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Thread: may 26th

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    Re: may 26th

    MAE ALL...

    Just checking in to let you know Doc happy with leg. No more IV's. Bit worn out, probably has a lot to do with the amount of smoke outside. Unbelievable!!!! Will check in tomorrow.
    Have a good night all.... PPQP

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    Re: may 26th

    Alooooha Friday night ABerooooos!

    well let's see here... Mick back from yet another truly epic hike.. damn! very nice amigo. Time for a rest yet?

    Thunderstorms and crazy weather I see... but all our peeps are good and well which is the main thing.

    PPQ, so glad you're getting that appendage taken good care of

    Treegirl, totally understandable if you come up missing with what you have to contend with!

    Pauly, I'm so lucky not to have any drinking dreams for some time now but I used to just hate them so much... icky.
    No earthy idea why our subconscious does such things.... to annoy us I guess.

    Sam, playing some tunes this weekend? I just started plugging in my synthesizer gear tonight and making strange
    noises. Not really music... just weird sounds that amuse me.

    Lav, I got so used to snakes in Ozzie that they don't really phase me anymore. Mind you I haven't seen one since moving to Vegas.
    The wildlife here is very very sparse.

    Girlfriend and I are going to a goth concert tomorrow night and neither one of us has ever heard of the bands playing and don't know what
    to expect LOL. I guess I should just wear all black and try to look depressed? hahahaha, crap if I know, just going to check it out and have fun.
    I'm pretty sure the two of us could have an amazing time at a coin laundry.

    well, off to make more strange noises.

    be well loves!
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: may 26th

    MAE ALL...

    Det...have fun making weird noises. LOL A goth concert, what next! You sure are enjoying your new life.

    Morning to the rest of the gang. Going to pop over to the garden and see what state it's in. Will check back later....PPQP

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    Re: may 26th

    mae are we then today? good I hope ...just done 10ks this morning ,but it was a hard 10 ....all up steep and I mean steep hills ...the burn on the legs ...ouch.overcast here ,but its 26degrees.

    so brew time

    wow det...the goth? go to the coin laundry mate ... you really have got your head round this life now...good for you!!enjoy iy friend.

    hiya pauly how are you today then?have the dreams faded?hope so.

    hiya ppqp ...hows the garden then?hope all is well...Glad the leg is on the mend too.look after yourself.

    hiya Lav hows you ..?look after that blood pressure....yes that was a bad shooting in Virginia ...(is there ever a good one?)not too impressed with thde engines ..they are worse now than before they were they will all be going back on tuesday.after that Ill be looking elsewhere.Ive also had to hack up the top track isnt right ...

    hia everyone else.

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    Re: may 26th

    Good evening friends,

    Had a real summer day here so I guess things will be growing nicely. The sound of lawn tractors everywhere is making me crazy, haha!
    I’m looking forward to my granddaughter’s dance recital tomorrow afternoon. A little Sunday ballet is nice

    Mick, my B/P has been excellent the past several days. Whatever caused that spike last Friday is now gone.
    Sorry you’re having trouble with your train engines. You really should take it easy once in a while but you probably won’t, right??

    Det, I’ve been to many concerts but never a goth. I don’t have the right outfit, LOL.
    I hope you enjoy yourselves &don’t get sucked into that super strange culture. We would miss you!!!

    PQ, good to hear your leg has improved. Did you get your appointment with hematology squared away?

    Cyn, thinking of you!

    Hello Pauly, hope your weekend is going OK.

    Have a nice night everyone. I’ll check in some time after we get home tomorrow night!
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