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Thread: 14th April

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    Re: 14th April

    MAE ALL...

    Sam...glad to hear the shingles are subsiding. I don't think you'll be alone in the pollen attacks this spring. Glad to hear the calf is thriving even if you have to bottle feed once a day. Hope you don't get hit too hard with the storms.

    Lav...I hope you don't get clobbered with storms, I've been watching the weather forecasts. I'm with you as far as Easter Dinner, will be eating whatever. Sorry to hear the rash is back. If it's not too personal why do you take the statin? I remember you hiding out in the house last summer, hope you avoid that this year. would be great to see a picture of your place. Hope you can get it sold quick so you can put all that yard work behind you.

    Mick...I'm about 20 degrees colder than you this morning. Storm clouds yesterday looked like it was going to snow. We're going to warm up for a couple of days and then back to single digits for next weekend. Hopefully May will finally bring Spring, want to get out in the dirt. working today? Hope you have a great Easter with the kids.

    Going to try and spend some time outdoors when it warms up. Got to take advantage when I can. Have a Super Sober Saturday all....PPQP

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    Re: 14th April

    Greetings Abbers,

    Red neck is vastly improved today ~ thank goodness!
    Last night's storms dropped about 4.5" of rain with lots of wind. It partially knocked down the gutter that runs along the back of our house. It's propped up in place for now, haha! The tornado never got here, I'm happy about that!

    Mick, you sure do love to dig in the dirt, LOL. You always have your place looking nice
    I ended up inviting son & his family for dinner tomorrow. I have no idea if my DIL will show, whatever.

    PQ, you are supposed to be having spring weather now. Keeping my fingers crossed for you
    When I turned 50ish my cholesterol level suddenly jumped up. My ratio is good but the total cholesterol kept rising despite eating vegan 90% of the time & exercising & all that. I was put on low dose Atorvastatin because of my heavy family history of coronary artery & peripheral artery disease. I don't want to die prematurely of clogged arteries. What can a girl do? I stopped the Atorvastatin as soon as the redness started again, think I caught it in time. One of the side effects of that drug is photosensitivity so being out in the sun causes me to burn up, ugh. Now I'll be having nightmares about clogged arteries, haha!!

    Hello to Cyn, Sam, Pauly, Pie, SK & anyone else stopping by.
    Wishing everyone a nice night & a nice Easter Sunday.

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