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Thread: 28th April

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    Re: 28th April

    Greetings friends,

    Had my grandsons here until 9:30 tonight but everyone lived, haha!
    They got into a slapping fest as soon as they got into my car this afternoon & I opened my mouth & let them have it, geez! I'm not putting up with that nonsense. I think I must have scared them straight, I didn't have any more trouble after that, haha!

    PQ, I would suggest you stop screwing around, LOL
    Where are you picking up screws in your tires? Is there any construction going on near by? I hope the rain is better for you than snow. We're likely to be having thunder storms over the next few days, the atmosphere is warm & moist, yuck.

    Mick, sorry your FIL is not well. Does he have cardiac problems or blood sugar problems? I hope she's stable now, geez.
    Did you have fun at the dentist? Just kidding

    Pauly, how do we get you talking again?

    For those of you on Facebook, you've probably gotten an invitation to like a new page I put up. I just wanted to show folks the things I've been embroidering lately & get the word around in addition to the craft fairs I've been doing. I have a lot more to put on the page yet, when I have time.

    Helo to Det, Cyn & Sam. Pie, where are you in addition to SK?

    Have a nice night everyone!
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    Re: 28th April

    how do all?
    been a busy time of the year, actually a little overwhelming. I knew there was a treason I enjoyed the winter time. Next week I go to Kentucky to a "how to use" seminar on the surveying software I use.

    here's a little show and tell:

    finished work at the gas pump guy's place.


    one day this week, went to a church where they want me to lay out grave sites, dying to get that done. Here's the view from there.IMG_2636.jpg

    ticks seem to be pretty active this year, I've gotten a bit more wary after the shingle thing. Thank goodness that was a brief encounter. I know some folks that it lasts for a long time.

    been thinking of you all and hope everyone is well
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    Re: 28th April

    MAE ALL....

    Sam...great pics, you have been busy. Glad the shingles were short lived. Great pics, thanks. Looks like quite a few grave sites to layout with all that land.

    Have a Fabulous Friday everyone, will check back in after work...PPQP

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    Re: 28th April

    afternoon all ...just back ..out across the moors on a hike ...enjoyed it ...the map doesnt show it ..but if you look at google maps of the area its all moor the blackstone edge where the romans were .


    hiya Sam nice pics mate ..glad you are feeling looks pretty good there too.

    hiya ppqp ...poets day well as cards day..make the most of it..and have a good weekend

    hiya Lav so the kids were playing up?ha you can mess with the rest ..not with the best!...hows yb doing?hope all is well..

    hiya everyone else wherever you are .
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    Re: 28th April

    MAE ALL...

    Mick...sorry but the pic didn't work. Glad you enjoyed your hike, sounds like some good me time. Yup, poets day, I must start that up at work. LOL No cards today but it was nice and quiet got a lot accomplished. Looking forward to the weekend even if it does snow.

    Lav...I'll say hi now as I'm sure you'll be posting right after me.

    Have a good evening all....PPQP

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    Re: 28th April

    Right as usual PQ - posting right after you
    I hope your snow is super minimal this weekend!

    Sam, great pics & boy do they bring back some childhood memories
    That looks like a great place for some folks to spend eternity, nice.
    We have noticed some tick activity around here too, be careful out there!

    Mick, glad to hear you were out & about.
    I went to see the Oncologist with YB today. He seems to believe that YB's chances of clearing the melanoma are quite good. I think after he gets the pathology report after next week's surgery some of his worries should be greatly reduced. They will be looking for lymph node involvement & if that's negative then all should be good. It's something YB can't control & I think that's what bothers him the most, if you know what I mean.
    The boys were both happy when they left here last evening despite me having to scare them into compliance, haha! Kensho in the NN just said something to me that I think I'll turn into an embroidered wall hanging - KEEP CALM & GRANDMA ON I love that, LOL

    Hello to Det, Cyn, Pauly, Pie & everyone.
    Have a nice night!

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    Re: 28th April

    Mae all -

    Mick, what an ordeal with Julie's father!! I hope all is well now - how lucky he is to have you both close by. I was in NYC yesterday, and an ambulance was in gridlock on Broadway, trying to get the poor person to the hospital... the police cars with their sirens on also, trying to help, but there was no place for the cars to move over to in order to let the ambulance by... what a nightmare... makes me glad for our volunteer EMFs up here - only cows might get in the way. Your hike looked fabulous! Since I've done one coastal walk, I'd like to do a moor walk also some time. How did the heavy pack feel? When is the big hike/race? Hi to the bunnies...

    Lav, so glad that all is going well so far - keeping fingers crossed! I thought MOHS surgery was for the more advanced stuff, or is it where they do a more cosmetic approach? HA, the IP strikes again as a conversation starter! Good job with the boys, I still think your steady hand is what they need... Congrats on the FB page!! Awesome - that might get me to actually look at FB!

    PPQ, thank goodness for rain instead of snow. Sounds like you have had a calm, productive week, great - hope the weekend is good.

