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Thread: may 12

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    Re: may 12

    MAE ALL...'s never too late for a brew! LOL It's pouring with your rain over here, thank you for that, and just sitting around the freezing mark. I'm sure we'll see some white stuff before the day is done. Supposed to clear out tomorrow so may get some planting done on Sunday or Monday. Will see what the temp is like. I forget, when are you off on the big hike?

    Det...sounds like you're in for a wonderfully wickedly wild weekend. How's that for alliteration! LOL Yup, definitely on track now and I've learned my lesson. Pay attention to your feet. I understand now why there is so much talk about foot care and seniors.

    Time to soak my feet in an epson salt bath, wrap myself in a comforter and watch some of the season finales I taped. Will pop back in later....PPQP

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    Good evening folks,

    Sunn here & almost too warm for the likes of me
    I took YB along to the plant nursery today to give him a change of scenery. Got lots of plants for window boxes & such but I still need more, haha!

    Mick, I switch over to decaf after my morning coffee & can drink that all day. Makes good iced coffee for the summer

    Det, you devil you LOL
    I hope your weekend is as perfect as it sounds.

    PQ, I am SOOO happy you are feeling better!
    Foot issues with seniors is a really big deal & even bigger if they are diabetic, oh boy.
    Your twin gift left here this morning but I have no idea how long it takes PonyExpress to deliver up your way. I have the picture right here on my iPad:

    Hello to Pauly, Cyn, Sam, Pie & anyone else dropping by.
    Have a decent night!

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    Re: may 12

    Quick hello to all -

    Lav, wow, what great news, what a relief! Sam, we have a pair of pilieateds here in my neighborhood, I can always hear them coming, with their wonderful raucous cries. One was thinking of one of my stumps as a nest - so glad it didn't do it... too dangerous for them with the foxes, etc. Pauly, how IS your work life? Any changes yet? PPQ, so glad you are on the mend... that was scary. Det, "homework", LOL! You sound happy, terrific. Mick, loved those pictures... starting in the dawn makes for such a special hike - the scenery was so lovely, I envy you!!

    Well, another big hurdle over with; we seem to have passed inspection on the house - though I haven't seen the report yet. The inspector "thought it was a great house" according to my realtor! One bad bit of news - the 2016 water softener was put in before they changed the law that it can't flow into the septic... so now we will have some lawn torn up and spend about 1,700 for that to be corrected. Maddening, but what can one do?! I'm just grateful there were no other surprises...

    Driving down to see our apartment this morning; give our deposit, take measurements to make sure my space plan will work, etc. 15 days until the move, plus an entire house (filled with things we are not moving) to get rid of. I appreciate any good energy sent my way... I getting a little worn out!

    Here's wishes to all for a lovely Sunday (warmer here too Lav, and tomorrow in the 80s... seriously?!)

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    Re: may 12

    !!I take it we are continuing the thread through?as opposed to weekly?

    hiya tee ,1700 notes to fix the issue?despite that they reckon its a smart house? good for you..15 days...and counting!!Yes I loved the dawn start of luck to you..

    hiya Lav ,how are you doing? good I hope ..So you got more plants?you can never have too many ...glad yb is ok too..nice design with the sweater too..despite splitting from the motherland in 1775 ish? I note the crown is still there!!its gotta be ours ..its sure not trumps!!

    hiya ok now?hope so ..big hike 5/6 July..then 11 th off to crete.glad you are feeling better ..

    front garden today....


    hiya pauly ,how are you today then? hope all is well with you too.

    hey det hows life in the fast lane then mate?

    right peeps have a good day

    The Eurovision Song Contest: A load of anti-English foreign wannabes, all belting it out for their native countries .......... in English.

    So I just discovered that when out at to eat, It's not polite to lean over to the next table and ask, "Are you finished with that?" Especially to a guy breaking up with his girlfriend...

    With Prince William attending the cup final, I thought they might ditch the national anthem and play 'There's no one quite like grandma' instead.

    If spiders ever come to the realization that people are terrified of them, we're fcked.

    A police officer knocked at my door today and said, "Are you BigZav?"
    "Yes," I replied.
    "Get your coat," he said, "Me and and you are taking a little trip down the station".
    "Great, I said to him,."I love trains."

    I bought one of those, inflatable sex dolls. I sent it back and said "you sold me a male doll" they said " you've blown it up inside out"

    I've just had a bloke deliver a Shark vacuum cleaner for a 30-day free trial.


    I'm moving tomorrow.
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 8..done that bimbling into year 9..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 10


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    Re: may 12

    MAE ALL...started this weeks thread and copied TG's post over and then Mick posted here so I closed it. Don't want to confuse everyone.

    Lav...thanks, as it turns out I got hit with 3 things at once. Viral infection causing dizziness/no appetite/no energy plus bronchitis plus bacterial infection from foot cut. All dealt with and feeling my old self again. Thanks again for the Grandma Sweat shirt it looks great.

    TG...bummer about the water softener but as you say it could have worse. Sending all the good energy I have, you need it.

    Mick...the front garden looks great. Your day looks like mine today, no rain and lots of sun so will be getting out to the garden after all. So you've still got another month of training to get in before the big one. Pace yourself.

    Have a few things to get done around the house before I head to the garden so must get at them. Have a Super Sunday all....PPOP

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    Re: may 12

    Opening the May 19th thread and moving Mick's post over. That way I won't be confused come Wednesday. LOL

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