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Thread: may 5

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    Howdy yíall! Iím always over here reading and staying caught up on the happenings of everyone. But I wanted to stop by today and say a big CONGRATULATIONS to @Samstone on his 6 years of AF life! Well done Sam!
    Quitting and staying quit isnít easy, itís learning a whole new way of thinking. Itís accepting a new way of life, and not just accepting it, embracing it...
    Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. Just get through today. Tomorrow will look after itself when it becomes today, because today is all we have to think about.
    Friendship is not about how many friends you have or who you've known the longest. It's about who walked into your life, said "I'm here for you", and proved it.

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    Re: may 5

    Thanks ABC....that Sam, he is such a quiet one.
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    Re: may 5

    MAE ALL...

    Mick...glad you didn't get soaked on your trek. Just going to enjoy the sunshine today and a Mother's Day brunch tomorrow. Other than that not doing much this weekend.

    Pauly...hope you had a good day at work.


    Have a Super Sober Saturday all...PPQP

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    Re: may 5

    Congratulations on 6 years Sam!!!!
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"

    Off the table no MATTER what.

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    Re: may 5

    Sam the man well done you,congratulations mate,,,6 years booze free brilliant achievement ..!!!
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7


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    Re: may 5

    Hidy Ho ABerooos!

    Sam, mega kudos on 6 AF years!!!!! very very nice man.
    ABCowboy, good to see you and thanks for that heads-up.

    Mick, awesome adventures I see... very cool. Planning a trek to Valley of Fire park here soon myself for a hike/date/photo safari.

    PPQ, glad you have sunshine! super nice here ATM, not too hot which is perfecto.

    Lav, YB healing up ok and being nice?

    date night at my place last night went really well happy to say. really well. wink. After so many 'interesting' attempts i believe I have
    found a winner.

    Happy Mothers Day in advance to all our fabulous Moms! xoxoxoxoxo you are the best.
    speaking of which, MD party at a friends house tomorrow for BBQ. Wish my mom was there but at least we can chat by phone.

    about 2 1/2 hrs sleep last night.... thinking I'll be racking-out early tonight. or.. any minute now.

    be well loves
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: may 5

    Hola friends!

    Happy 6 years booze free Sam! You da man. Raaawkin bro. Congratulations mate.

    Det, good luck with the new romance!
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    'I am part of all that I have met, yet all experience is an arch wherethro', gleams that untravelled world whose margins fade, forever and forever when I move'

    Zen soul Warrior. Freedom today-

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    Re: may 5

    Good evening greetings,

    My patient had a severe case of the grumpies today ~ pretty much as expected. Suddenly he's feeling all the soreness of the incisions & really can't do much other than sit. He was given Rx pain medication but refuses to take it, duh. He needs to ice the underarm incision where the lymph gland was removed to reduce the swelling but complains about that. This is why I'm not willing to get myself upset over this stuff. If he doesn't help himself what can I do???

    Sam, CONGRATS on your 6 years AF
    I'm very happy for you & hope you stop in & give a speech!!!

    Mick, that was a very nice hike, wow, good for you! You have every right to have a bit if soreness today. Glad you had some sunshine too.
    Our Mother's day is supposed to be a washout out with up to 2 " rain & temps down in the low 50's, chilly.

    PQ, I'd be more than happy to schedule you in for some YB sitting before I lose my cool & smack him, LOL
    I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.

    Det, sounds like you did have a good date. Good for you

    Hello Pauly, I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day too.

    Did I mention I am also dog sitting this weekend? Of course I am, why not?
    Hello to Cyn, Pie & SK if you are reading. Hi the Cowboy, nice to see you here.

    Have a nice night everyone.
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    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: may 5

    morning all and thank you all, and here's to 6 more!
    Liberated 5/11/2013

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