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    Thread: 7th April

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      Re: 7th April

      Morning all...

      Mick... I'll go with "or". Saturday morning party, gotta love it. At least this time you deliberately left the door open. LOL Been sleeping much better these days, probably a result of sorting out the work issues, so will be out and about today running errands, grocery shopping etc. Good luck detecting tomorrow if you don't pop in first.

      Pauly...I think it would be kinda nice just you and Kell working today. I hope you get lots of clients and the day goes by fast.

      Time to stop the growling in the tummy. Will pop back later....PPQP

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      Re: 7th April

      Top O the Sat ABeroooos!

      so nice to see all your smiling faces

      day 1 at work yesterday was great I'm happy to report. Getting settled in is always crazy times but I'm not stressing at all which is
      so nice. My meditative practice is helping me in so many unexpected ways which is grand.
      Still haven't sold the trailer but do have folks looking today if all goes to plan.

      Lav, when I lived in the far mountainous regions of GA there was a community that reminded me of the Amish called Mennonites and they
      had great restaurants and evil yummy loaves of bread

      My date tomorrow is feeling a bit rough from the allergy/pollen attack so the hike is off and we're going to do indoor things. Maybe a museum....
      spose I better come up with something. Pauly, suggestions from the locals perspective? is that restaurant at the top of the Stratosphere
      any good?

      well, time for a new batch of java and some laundry. Perfect way to start Sat

      be well loves
      nosce te ipsum
      (Know Thyself)

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      is Changing my thinking cuz the
      same old thinking leads to the
      same old drinking
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      Re: 7th April

      I haven't been to the Stratosphere since my heavy drinkin days Det do I'm of no help with that,I'm sure you two will think of something fun indoors,maybe see the flowers in Bellagio? Shark Reef? Seaquest?
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      I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

      I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"

      Off the table no MATTER what.

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      Re: 7th April

      Greetings Abbers,

      Well, we were kinda disappointed at the turnout at the craft fair today. It wasn't the usual hoard of people milling about. Apparently there was an Easter parade & egg hunt going on just down the road so I guess that's where everyone went. But I still made a few decent sales, I definitely did better than some of those poor folks. Next one is scheduled for July so we'll see.

      Mick, with your face in the door window I know you won't be bothered by door to door salespeople, Ha ha!!!
      Funny about your bunnies pigging out like that. Any animal would have done the same I think. I have a few reptile pics to get off my phone so I'll be back to post them.

      Pauly, hope your day was better without the usual BS at work. Maybe you & Kell should open your own shop???

      PQ, we've had a bit of rain but nothing to write home about. All those big storms out west fizzle out by the time they reach the east coast, yay.
      So, did you get the grill dusted off??

      Det, good to hear your new job is a hit!
      I hope you find something fun to do this evening with your date.

      Hello to Cyn, Sam, Pie & SK. Hope everyone is OK.

      Let me go get those reptile pics:


      Aren’t they cute??????

      Have a nice night everyone!
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      Success comes one day at a time

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