    Pauly, c'mon, whatever you want to talk about is great here! I have been reviewing my sobriety lit and really enjoying the Annie Grace stuff... do they talk about that in the Nest? Powerful stuff. I know that I have been under such pressure this spring (self-imposed) that I need to boost my AF reasoning and confidence... I hope someday I won't have to, but for now I have to give it some time and attention. I'd love to hear your perspective.

    SK - are you out there? Miss you and the tales of Misty the Terror Kitten.

    Det, how are things, chugging along?

    Sam, loved the pics, how interesting. Grave sites, wow that's a job. I agree about winter - I always consider it calm down-time as far as outside activities go!

    Hello to Pi and Nar and anyone else.

    Yesterday was a quick trip into NYC and back - dermatologist. I had one pre-cancer frozen, and poor hubs had 5! Glad to have a careful and proactive Dermatologist. Wednesday we had a serious showing - the person stayed over an hour. Tomorrow we have 2; one couple is returning a second time. So out I go today to finish up some planting, and a million other 'final touches'. Thank goodness our lawn guy came and mowed, fixed a huge stone step and took down the leaning trees. (The things I did not attempt!) things are looking pretty good here...

    Wishing all a good Saturday (and Pauly a good work day). I feel so lucky to have this group...

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    Re: 28th April

    hiya are we today then?good iI hope .well Im resting today,doing some gardening etc ,weather is blowy but dry ...ok brew time ..

    hiya doing ok?sounds like you are pretty busy !Yes Julies dad is as ok as can be ,considering ,.The moor walk yesterday was good I enjoyed it is a good one to build crosses drovers trails the Roman road ,and the Pennine Way..Carrying the pack was ok ,no great problem ...Im out on Monday ,up towards Brighouse ...this one gives me the height above sea level hopefully .Big one is on the 5th/6th July..Inever read it ,but This Naked Mind is the book that Julie read and has on her kindle..she is very methodical and logical ...and needs reasons etc to do things ...She swears by that book Annie has also got a lot of stuff on you tube too.
    No reason why you shouldnt boost yourself if you need it ..some of us do ,some dont ,some to a greater extent ,some lesser ...its immaterial..It isnt a weakness ...the strength is in the identifying and acting pre as opposed to post .Take care and have a nice weekend

    Keep calm and grandma on......nice are you today then Lav?good I hope ..fingers crossed for yb..sounds like things should be ok ...but yes I know what you mean about things out of your control.

    hiya ppqp...hows you?no cards ...oh no ...did you get snow this weekend?hope not or if it was it was minimal...any plans or a just as it happens weekend ..

    big hiya to everyone else ....

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    Re: 28th April

    MAE ALL...

    Mick...thanks for fixing the picture, checked it out on google as well. A resting day is perfect. Sounds like no back problem after the training trek, that's what I'm most worried about on the big one. "the strength is in the identifying and acting pre as opposed to post" true in almost every aspect of life. Think I'll have a look at that book. Glad Julies Dad is as ok as can be expected. Not dry here today. Rain drops finally changed to snow flakes and it'll probably go back and forth like that all weekend. At least it's not supposed to accumulate.

    TG...sounds like you got a winner with your Dermatologist. The showings sound really positive and having the lawn guy take care of those things for you is ace. Don't forget to shoot us some pics.

    Lav...good news about YB, what an ordeal. Fingers crossed for a negative result on the lymph nodes. I've seen the Keep Calm and Grandma On slogan before and it fits you to a "T". If you embroider one on an XL "purple" sweat shirt you'll have my order. Perfect for my twin sister. Went out to get a crock pot, perfect day for beef stroganoff, and right beside it was an IP. I really hummed and hawed over my choice. Maybe next time.

    There was a free preview running on one of the stations I don't get so I've got lots taped to occupy me this weekend. Have a great day all...PPQP

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    Re: 28th April

    Good evening Abbers,

    No rain yet, maybe tonight. It’s just been cloudy all day which gives me a good excuse to turn all the lights on in my shop & do some stitching
    We did run out to a farmers market this morning for some awesome Amish grown veggies & fresh baked bread, yum.

    Cyn, you have been your usual busy self I see
    I guess seeing a dermatologist every once in a while is something we should all be doing. Age doesn’t help this stuff in any way or fashion I’m afraid. Sounds like there’s some interest in your house, that’s great. Maybe the potential buyers will get into a bidding war & you will walk away with lots of extra $$. Wouldn’t that be cool? Watching that procedure the other day was interesting & a bit surprising. It wasn’t what I was expecting from reading about MOHs but possibly the surgeon had other plans? Anyway we found out yesterday that that spot is now clear. Trying to take this one procedure at a time & not get ahead of ourselves.

    PQ, I hope you’re not seeing snow, really. I was just outside admiring my new azaleas from last year, they’re blooming nicely.
    As soon as I get that design put together I'll post a picture, ha ha! I haven’t seen it anywhere, I thought Pav had an original idea, ha ha.
    I actually have the ‘Keep Calm’ embroidery font. So how did the new crockpot work out?

    I’ll just leave a HELLO to everyone else. I have to go close up the chicken house before it gets too dark.

    Have a nice night y’all!

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