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Thread: may 26th

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    10th January, 2013.

    Re: may 26th

    morning all
    another drizzling morning, suppose to clear on out.

    PQ, Mt Airy is the location of a fiddle festival in N.C. The town is Andy Griffith's home town and was the model was Mayberry. Not sure if you ever watch that 60's comedy but it is pretty popular here, at least for my generation. Anyway, I have been before, it's a fun festival, lots of good music.
    Allen Carr did write a book about how to quit smoking. I believe it was his first. Did you read that? I just bought a copy for friend that is a heavy smoker, wanting, can't, tried patches, etc. I figured this might help??

    well, off to the mines, hope everyone is moving and grooving!
    Liberated 5/11/2013

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    Re: may 26th

    Hello friends,

    Thanks for your patience with my absence... hopping days here.

    Lav, how's the BP? Hope that gets under control.

    Mick, I have a shipment of "stuff" headed your way... it might take awhile to get through customs, but you'll have a good time exp,aiming it all to Julie.

    PPQ, good luck with healing your leg... sounds like there a few things going on with you - take care.

    Det, happy man. Makes me smile. Haven't opened the pics, but I will. Sounds like my kind of place!

    Pauly, SO nice to hear from you - what's up with Kell, the boys? Sorry, some day I will look again at FB.

    Sam, glad that you mentioned Alan Carr, and the joys of being free... sometimes easy to forget that horrible burden. I haven't read that book, but Annie Grace quotes him a lot, so I am intrigued. The Brain part of recoverying one's life is interesting. Good luck with the bees and dealing with the rain.

    Sale went well - the big things all went, curiously. Now I have a million small things to disburse... errr get in the mail to Mick...

    6 days to the move. I had better get at it! Big hugs to all -

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    Re: may 26th

    MAE ALL...

    Sam...I grew up watching the Andy Griffith Show too. Well, a Fiddle Festival sounds a lot more fun than a surveying job! LOL Hope you have good weather for it. Yup, read the quit smoking made easy book but I wasn't quite there yet. A co-worker gave it to me and she's been smoke free for 30 years.

    TG...glad to hear the sale went well. I think getting rid of the big things is good. I think it'd be hilarious if you shipped everything else to Mick. 6 days, I can't believe it especially remembering when you were getting ready for your first showing.

    It's going to be hot and sunny here today so will be in the garden watering when it cools off. Everyone with rain please send it to Northern Alberta. Gotta get those wild fires out so people can go home. Have a great day all....PPQP

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    Re: may 26th

    hiya all are we today then? all good I hope..took all my locos to the dealers to get serviced ...its easy if you have no electrics fitted ,but mine all rather than risk it I will let the professionals do it..was up at 5.30 this morning cleaning out the garage,Ive filled the van full of junk and I mean junk ..if Im chucking it they are worth nowt..hope everyone is well..

    hiya ok?got sunshine today have you ...its bright weather here too.but blowing.Next door neighbour brought there rabbit last night ..the wifes sister was keeping it till they got settled..its a white lionhead.

    hope leg is ok .

    hiya tg ...thanks for the shipment good job I cleaned the garage out to take it. lots of room for the small goodies too...6 days and counting ......

    hiya Sam..fiddle festival eh?that or surveying contest....

    hiya everyone else...have a good day.

    Went to what I thought was a christening but halfway through the vicar tipped a load of sht tasting lager over the poor baby. Turns out he was being fostered.

    Over the weekend I signed a 200k a week contract to join Manchester City next season as their new striker.

    Just need them to sign it now.

    I've just woken from a coma I've been in for almost three years.

    So, did brexit go smoothly,then?

    Dr Watson broke into compare the market and murdered Aleksandr oleg and sergei .
    He put their bodies in jelly topped it with custard, cream and chocolate sprinkles and served it to Holmes.

    Whats this "my dear watson?" said holmes .
    Watson replied " A meer trifle my good man a meer trifle".

    The early years in the Wayne mansion:

    Bruce Wayne: ”How do we combat crime in Gotham?”

    Alfred: ”Education, mental health services, economic development, prison reform services, community outreach ...”

