Greetings Abbers,

Turned into a nice day here this afternoon. Got a tiny bit of work done outside, tons more to do of course

Mick, your pics have been awesome, thanks for sharing them.
I know for a fact that trying to reason with the little guy when he's in psycho mode is useless. Raising your voice just sends him over the edge.
He has been seeing a therapist & is currently on some medication but it ain't working!! It's time to make some changes with him, just need to get his parents to see that.

Sam, oh no, shingles
We have each gotten the original shingles vaccine but now there's a newer one out that Medicare won't pay for so.....
I hope it's not too problematic for you. Hope your calf is OK too.

Hello to the entire crew & wishing everyone a nice night.
We will be seeing the birthday kid tomorrow - his other grandparents have him tied up today.