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Thread: 10 March

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    Las Vegas.

    Re: 10 March

    Mae everybody, Mick you gotta get rid of that cold before vacay! Get lots of garlicSam,anything newer seems like a pain to fix too computery PQ,Kellz fave cheat place is McD's makes sense cuz it's cheap,yum and the boys love it too! I was laughing over those celebrities getting busted paying to get their kids in nice colleges,some of them on sports scholarship even tho they don't and never have played the sport! We live in a crazy world I tell you,much love to all and wishes for a great BF Wednesday!
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    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"

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    Re: 10 March

    Storm Gareth, the man flu, and chores done? Sounds like time to crawl back under the covers, Mick! Weather forecast here says, cloudy, blustery, high of 76 degrees. No complaints from me.

    All of my guest pups have returned home for now, though have a few scheduled later this month. I received a notice to appear in court to answer for a traffic violation dating from 2016! Seems I completely forgot about receiving a ticket that summer when I was moving Dad out of his house. On a friend's advice, I hired an attorney to help resolve. Could take months, but after nearly 3 years, so what?

    Hello to all the gang!
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    Re: 10 March

    Top O the Wednesday ABerooos!

    Mick, that sux mate. I'm still under the weather too, this last cold is a nasty one.

    Well, 'trying' to get my internet set up at new condo.....

    Pauly, how 'bout this wind storm? crikey, didn't sleep much last night. Trailer was a-rocking and not in the fun way.

    made some roasted sweet potato/onion last night which was grand. boy do I miss cooking... been so darn busy
    I haven't been doing much. boo! this too shall pass.

    sorry to be in a rush. back soon

    be well loves
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: 10 March

    Alien spacecraft descend on north Vegas!

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    Re: 10 March

    Greetings folks!

    Det, that looks like the carnival is in town, nice pic
    I hope you are loving your new place & making it your own.

    Mick, I woke up this morning with something like manful. WTH?? I think you & Det have infected the thread, haha!!
    I think it's allergy but the allergy medicine hasn't helped a bit.
    Hope your storm passes soon. I've been watching a big storm out west that's dumping huge amounts of snow with hurricane strength winds. Flights across the country have be stopped. Add in the new Boeings being grounded today as well - you can't get anywhere from here, oh my!

    Cyn, unfortunately we can't control outdoor lighting, huh? I'm sure everything will fall in place.
    My granddaughter is so psyched about these acting classes, even more than the dance classes. The kid just likes being super busy, go figure

    Pauly, keep your eyes open for the Vegas aliens, LOL

    Pie, it's easy to forget about stuff like that. I hope you can get it sorted out easily.
    We had sunny & 50 some degrees today, not bad.

    Sam, you know I love John Hartford. Feel lucky to have seen him perform a few times.
    Good luck with the new washer. You pretty much have to read the booklet from start to finish to learn how to operate these new fangled appliances.

    PQ, what's up with you today? Hope it was a good one.

    SK, how are you?

    Have a nice night everyone.
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    Re: 10 March

    Mae all -

    Hang in there everybody - sorry to those that are sick - Mick hurry up and get well for your trip! Thanks for the good wishes. Det, I haven't been cooking either, just too much to even think about buying decent groceries, hope we both get back to it. Pauly, dealing with the time change any better? PPQ, hope all is well. Lav, how are the wee chicks - maybe not so wee any more? Sam, I loved my old washing machine - nothing ever got mildew smelling, and it worked for decades oh well, good luck with the new one. Pi, sounds great to have return houseguests if they are dogs! Good luck with the ticket...

    Surprise pics today, maybe more tomorrow. Deck furniture looks hysterical out with some snow left on the porch - I shoveled a lot off, but not all. Finally feeling a little calmer about being close to done. Gotta do some more tonigh, then off to bed.

    Wishing all well...

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    Re: 10 March

    Hello to SK! How are you doing??p

    X-post, Lav! hmmm, "likes to be busy all the time..." can't think who that reminds me of...

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    Re: 10 March

    MAE ALL...

    Lav...didn't quite make it to 50 today but it was bright and sunny with lots of melting going on. The comment on FB was it's like driving in mashed potatoes. That's exactly what it feels like. LOL Don't be talking about an infected thread! No way I want to get sick, took me long enough to get over the last go around.

    TG...good luck tomorrow. Yup, self care was indulged and I really could have used 2 days. Won't make that mistake again. LOL

    Mick...boy you'll be glad to get away from those storms. Hope you're not flying in a MAX 8, oh they grounded them all, you're ok. Hope your busy days don't interfere with your recovery, vaca is no fun when you're sick. Weather's not going to go to form, temps up to 66 in the next few days. Great day at work, one of the program instructors came up to me and said I have a lot of respect for you. I thanked her and she said she only talked to the prog-coord for 5 min and wanted to strangle her! LOL She said I just don't know how you do it. I said that's just the tip of the iceberg. It was nice to hear. Spent the afternoon playing cards. YAY SIL got new washer/dryer and I couldn't figure out how to run them. Even all my computer knowledge didn't help. Loved the video. LOL

    Pauly...yup, sometimes that would be the only thing I could get my boys to eat. Unbelievable about the stars/college entrance story. Really!!! Lazy, so I picked up hamburger helper for dinner. Got home to find out none of the dished had been done so the boys are thinking of going out for something. I'll wait and see what they decide since I did have a big meal at lunchtime.