    Bruce Wayne: ”I know, I’ll beat them with my fists”.

    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7


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    Re: may 26th

    Greetings Abbers,

    Well we currently have severe storm warnings up, also flood & tornado warnings - geez, do we get to pick our poison here?
    Just hearing a tornado touched down in the norther portion of our county. We've had one heavy rain storm move through so far.

    Cyn, wow only 6 days left! I wish you happy moving & settling into your new place.
    My B/P was an excellent 105/72 this morning, MUCH BETTER, haha! I hope it stays that way.

    PQ, I hope you get some relief from the swelling soon. That can be harsh after a while. I was out to lunch with my old work friends today & one of them showed me a picture of her mom's very swollen legs. The poor thing is 92, diabetic & only has 19% kidney function left. So they know the reason for her edema.
    We just had a half inch of rain from the first storm that rolled through, I'm sure there's ore on the way later.

    Sam, we have satellite TV now & you can easily find Andy Griffith reruns
    I'm happy to hear you are keeping that fiddle busy.

    Mick, your peony is very pretty. I'm afraid to go out & look at mine after that rain we just had. The poor thing always gets beat up in the late spring storms.
    I had to pick up a dead baby bunny last evening. Not sure what happened to it but I found it right after I chased a fox away from the chicken yard. Damn, I had hoped they would go somewhere else this year.

    Hi to Pauly & Det.

    Hope everyone has a nice night. Tomorrow YB gets the last of his sutures removed then I am OFF DUTY, haha!
    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: may 26th

    Arf! Arf! Ahoy ABeroooos!

    What a good sleep.. again. wow. I'll take it. Felt good enough to sneak in some weightlifting before work and had a super good day.
    No evening social festivities tonight so I made some herbed roasted chicken which is stellar.

    Tree, you are a busy bee indeed. Keep those stress levels at bay however you can dear. Sounding good in spite of it all.

    Lav, your weather is certainly going to win the prize for excitement that's for sure. Been a bit stormy in sin city but pretty mellow overall.

    PPQ, right you are.. Zombieland isn't exactly a romantic movie but we made it that way anyhow LOL. good times.
    did I mention that we slow dance to techno? yes, we really do. And we like it Glad your still on the road to wellness hon.

    Mick, I certainly wouldn't know how to service those tiny motors in a hobby train either. I have to use blasted magnifying glasses for any tiny tasks
    anymore. oh well. Thank goodness they exist.

    post attempted to deliver my music synthesizer today but it's got a signature required.. ack! signed it so hopefully they will leave it at the door and
    nobody nicks it.

    Pauly Scissor-hands, what's the good word?

    another chicken for me....

    be well loves
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: may 26th

    morning all how are we then today?good I hope ...well did a bit on the scenery on model railway yesterday ....trying to improve the scenery,ie rock faces etc used quick drying patch plaster over the rock face painted it and added bits n pieces .dies it look real? happy for any commentsto improve...If you look at the ailway bridge ,Ive enhanced the rivets on it too.



    okbrew time ..Im out early tomorrow..another 26/27 ks ..this time we are timing it.and its a lot of uphill work..Im really getting into this..Cant remember it being as enjoyable carrying a rifle and pack with some lunatic shouting his mouth off.

    mornin det ..on the weights before work? good for you buddy ..things are defo on the up and up ...way to go as they say in yoos of a.

    oh no a baby bunny ?Mr Fox has a lot to answer for ..Next doors rabbit ...I saw it yesterday ...what a nasty little sh.t it is its a white lionhead ,it was digging so I went to pat it ,it started growling and attacked my hand before biting me.they have also got a dog ..I thought hang on am I stroking the right one here?In the end I grabbed it ,picked it up and it quietened down ...I saw it chase the dog yesterday!!Glad your bpis down ..any ideas ?perhaps tho you may laff it was yb s surgery that bothered you ..anyway have a cup of relaxing java.

    hiya tg ...5 days to go............dont panic........thinkg of you.

    hiya ppqp...hows you then?good I hope ..hows the leg?it seems to get better then worse then better..hope today is a better one

    hiyapauly you ok girl?

    right folks be well.

