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Thread: May 19

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    13th May, 2012.

    May 19

    MAE ALL...

    Starting the new thread and will make it short in case Mick is starting one. LOL

    Moving TG's post over to here....

    Quick hello to all -

    Lav, wow, what great news, what a relief! Sam, we have a pair of pilieateds here in my neighborhood, I can always hear them coming, with their wonderful raucous cries. One was thinking of one of my stumps as a nest - so glad it didn't do it... too dangerous for them with the foxes, etc. Pauly, how IS your work life? Any changes yet? PPQ, so glad you are on the mend... that was scary. Det, "homework", LOL! You sound happy, terrific. Mick, loved those pictures... starting in the dawn makes for such a special hike - the scenery was so lovely, I envy you!!

    Well, another big hurdle over with; we seem to have passed inspection on the house - though I haven't seen the report yet. The inspector "thought it was a great house" according to my realtor! One bad bit of news - the 2016 water softener was put in before they changed the law that it can't flow into the septic... so now we will have some lawn torn up and spend about 1,700 for that to be corrected. Maddening, but what can one do?! I'm just grateful there were no other surprises...

    Driving down to see our apartment this morning; give our deposit, take measurements to make sure my space plan will work, etc. 15 days until the move, plus an entire house (filled with things we are not moving) to get rid of. I appreciate any good energy sent my way... I getting a little worn out!

    Here's wishes to all for a lovely Sunday (warmer here too Lav, and tomorrow in the 80s... seriously?!)

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    Re: May 19

    Moved Mick's post and asked him to re-post his garden pic.

    !!I take it we are continuing the thread through?as opposed to weekly?

    hiya tee ,1700 notes to fix the issue?despite that they reckon its a smart house? good for you..15 days...and counting!!Yes I loved the dawn start of luck to you..

    hiya Lav ,how are you doing? good I hope ..So you got more plants?you can never have too many ...glad yb is ok too..nice design with the sweater too..despite splitting from the motherland in 1775 ish? I note the crown is still there!!its gotta be ours ..its sure not trumps!!

    hiya ok now?hope so ..big hike 5/6 July..then 11 th off to crete.glad you are feeling better ..

    front garden today....

    may 12-20190519_164558-jpg

    hiya pauly ,how are you today then? hope all is well with you too.

    hey det hows life in the fast lane then mate?

    right peeps have a good day

    The Eurovision Song Contest: A load of anti-English foreign wannabes, all belting it out for their native countries .......... in English.

    So I just discovered that when out at to eat, It's not polite to lean over to the next table and ask, "Are you finished with that?" Especially to a guy breaking up with his girlfriend...

    With Prince William attending the cup final, I thought they might ditch the national anthem and play 'There's no one quite like grandma' instead.

    If spiders ever come to the realization that people are terrified of them, we're fcked.

    A police officer knocked at my door today and said, "Are you BigZav?"
    "Yes," I replied.
    "Get your coat," he said, "Me and and you are taking a little trip down the station".
    "Great, I said to him,."I love trains."

    I bought one of those, inflatable sex dolls. I sent it back and said "you sold me a male doll" they said " you've blown it up inside out"

    I've just had a bloke deliver a Shark vacuum cleaner for a 30-day free trial.


    I'm moving tomorrow.

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    Re: May 19

    And here's what I posted on last weeks thread. Hope I haven't confused everyone.

    MAE ALL...started this weeks thread and copied TG's post over and then Mick posted here so I closed it. Don't want to confuse everyone.

    Lav...thanks, as it turns out I got hit with 3 things at once. Viral infection causing dizziness/no appetite/no energy plus bronchitis plus bacterial infection from foot cut. All dealt with and feeling my old self again. Thanks again for the Grandma Sweat shirt it looks great.

    TG...bummer about the water softener but as you say it could have worse. Sending all the good energy I have, you need it.

    Mick...the front garden looks great. Your day looks like mine today, no rain and lots of sun so will be getting out to the garden after all. So you've still got another month of training to get in before the big one. Pace yourself.

    Have a few things to get done around the house before I head to the garden so must get at them. Have a Super Sunday all....PPOP

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    Re: May 19

    Iím always borderline confused PQ so itís OK ha ha!!!!!

    Greetings everyone,
    Summer has reared itís hot & humid self today, the AC is on. But, the good thing about having two 80+ degree days in a row is things are happening in my garden. Found some of the peonies in full bloom today. They usually donít open until the end of the month


    Mick, your garden looks wonderful, nice job!!
    Taking YB in tomorrow to have his sutures removed from his big (hospital) surgery. He should be happy about that.