    Pi...OMG, 3 years. Don't those things expire? I'd be interested in what your lawyer comes up with.

    Det...glad you checked in and are feeling better. I bet you miss your own cooking. Hang in there it'll all get sorted. Liked the alien spacecraft, so many interesting things to take pics of in Vegas.

    SK...hope you're doing ok.

    Off to put the kettle on for a cup of tea. Hope we all have a restful sleep tonight....PPQP
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    Re: 10 March

    Arf! late check-in ABerooooland!

    Mighty big day setting up internet at new place and hauling more crap over. good grief. Still not living there yet but mighty close.

    Lav, you don't want to catch whatever this latest crud is that's going around. I'm still hacking weeks later. icky!

    Sam, FYI there are quite a few youtube vids that show how to fix old appliances.

    PPQ, nice that you got some much needed validation at work. Doesn't happen often enough does it?

    Treegirl, surprise pics? did I miss pictures?

    speaking of which.... a ghostly apparition magically appears here:

    Shared album - Xring007 - Google Photos

    well I'm a tired puppy and big work day tomorrow so I better crap out

    be well loves
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: 10 March

    and good morning are we today then?all good I hope ..we are still in the storm is areal belter ..Ive never seen one so powerful for a while ..the garden is flooded ,though it drains pretty quick being on a hill,and there is a little brook at the bottom of the field ..that isnt far off a river!!again horizontal rain ,thankfully rabbits are snuggled up .
    Cold almost gone ,Yestrday bit of s drama ..the girl that goes to clean Julies dads weekly (3hrs couldnt get in ..couldnt get a reply or anything tried phoning etc ..In the end phoned me ..tbh I expected to walk into a goodnight vienna scenario I get there ..eventually I get it ..dont ask find him in bed asleep ...jeez.When I told him about everyone panicking he laughed ..bearing in mind his condition ,I couldnt really say anything .. alls well that ends well..had a conversation with my brother which wasnt too nice yest was a bit of a smack in the chops day I felt.

    brew time....

    hiya det ..hows you mate?you still haulin your butt all over the yoo ess ay? best of luck for today.sounds like you are going to be bizee..

    aha morning to the mashed spud driver are you ? welcome to the infected fred....No Im not flying on a Boing we are on the Emirates biggy one..the one thats got everything bar a swimming pool !!but thats only to Dubai...havent a clue form Dubai to Sri Lanka .
    Nice compliment there tommy two hatz ..and well deserved too.have a lovely day....whens the card school?

    hiya treegirl...hows you then today?hope all is well ..has the snow gone now ...theres sno business like snow business ..sorry ..that just jumped into my addled brain!! have a great day.

    hiya Lav ..hows you then ? feeling any better ...? trust me never caught it from me ...I GIVE nothing made me know how you sounded with that comment "these new fangled machines" that was straight out of checked shirt n braces in a rocking chair on the porch land!!
    Instructions for noo fangled washing machine

    get tin bath
    throw beer tins and kids out of bath
    build a fire ..heat water .
    fill bath
    put clothes in bath
    get fiddle
    play tunes
    put kids / dogs/ neighbours in bath to dance up n down on clothes .
    washed ..


    get better kweek...

    hiya pauly are you today then? yep we sure do live in a krazy mixed up world!!but it is down to us to make the best every day ....

    hiya Pie ...hows you then? wow 2016 ...they must have some backlog of unpaid fines!!!apart from that are you ..your weather sounds good

    hiya sam mate how are you doing?ok I hope ..

    latest update on railway ..made station and a subway ..and little barrows etc ....





    Paul Manafort has been given 73 months for conspiracy today , 30 months of which is to run concurrently with the 47 months he got last week for tax and bank fraud.

    I am not going to ask Diane Abbot how many years he will spend in jail.

    "Genes could cause birth control to fail"

    Not if you keep them on and zipped up.

    Had a ploughman’s lunch earlier.

    He kicked the sh.t outta me.

    A man who killed a seagull for stealing his chips has been sentenced to a 12-week curfew, pay costs of 750 and a victim surcharge of 85.

    Exactly how is he supposed to pay 85 to a dead seagull?

    Let me begin to give Theresa May some advice for her bad throat.

    For cough...

    Just that really.

    Facebook, Messenger and Instagram remain down HOURS into global outage.

    Now no one knows what I had for lunch.

    In the news: British singer Joss Stone has performed at a bar in North Korea

    Kim Jong-un has said that if the UK allow her to do it again, he'll restart his nuclear weapons programme in retaliation.
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7


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