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Thread: 31 march

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    Re: 31 march

    MAE ALL...and Happy Friday Eve! sure you actually wrote those checks? Haahaa We've had all kinds of coyotes here in the city, especially in the NW where I live. With the harsh Feb we had speculation is they're looking for easy food.

    Pauly...I have no idea what to do with cube steak either. Let me know how the chicken fried steak turns out. We're going with the easy salmon in foil packs so can't help you with any ideas tonight.

    I know everyone's waiting for Mick to get home so they can start reading his jokes again. Soon peeps.

    It was a good day today, got caught up on everything that got left during the rebuild. Going to be a quiet day tomorrow, will be spending the day putting the newsletter articles in order. Hope we all have a restful evening....PPQP

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    Re: 31 march

    Mae all -

    So good to hear everyone's stories, thanks.
    Det, you are obviously too good for that person... the universe always protects us! Pauly, I love the vision of you and your meds rattling along - hope they help you. Lav, I guess we x-posted the other day... wow, the check thing is pretty weird - but I swear some energy does that to me to help me be a little more present - that's me though, not you! Mick, hope all is going well! SK, are you there? PPQ, wow, great job getting the server up and at it again - you are obviously a whiz, congrats. Hello to Sam and Pi, hope all is well.

    Junk guy came today, so 2 sheds cleared of their excess and cleaned out by me- glad that's over with! But hardest project that I just had to keep chipping away at is now mostly done - I agreed with the realtor that the ugly black 1960s wrought-iron balcony railing was not good for curb appeal. I thought of hiring a friend to take out the leafy-decoration parts and just leave the basics - wish I had done that! Instead the idea was to paint it white, like the shutters and window trim. Well... between not warm enough, not dry enough, or too much wind, this has been a tough trick to pull off... but I am close to done with The Worst House Project Ever!

    Wishing all a good, happy day tomorrow.

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    Re: 31 march

    Hello Abbers,

    The boys just left at 9:30 & I am mentally beat.
    We ended up having to go retrieve the younger guy from school this afternoon. He had a huge meltdown, precipitated by absolutely nothing (they said). They had him locked out of the building in a fenced school yard with two adults watching him when we got there. Not exactly the scene you dream of for your youngest grandson He was relatively quiet in the car but when he talked he was talking like a psychotic. This is not good & needs to be addressed asap!
    Now I'm trying to get all this out of my head so I can hopefully sleep tonight, geez.

    Pauly, I'm sure you will miss your kids but glad you had a good visit. We have to remember to appreciate the good times, right?

    Cyn, bless you for all the work you are doing to get your house sold. Honestly, we sold our previous house ourselves because I didn't want realtors in my face about every little thing. Your place has to be near perfection after all you have done.

    PQ, I did write those checks because I have the carbon copies in my checkbook to back me up, haha!!!
    Glad things are cool at work for you.

    Hello to the ravel meister Mick!!

    Hello to Det, Pie, Sam & SK.

    My brain is tired so I'll say goodnight to all.

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    Re: 31 march

    Mae everybody,Lav wtf? That story just breaks my heart what was he saying in the car? Just muttering or what? Defo needs to be addressed asap,PQ,the chicken fried steak turned out soggy but tasted good,I told everyone to just put gravy on the soggy part, allergies still suck but I'm over it, haven't heard from Mick today,maybe later,much love to all and have a great BF Friday,back later
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: 31 march

    hiya all...well thats me home ...took a looooong time left hotel in Sri Lanka at 2am uk time home at 2200 uk time..18 hrs some fantastic sights ..the turtles going to the sea was unreal ...thats a one in a life timer..went and got the rabbits earlier ...great to have them home

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    Re: 31 march

    MAE ALL...

    TG...I can just picture that black wrought iron railing, especially when you mentioned the leafy decoration parts. LOL Bet you'll be rethinking that project if it ever rears it's ugly head again. I hope you're almost done so you can get the house sold and move on.

    Lav...what a great idea, we should all carry carbon paper with us. LOL You make sure and tell us if they ever reappear. Hope you got some sleep last night, what an unsettling situation with the little guy. I bet your mind was in overdrive. Wishing everyone a speedy diagnosis and quick treatment.