    Cyn, was that inspector there on your dime or a potential buyer? A lot of times you can put money in escrow at settlement, then the buyer can have the repair work done. Just a thought
    Thereís no way to fit a house inside an apartment so youíre going to have to choose your favs & ditch the rest. I already know what I could live without around here. Good luck!

    PQ, glad you are healing up, that sure was an assault on you last week!!
    I was lovely doing business with you, thanks!

    Hello to Det, Pauly, Sam, Pie, SK & anyone else looking in.

    Iím going to chase the chickens in before dark so I donít have to be out there when the T storms roll in.
    Have a nice night everyone!

    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: May 19

    Hiya are we today then? all good I hope ...thanks formoving the fred over Pq..I didnt know whether we were staying as a continuity fred cos of the low numbers ,but no problemo at all..
    heres yesterdays pic...


    Ive done pretty well out of the neighbours moving ...I got a load of stone and be fair ..both their gardens were nice but they have kids so really they werent fit for purpose ..get rid of the kids or the garden...and I didnt want the kids..
    We are on a clearing out mission ...I really need to stay out of the road ..Im like American pickers ...we aint gettin rid of that are we ? what about that ..that will come in handy ...

    hiya Lav ,hows you then?nice peony rose ..if you look on the right of the laurel in my front garden ,mine is not in bloom yet of luck with the hosp trip.

    hiya are you now then? hope you are good seem a lot better .are you back in work this week?

    hiya of luck with your move ...dont stress you will be we are here for you to let offsteam at!!!!

    hiya det pauly sam et al..

    I've gone and confused the words ’Yakuza’ with ’Jacuzzi’ ...

    Now I'm in hot water with the Japanese Mafia.

    Always carry a Polaroid camera loaded with black and white film on the off chance you might spot a UFO.

    Two little pigs walk into a building society.
    "No chance," says the mortgage advisor.

    I signed up for a website and they told me my password had to have a number and one special character.

    So I now sign in with 1ForrestGump

    Why do women say "I fell pregnant?"
    I have fallen many times but I aint pregnant

    .I used to date a girl with a lazy eye. Turns out she was seeing someone else the whole time.

    What's green and has wheels? Grass, I lied about the wheels.

    I can swallow two pieces of string and when they come out the other end, they'll be tied together. I sh.t you knot.

    Why do seagulls fly over the sea? Because if they flew over the bay they'd be bagels.

    What's Harry Potter's favourite method of getting down a hill? Walking... JK, Rolling.
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7


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    Re: May 19

    MAE ALL...

    Morning made me laugh with the American Pickers reference. You're right, you better stay out of the way. Feeling good but having a problem getting the swelling down in my leg. Will try keeping it elevated more. Yup back to work tomorrow, I was on call this weekend, and of course the exhaust system in the kitchen decided to pack it in. We had a wedding for about 150 on Saturday. Temps down below freezing again last night so still haven't started the garden.

    Lav...did the T-storms roll in. Man there's been some wicked weather just west of you. You're not in the tornado paths are you? Good luck with YB today and no matter what the Doc says tell him you need him sedated because it's a long drive home.

    Shout out to the rest of the gang....PPQP

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    Re: May 19

    Good evening friends,

    All sutures are out of his big incision as of today. So there’s only 1 left that needs dressing changes once or twice/day. This was beginning to take up a lot of my time, haha! YB is going to be under the watchful eye of this dermatology/surgical/oncology group for the rest of his life. I think he finally understands the seriousness of his situation. I’m grateful to have their help, he’s a tough patient, no sh*t!!!!

    Mick, every year when the peony blooms we get big storms that just destroy the beauty. We actually moved that plant here with us from the old place. And get this - we moved it from my brother’s house when he sold his place in the mid 90’s. Crazy huh?
    Glad you are ‘helping’ your neighbor out with his move

    PQ, we never had a drop of rain last night after all the warnings. A tornado did touch down in a neighboring county northwest of here & did some serious damage. Scary weather events for sure.
    The temp hit 89 today with tons of humidity, yuck. Grateful for the AC.
    I hope you get that leg swelling under control, keeping it elevated on a couple of pillows in bed helps. So it looks like you & I are learning lots about international monetary funds

    Hello to the rest of the crew & wishing everyone a good night!
    We’re ready in case some creepy storm blows in tonight - hope not.

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    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: May 19

    Happy unhung Monday ABeroooos!

    what a crazy busy day... bit stressful but ended on a good note and all is spiffy.

    Heck yes my weekend was amazing

    PPQ so glad you're feeling good and healthy and thanks for booting us up. several times

    Tree, what an ordeal but you are on a roll dear, way to go.