    Elton changed a few words in that candle in the wind song, and hey presto it's not about Marilyn monroe it's a poignant tribute to Diana.

    You try dusting off something with your ex's name on and crossing it out in biro, then giving it to your wife or girlfriend She'd cut your fcking balls off!!!

    Do you ever go out to the wheely bin, in one hand a bag of rubbish, the other hand the thing you want to keep and throw that in the bin?
    Anyway, the baby's fine.

    A guy is driving his Audi along a country road when it suddenly breaks down. Engine has totally died. He calls a tow truck and it takes him and his car to a small garage.
    Mechanic opens up the hood and says "zis is not ein problem. I vill have zis car repaired in ten minuten!"
    The mechanic walks over to an old spring mattress, cuts it open, and removes 4 springs. He then nonchalantly throws them under the bonnet. Next he steps outside, walks over to a small pond, and grabs a duck as it's passing by. He takes the duck over to the Audi, throws it in next to the 4 springs, and closes the hood. He says to the driver "okay, try your engine".
    The driver is thinking "shit, I'm with the local village idiot...", but decides to play along and turns the ignition key. To his amazement, the engine starts first time!
    He says to the driver "Wow! That is amazing! How on earth did you get the engine to run with that unorthodox method?"
    The mechanic replies:

    "Four spring duck technique, as ve say in Germany"

    Last night, my daughter Rhoda was moaning that she hated what we named her.

    She may have a point, our last name is "Dendron."
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7


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    Re: may 26th

    morning all

    in hay moving mode todiddy. suppose to be a hot one, but heck it was was a hot one yesterdiddy.
    Lav, glad the tornadoes missed you, unfortunately, they hit somebody. I'm sure it is that the amount of tornadoes this year is a record.
    Det, that good night sleep is worth its weight. I have gotten several good nights as well. Been needing it, too many late nights, early mornings.
    PQ, not sure my buddy is really ready to quit, but thought I'd give a shot.
    Mick, rocks look really amazing. how's the bunnies?
    Pauly scissor hands, now there's a name that could stick.
    TG, mailing all things to Mick? when do you move?

    well off to it friends, hope everyone is luverly
    Liberated 5/11/2013

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    Las Vegas.

    Re: may 26th

    Mae everybody,Mick trains coming along nicely Sam I'll take the scissors hands name! Lav, hope YB's removal goes well,I have something weird growing on my ear hope it's just a pimple and not anything weird,I know tops of ears are a place the sun hits alot,PQ,leg is improving I hope? Not much going on here just working, coming home and working again haha,much love and wishes for a great BF Wednesday!
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"

    Off the table no MATTER what.

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    Re: may 26th

    MAE ALL...

    Lav...looks like a direct line of thunder storms/tornadoes heading up the East Coast. Hope you don't get clobbered. So are you officially OFF DUTY now?

    Det...of course you did. LOL At this stage I bet everything can turn into Romantic Moments. Enjoy! Hope you got your synthesizer ok.

    Mick...great job on the rocks, they definitely look real. Good luck with the timed hike tomorrow. "Cant remember it being as enjoyable carrying a rifle and pack with some lunatic shouting his mouth off." It's all in the perspective eh?

    Sam...hope the hay moving went ok. At least you're not doing it in mud! Even if your buddy isn't quite there yet giving him the book is still a good idea. I know for me once I started talking about quitting smoking more and more people encouraged me. So I have now started Champix, a medication to help curb withdraws and my quit date is June 5th. We shall see what happens.

    Pauly...I like the name scissor hands too. Of course I'd probably abbreviate it to SH. LOL Sometimes having nothing going on is the best way to be.

    TG...thinking of you and hope you're pacing yourself.

    Pi...have had you on my mind lately too. Hope all is good with you.

    So the news from the doctor was not good. She thinks there is a secondary infection and actually wanted me to go to emergency this afternoon. She spoke with a doctor from infectious disease clinic and had her test a couple of things on my leg. He was ok that it was not an emergency and I have an appointment to see him in the morning. Needless to say I probably won't be taking my biologic on the 1st but I'm sure we'll get it all sorted out tomorrow. Hope everyone has a restful evening....PPQP

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