grown-up you grandkids are... I remember their baby showers! SK, I love Jackson Perkins roses... of course, Peace was a favorite. Like Lav, I have no luck with them here, sad. You also crack me up - love the visual of the squirrel in spanx! I have feeders up, but still no birds, it is very disturbing - I miss my feathered friends! How amazing that Mick posted a video of where you were, growing up. Wonderful.

    OK, must close eyes now...

    Wishing all well,for a good Hump Day tomorrow ---

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    Re: w/c Feb 17

    mae are we today then? good I hope ...Julie off work today so going out in a wee while..It is a bit blowy but not bad at all.Hanging baskets?yep you go...


    they are just primulas etc atm but give a bit of colour ...

    ok brew time .

    hiya sk ..hows you then? you wouldnt recognise oldham now I guess ..a squirrel in spanx ? yep ..interesting pic ...all I can smell as I sit here is hyacinths they are really strong smelling ..I tried to look up the name of that pub ..the golden ...without the dtail there are a good few have closed ..lion fleece hind
    talking about the cardinals and feeding rabbits hardly ever feed on the grass together ..he stands watch whilst she eats ...hence he is a rake ..she is a barrel..

    hiya ppqp ...welcome to thursday ...(that fooled ya!)its only are you doing in your heatwave?good I hope co worker? no boss either? Utopia for you!! have a good day .

    hiya pauly are you today then? all good I hope .Hows the karate kid doing?hope you have a good day .

    hiya Lav ...well did the snow arrive today then?I went up to my friends farm last night..They are putting up the polytunnel in a couple of weeks ..He is cutting out a track to it is borrowing a digger to clearout the banking first ..that way the lower edges are protected from the wind ...He is also putting up a break of willow trees to save the fronts ..
    I love roses ,and tbh not too bad at growing them...I have a purple ,and a pink ,and also a red and cream one to put in .The trouble with roses,they are lovely in bloom but dont last long




    hiya det ...hows the clothes situation today mate ? ok ?where are you thinking of moving to .?

    hiya tree how are you today then? this hamburger soup seems to have taken off! the big rose growers in uk are david austin..I had bird feeders up ...but betweeen squirrels magpies and pigeons nothing else is allowed to feed !

    hiya pie ok ?

    I was working on my roof when I decided to take a cig break. A tracksuit clad chav comes along and calls me down to tell me something. Begrudgingly, I climb down the ladder to see what he has to say.
    He asks "Have you got a spare ciggie lad?" I told him to follow me up to the roof. I climb up the ladder then he follows me up.
    "No" I said.

    The Statue of Liberty weighs 225 tons.
    But NEVER tell her that.

    I have a sausage addiction.

    And it's only getting wurst.

    I love the Pizza Hut buffet:

    First, you have to go and find your own glass.

    Then you go and make your own drink.

    Next you have to find your own plate.

    And then go and pick up your own food.

    Then, when you finally get to pay you are asked by the card machine if you want to pay a tip to the waitress who has done fck all for the whole time you were there.

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    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 8..done that bimbling into year 9..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 10


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    Re: w/c Feb 17

    Mae everybody, cute jokes Mick I always wonder why there's a tip jar at my frozen yogurt place, we do all the work but I usually throw a buck or two in cuz I figure they keep it clean and the toppings filled I guess,the pic wouldn't work for me,Cyn they should rename hamburger soup cuz it's confusing haha,SK,well on getting the roses,I have 1 rose bush but like Mick says it blooms for about 3 days then the wind seems to pick up and take the pettles feel bluesy for no reason then looked outside and seen the moon,maybe it's that cuz it always seems to effect me in one way or another,Det,give the pigeons on this side of town some love haha,lots of those and some little brown birds come into my yard,PQ,its an easy dinner of chicken strips and potato wedges tonight, don't feel like cooking much when I have the boys,Pie,hope all is well much love to all and have a great BF Tues? Wesmd?
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: w/c Feb 17

    MAE ALL....pulled a Mick, early to bed, early to rise.

    Mick...Now you're just trying to confuse me. I know it's Wednesday, all my calendars say so. LOL Can you try the hanging baskets pic again please, I really want to see them. It's snowing again this morning but not colt out. The deep freeze will show up for the weekend though. Your roses look great.

    Lav...we are not getting anywhere near that amount of snow. It's going to be -2F for our Sunday. Glad you'll have good weather for the party.

    Det...glad to hear they let you back in the gym. LOL

    TG...thanks for confirming it's Wednesday today. LOL

    Pauly...chicken strips and potato wedges sounds like a plan. Hope you enjoy your Wednesday as well.

    One more cuppa before I head out to brush off the car. Have a great day all....PPQP

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    Re: w/c Feb 17

    Lav? Sam? Thinking of y'all this morning while listening to your snowy forecast. Sounds like it won't stick around for long though, so that's a plus.

    Oh my, Det! What a story! I completely admire how calmly you rolled with it. Thanks for sharing! Prearranged cremation makes all the sense in the world to me. Bought plans for both parents, and for myself.

    Pauly, how do you already know this morning what you'll be making for dinner tonight?

    The VA is giving me the runaround on refills needed for Dad. Won't help until I bring him in for a blood test. "All those drugs he's on could be causing liver damage," she says. You think?? Why didn't one of you geniuses speak up two decades ago when you hooked him on all that crap?

    I'd rather be at Mick's helping on a project. I could use some bunny time.

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    Re: w/c Feb 17

    replying to your post pie ...have you seen this ? my friend told me about it

    9 Carat Gold - Selection of Jewellery
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 8..done that bimbling into year 9..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 10


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