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Thread: 3 Mar

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    Re: 3 Mar

    MAE ALL...

    Sam...apparently there are a few national parks near you, which one might you be heading to?

    Mick...sounds like your weather is right on track, that warm streak must have been a fluke. Probably a good idea not to go detecting tomorrow, you gotta get yourself better for your trip.

    ABC...and then there's that. That brought back memories.

    Pauly...."Kell bought a black car" Haven't thought about my dinner plans yet. When I get an extra day off I never feel rushed about doing anything. LOL Hope work goes by fast for you.

    Shout out to the rest of the gang, will check back in again later.....PPQP

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    Re: 3 Mar

    Mae all -

    Working away here, on the last push. Thank goodness I used to work with paint contractors and know how to do stuff - made a major difference last night in the kitchen, sealing seams that had opened, repairing boards that were coming apart. It is now fairly presentable. More of the same today, outside stuff since it will be nearly 40 degrees. Tomorrow will finish the inside stuff; snow and freezing rain is predicted. Mick, you are almost right - we list this Tuesday, March 12th... I am getting the house in "walk-through" shape, so that people can see that they can move right in, and all is well. Staging it that way also - hubs is not so happy that all of our private photos, etc. are put away, but that's the best way to sell, so there you go.

    I am tired, but am pushing on. Hope everyone is well and taking good care of themselves today -- Fresh flowers, a candle, good soup.. whatever works!

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    Re: 3 Mar

    Quote Originally Posted by abcowboy View Post
    Best be careful with the hairspray @Mick, we use it as the explosive charge in our potato guns lol.
    also a ..good flamethrower!!
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7


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    Re: 3 Mar

    Mick, ta for the pm. Car bit? As regards to the safety of driving, I did not like the first test, too rushed, little direction. So on tues I go for a 2nd opinion. If it's the same result, I'll hand over the keys. I never enter the freeway or drive more than a 1/4 mile. Codeine is definitely the most effective for stopping the coughin, but I didn't get any any and the hacking causes the most pain. Did they use mustard plasters for that decades ago. I have cold steam and hot steam with a heating pad on my chest. I'm too exhausted to fto write more. I was prescribed benzonate (sp) and azthromyacin.
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    Re: 3 Mar

    Good evening Abbers,

    SK, glad to see you checking in. It sounds like you're on the right meds, it just takes time to get over an infection like that. Just focus on getting well, everything else can be addressed at a later date.

    Mick, we had sun & 50 degrees for a short while today. Tomorrow will be rain & nearly 60 degrees. All in all I guess that's not so bad.
    No visits from grandsons today so the food is safe, haha! Tomorrow we are going to see the new play our granddaughter is in & then take them to dinner somewhere. I hope you get to feeling better fast!

    Sam, rain, snow & mud from here all the way down to your house

    PQ, I hope you enjoy some therapeutic downtime this weekend
    Honestly, I finally figured out if we don't take care of ourselves there's not a prayer in hell that anyone else will step in. I think it's a side effect of being female. We take care of everything & everyone else so we may as well include ourselves

    Cyn, I used to paint all of our previous houses, hung wallpaper too. Since we've been here I've done only one room myself. I just don't have the ambition anymore. Glad you are close to finishing up. I'll bet your house sells quickly!

    Pauly, I've owned a black car at one time. Actually I've owned two, my daughter totaled the first one when she was a new driver.
    I hope everything is OK for Kell now.

    Hello to Det & Pie!

    Not exactly looking forward to losing an hour of sleep tonight but I'll live. I used to like working this night back in the old days - only 7 hrs instead of 8
    Have a nice night everyone!

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