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Thread: w/c Feb 24

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    Re: w/c Feb 24

    Mae everybody, SK glad you got to the docs to figure out what's causing the vertigo,I get it bad sometimes when my allergies are flaring and I know its no fun,how's Vivian doing? Raining here this morning so I feel a bit lazy but must go to work boo! Hubs is going to see the tax lady eeks think I'd rather go to work! Much love to all and wishes for a great BF Saturday!
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: w/c Feb 24

    Mae all.. how are we today then? Hope all is well. I'm doing this on my phone so it isn't that great. Raining over here at the moment. Im out detecting tomorrow haven't checkedthe weather forecast. Will get on internet later have a good weekend all Hiya tree we are doing it at our pace ..I did at pace and carrying that weight many many moons ago in another life ,def not this one!!Just bought new boots this morning ..Gelerts they need to be broken in ..I scanned all my photos on a photo downloader ..they are now all on keystick and sd card ...2 copies so that if one goes pearshaped there is another .
    I love Cornwall .we are taking the van down there after Sri Lanka the pasties used to be Mrs Blewitts pasties ..they were lovely.We will go over to The Isles of Scilly ..Julie has never been ..I have dived there

    I was taking the out of a man wearing a ridiculous wig today...
    ...he had the last laugh though.
    Sentenced me to 3 years!

    BMW death traps: More than 250,000 cars in Britain are at risk of bursting into flames.

    Luckily, the fault only appears if the indicators are used.

    Women love a man brimming with confidence.

    Because without that, what' is there to destroy?

    An optimist and a pessimist walk into a bar and ask for half a pint in a pint glass.

    The Queen sparks concern after being photographed with a 'bruised' hand during her meeting with King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan.

    First rule of fight club...

    World’s number one bridge player suspended after failing drugs test.

    Suspicions arose when he didn't fall asleep.

    London police are the best money can buy. Don't believe me? Ask a local gangster.

    I have drug induced hallucinations about super heroes reconnecting my electricity supply.
    The Mighty Morphine Power Arrangers.
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    Re: w/c Feb 24

    Mae all -

    Snowy morning here - Lav, it sounds like we have the same weather this time. I wouldn't mind except for my burning desire to get the outside looking semi-respectable... oh well!

    Mick, wow. That is one heck of an endurance test - I hope for you it is not a race... that seems nuts! It makes me recall the spring 5 years ago when I was "in training" for the St. Ives to Penzance portion of the Cornwall Coast hike... hard in portions, but nothing like Brecon! Good luck!!

    PPQ, thinking of you this morning in the cold... I hope you make it to the meeting safely (and don't lose your mind in the meeting)...

    Lav, the chicks! Cutest bunch yet!! Deciding on today's IP adventure... I love putting it all in, then working hard and coming back to a hot wonderful dinner... almost like having a private cook! Hang in there with the snow --

    SK, so Misty is a wanderer? I hope she stays safe! But the other is a little buddy, staying close? Your meals sound yummy, and yes, it does help to be able to get out and about - you go!

    Pauly, such adorable pics on FB... your grandsons look a little like Brady when he was little! Hope work is OK for you today.

    Det, man you know how to pack so much into a day, great job! Hope the lunch was good.

    Hi to Sam, Pi and any others... did I forget someone? Sorry , in a bit of a fog this morning...

    Off to convert the freshly painted basement into a nice, welcoming space... wish me luck. Still throwing stuff out. I took large photo pictures out of about 30 frames last night... going to have the pics digitized so they are safe and saved. Onward.

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    Re: w/c Feb 24

    MAE ALL...

    Pauly...No rain here this morning, everything is frozen solid. Hope work goes fast for you.

    Mick...good job on the phone texting, hope you weren't driving. LOL

    TG...Got to the meeting safely despite the -22F temp and it hasn't moved all morning. Ha...didn't have God to lose my mind in the meeting, there was a board member there who was on a roll! Luckily his views were the same as mine (and others). Good luck with the staging.

    Time to climb back into my PJ's. Have a Super Sober Saturday all....PPQP

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    Re: w/c Feb 24

    Good evening Abbers,

    Well, last night's snow never materialized but that was OK with me. The Sunday/Monday storm will make up for it I'm sure.
    Had a visit from my son & grandsons this afternoon, they hadn't seen the new chicks yet. My grandsons have turned into serious eating machines I swear. They buzzed thru my kitchen like a couple of buzzards, haha!! I ran out to the stores for a few things, not going anywhere for the next few days I guess.

    Mick, good luck if you do get out detecting tomorrow!

    Cyn, you sound like you are getting the job done, for sure!
    I finally got around to making those egg bites in the IP today using Daiya cheeses & homemade oat cream, lots of chopped veggies - yum Even YB liked them, I didn't think he would, haha! I also did a hamburger soup with ground turkey & loads of veggies.

    Pauly, hopefully the rain will drown some of the allergens in your area. My daughter & I have both noticed increased allergy symptoms this week despite the cold & dampness around here. y allergist told me to take Zyrtec twice daily - some days I have no choice. Hope your day was A-OK.

    PQ, glad you are surviving your deep freeze. Lots of hot tea helps me get thru those kind of days. Glad your meeting worked out for you

    SK, I don't blame you, I like to get out a little bit every day too. It's too easy around here to just stay home & stay hidden.
    My daughter's cat used to go out & play in the yard, just like a dog. It always worried me but he never took off. I hope Misty stays close by too.
    Glad you at least got some relief from the doc. The ENT should be able to clear that mess for you.

    Hello to Det, Pie & Sam.

    I hope everyone has a nice night!

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