    Mick, downsizing is tough but can be rather cathartic I've found. Trying not to burden myself with a ton
    of crap, though I may be a tad too spartan. it's a bit weird having my date over and her discovering I only
    own 1 chair. Yes I realize that's a great way to encourage us to just stay in bed LOL and while that's working
    out very well I suppose a 2nd chair is in order.

    Lav, my AC is critical here in the desert. we have a heat pump system here that's really affordable to run.. neato.
    When that tough patient is up for it he owes you some fancy dinners! glad you missed the tornado.. yowsa.

    Pauly, what's the good word?

    Sam, all groovy? any tunes being played?

    Met my new girlfriend's daughter Sunday night... I was nervous! it went super well and we laughed and just had a
    really nice time. whew. Tomorrow night I'm helping the two of them with some boot shopping as we are going on a hike
    this weekend and they both need new booties. So fun to have a romantic interest that is also turning into a great friend with
    similar interests.

    Made a big instant pot black bean/beef/multiple colored bell pepper chili for lunches this week. So darn handy. Lav thanks
    again for recommending it.

    and I got a really pretty end-grain hardwood cutting board. i think I should take some pics of it.

    And... even more... just signed for a new used car tonight (the mid size SUV) and will be picking that up this Thur.

    so much happening!

    going to jump up and down and burn off some happy energy

    be well loves
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: May 19

    Morning all,

    Thanks everyone for the good wishes! All will be well... we are giving away/getting rid of tons of stuff each day. The sobering part is that we also have to remove all furniture (inside and out) from the house, as we are on,y moving a little bit. So I have an excel with everything on it and we are finding potential homes for it all... some things are of real value, but there is no time to mount a sale, so I'm looking at FB Marketplace to see if I can get some local interest over Memorial Day weekend. We'll see! 13 days to the move... 16 days to a cleared out and completely cleaned house.

    Mick, gorgeous gardens, and great jokes! Thanks for all the support. Lav, I hope the nursing duties are lessening... you have been hard at it! Hot and humid here yesterday also... I will be glad to be out of this un-air-conditioned house. PPQ, wow, that's a lot for your poor body to endure! Take it slow and heal completely please! Sorry about posting in the wrong place - I obviously do 't know what day it is, at this point they all run together. Det, all is sounding great for you. I like a stripped down life... we will have 3 chairs, that's all (one is for the dog, lol).Less is more! Hello to Sam and anyone stopping by. No word from SK? I miss her dry wit, and hope she's OK...

    Wishing all well --

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    Re: May 19

    hiya all...well just managed to get on tinternet!!!its been a real pain in the butt kept going off ...I think my computer is trying to leave Europe too..lovely day today again....Was playing with the trains for a wee while this morning ..its ages since Ive done that ..but found some time today to do it.

    hiya tree ...a minimalistic approach to it all? ...I kinda think thats what madam is doing!! 13days ...and counting!!#

    hiya det ok mate? it sounds like you are mate ...enjoy life ..I remeber having 1 chair when I met julie was a Parker Knoll tho .

    hiya ppqp,,,,well it sounds like it has all gone a bit pear shaped!!hope all is going a bit better for you now

    hiya Lav...lucky yb...I can just imagine you as the old fashioned matron giving him loads ..!!howsthings with you then today?wehave got a laurel was a tiny wee plant that I bought for Julie 25 years ago ..all heart grew hooge but she wouldnt let me get rid of it Itook loadsa cuttings from it ..and gave them away to anyone 2 which Ive still got...and Amy will be getting one ..whether she wants it or not!!!!

    hiya everyone else where are yizall??

    Whilst out shopping my wife presented with a handbag and asked my opinion. "What do you think of that?"
    "Lovely It will match your outfit" I answered.
    "What outfit do you mean?" She then asked.
    "The outfit that you are now going to buy to match the new handbag", I replied.

    Experience the thrill of winning an argument with your wife by sitting in a library for three days.

    I love hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet in the morning.

    Best thing I ever did was hire a midget butler.

    A crocodile killed a pastor who was performing a baptism near a lake in southern Ethiopia.

    Why the fck would anyone want to baptise a crocodile?

    My tweet about the Russian sponsored hacking of social media accounts got retweeted 147,365 times.
    Which is odd because I only have 13 followers.

    We had a vote about if we should go out for tea. Out narrowly won.
    They didn't want to go to McDonalds.
    They didn't want to go to K.F.C
    They didn't want to go to a pub.
    They didn't want to go to a restaurant.
    They didn't know what they wanted.
    They didn't want to stay in but they had no Idea what they wanted.
    So we went out and sat in the car arguing about it so no one got fck all, but we went out.

    Sound familiar?
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7


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