Hidy Ho ABeroooooskies!!

PPQ, what a crazy awesome pic! thanks so much. Getting a 'decent' shot of a bird in flight of any kind is nail-bitingly difficult and that one is insanely cool.

Mick, what a cardio inspiration you are, bravo mate! I'm taking my date and her daughter for a wee little introductory hike tomorrow but at least it's in a gorgeous
park full of crazy geology. i promise pictures for realsies! Boot shopping was fun with them. When trying on a pair her daughter actually asked 'do these boots make
my feet look fat?" LOL! oh ladies... you just kill me but you're so cute.

Yesterday was me birfdy so my lady friend brought me over a very fun bunch of deli treats and we slow-danced to techno music (really) and ________ a-hem, then ate
yummy snacks, then woke up together for ______ and fresh brewed coffee. Good grief life is grand I'm grinning like a kiddo here. Yeah I know.. stop it Mr Sappy
so packing toys (frisbee, new boomarang I just got, camera of course) and will be picking them up in the morn. The birfdy card she got me has a picture of a wedge of cheese
and the caption 'I camembert to brie without you'. I think she's a keeper.

got my new SUV and been gleefully zipping around in it. It's so much quieter and softer riding than the truck, yay.

I'ts so nice to be healthy and doing healthy things, truly the best and only way to live.

Lav, so sorry about the BP mystery....? hope docs figure out a resolution asap.

PPQ, glad yer taking care of your injury dear. I see you and Tree both doing nice things for the community.. nice.

I made a big batch of super yummy hummus today and brought a batch over for my Uncle and Grandma and visited for a couple hours which was great.
My uncle has been practicing carving fruit and veggies as an artform which is of course totally cool in my books.

well, I'm a happy but exhausted guy. Going to teeder off early.

be well loves!