    Pauly...don't think you'd talk me into just putting gravy on the soggy parts. We had a pizza party at work today so I'm not sure what supper will be, still stuffed. good to see you back safe and sound. I think the video of the turtles going to the sea was my favorite! I can watch it over and over. Glad you got the peskies home now it's time to relax from your vacation. Thanks for catching us up on the jokes.

    Hoping to hear from more of the group soon.

    It was a good day at work, got everything caught up so can start fresh again on Monday. Have a good night all....PPQP

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    Re: 31 march

    Good evening Abbers,

    Welcome home Mick
    You sure did have an awesome trip, thank you for sharing it with us. I imagine your bunnies were excited to see you again.

    Pauly, I intend to have a serious talk with my son as soon as I can. I get the feeling that they are not taking this child's problems seriously. My DIL ripped my head off nearly 3 years ago you remember. Her claim that she is a child therapist doesn't mean shit to me. She acted disgusted with him when she got here last night. That's not the kind of attention he needs

    PQ, the envelopes have not made an appearance, ha ha. The check books we have already have carbons attached, makes it easier to keep track of stuff.
    I hope your weekend is restful.

    Hello to the missing crew members & hope everyone has a nice night.
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    Re: 31 march

    morning all,
    Mick, looks like a great trip. Welcome home. Lav, that's a pretty disturbing story about you grandson. Hope there's some help on the way. Egg production is own the rise! PQ, pizza is one of favorite foods! Pauly what's happening out there? All good?

    eventful week, calf that wouldn't nurse, lots of clean up around here, and now think I may have frickin shingles. I'm already tired of 2019, lets get on to 2020.

    on that positive note, signing off, hope everyone is well
    Liberated 5/11/2013

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    Re: 31 march

    morning all how are we today then?good I hope ..we must have brought the good weather home with us ..its 18 degreez this morning bit of a drop from 36 ..but a damn sight better than the snow forecast for next week...been out got some plants for the garden so will put them in in a wee while ...

    hiya sam....didnt know you were in the roofing game ...shingles eh?ok my attempt at yoomer ....take care mate .

    hiya Lav how are you then?good I hope ...the rabbits are loving it ..out munching the grass and sprawled out sunbathing ..have you /or family kept a record of the times dates etc when these have happened with grandson ?there could be a hundred reasons why ..but I agree shouting at him isnt the answer..that breeds resentment leading onwards ..the kid needs some help ..a touchy subject I know ...but the bottom line is ...his health of luck .

    hiya ppqp are you doing? good I hope ..yes the turtles is an experience I will never forget ..its one of those seen it on telly ones is work doing for you?

    hiya pauly are you doing today? hope all is well with you ..have a great weekend

    hiya tg ...wrought iron railing ? next door to me had one ..I did just that ...cut it apart ..and now it resides in my back garden sound pretty busy..

    hiya sk are you? hope all is well.

    hiya det mate how are you doing you put a couple back together did you ? do we hafta call you agony aunt now?

    right thats it cheap n cheerful...just like me...!!!

    a few pics for those that didnt see..

    20190327_115327.jpg tea planters houses..

    VideoCapture_20190329-195151.jpg ...ermmm yep ..

    20190328_093034.jpg Rhododendron ..national flower



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    Re: 31 march

    MAE ALL...

    Lav...I used to have a cheque book with carbon paper too. Can't remember the last time I wrote a cheque! I hope your talk with your son results in some positive action. Quite frankly I don't think I'd want your DIL to be my child's therapist.

    Sam...shingles ouch! That one scares me as I'm not able to take the preventative drug due to the other medications I'm on. Hope you got the calf nursing.

    Mick...we had snow forecast for last week and it didn't materialize, sending those positive vibes your way. Things seem to be back on an even keyhole again at work so that's good. Last night after watching a taped program was over the regular show that was on was a David Suzuki program called Beach Turtles. I was about a researcher who had placed cameras and sound equipment in the sand hole where the turtle eggs were and recorded the events. It was right at the end where the turtles finally break through the sand and head for the ocean. It was amazing and reminded me of you.

    Hope everyone has a great Saturday....PPQP

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