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Thread: July 7th

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    Re: July 7th

    Happy Unhung Monday ABerooooskies!!

    boy have I been busy, but all excellent fun stuff happy to say.

    Mick, sounds like more than a good workout, nicely done amigo. My feet hurt from dancing on Sat night LOL but that's not why my
    back is sore. it's sore from..... (drumroll please)
    rollerskating! hahahaha yes, first time since I was 14 my sweetie, her daughter and I braved the disco music to roll around the track a few
    bazillion times and had a blast. Then I had icecream afterwords and I really could have done without that.. oh well.

    Lav, same here... more alert and just feel better in cooler temps. However I have noticed since I'm healthy these days my body adapts
    so much better to out-of-parameter stressors.

    Pauly, that was quite a quack even here eh? got my attention for sure. I grabbed my survival pack and got my shoes on just in case I had
    to boogie.

    Sam, good to hear your staying busy with the toons. Iv'e been neglecting music lately as I've been researching 'print on demand' for ecommerce projects.
    have a couple great T shirt designs put together and more on the design table.

    PPQ, what did you make for dinner? inquiring foodies must know

    I've got some chicken, black beans and tomatoes in the IP currently. yes of course loads of garlic! Kale is on sale here at El Super for 50cents each and they
    are nice and big and not shabby looking. moink.

    time to do another set of pushups. huff... puff...

    got a panorama picture of Red Rock canyon to process. Hopefully get it posted here tonight.

    be well loves!
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: July 7th

    Shared album - Xring007 - Google Photos

    you can zoom in on the panorama FYI. lovely place. everywhere you look there are dramatic beautiful scenes
    nosce te ipsum
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    Re: July 7th

    And here are the triumphant hiking lovebirds at the top

    Shared album - Xring007 - Google Photos
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: July 7th

    mae all how are we today then?all good I hope .Firstly ...great pics look good mate .as does the scenery.Im glad life is doing you well mate..well these secret document leaks have put the cat amongst the pigeons ..Trump is in a tweetstorm ..he is calling everyone stupid sh.t...and he is a brain surgeon arse..he is lagging Teresa May off bigtime despite being all smiles less than a month ago here.Our governments are poles apart and yet very similar in their respective belligerent attitudes.
    brew time ...Ive got to take the rabbits down to their holiday home..

    Hi Det yep it was a bit of a hike ..started with a rise in ground height from 0 to 8500 ft over 5ks .heres some pics for the ones that never saw them..apologies for boring everyone else the red dots are the route we took...howevr that isnt even half of the route.






    your pics are ace mate ..look at the vegetation difference between mine and your vegetation .

    hiya Lav , how are you today then?good I more snakes?hope not plus decent weather.

    hiya pauly? hope all is well in haircuttingville for you today......have a good one ..

    hiya ppqp hope all is well in canadia..yes indeed the sin bin is a wealth of memories for squaddies..on r and r ,some went ranching others hired a car and others just lived in the sin bin...Cards this week?

    hiya teegee are you now?good I hope ..

    a big hello to everyone else ...

    A bit confusing at our annual diversity meeting at work today.

    We had a transgender with gender on its agenda.

    My wife says she's leaving me because I won't move to a bigger place.

    I told her to zip up the tent flap on her way out.

    Tommy Robinson begs Donald Trump to grant him asylum in US.

    Where the milkshakes are as thick as him.

    What do you call a Japanese car thief ? ..... TommyTookAMotor
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7


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    Re: July 7th

    Mae everybody,Mick nothing about your sharing with us is boring at all so don't even say that Det,love the pics,I want to get to Red Rock but I'm married to a person who barely wants to leave the house,I get it he's a plumber and drives around town all day so on days off he likes to stay put,plus he HATES the heat but still it hinders my desire to get out and enjoy life sometimes,PQ,now I want to know what dinner was? I had Kell make us a pan of her enchiladas, chicken and she uses lots of cheese Lav,looks like quite a mess around your area with lots of rainfall? The news was showing it in D.C yesterday,ordered some Similisan? Off Amazon yesterday I absolutely need these sinus issues to go away Flonase gives me a wicked headache, Nasacort makes me jittery,Claritin makes me dizzy,Allegra kills my stomach so I'm just at my wit's end by now,seems like Hylands is like eating Smarties candies and don't do shit either waaaah! Haha much love to all and wishes for a great BF Tuesday!
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"

    Off the table no MATTER what.

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    Re: July 7th

    Mae all -
    Quick checkin, as I will shortly be on nurse duty with hubs... the dog got me up and out early, so iím Sending you all best regards...

    Mick, congrats on the trek!!! So impressive, and thx for the pics - it looks magical, though iím sure it didnít feel that way! Good luck getting ready for your trip and next trek.

    Lav, that storm sounded like a scary one, sheesh; I wish you some cool dry days and No More Snakes!!!

    Pauly, amazing that you felt that shake - scary. I hope that you find a way to do some exploring out and about... it can be fun.

    PPQ, so sorry your body is rebelling against the change in timing your meds... hope that all works out! Howís the garden going? Smooshed by the rain like Lavís?

    Sam, nice of you to help out with the farmers market in the heat... try to stay cool!

    Det, awesome pics! So glad to hear that you have your ďgoĒ kit ready. I realize that we should make one for residence here in the mountains - trees everywhere, we should be ready for anything. Hmmmm, must work on that.

    Hubs is still suffering... Iím running out of options to help him... we went to the ER, but itís a bad virus,.. (so my diagnosis was correct!). Trying to keep his spirits up... he has a ton of work ahead of him...

    Wishing all a great AF day ó

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    Re: July 7th

    MAE ALL...and the winner for dinner last night was a chicken stir fry. LOL why exactly is your back sore? Your panoramic photo is super but I especially like the one of the 2 hikers!

    Mick...I hope the peskies are safely ensconced in their holiday home. There's a big word for you eh? So which squaddie were you? LOL No cards today, had to deal with a finicky software install and of course had to leave by noon. I do plan on spending tomorrow afternoon playing though. that settles it, when you me and Det get together we'll meet at Red Rock. LOL My twin suffered from allergies when she was living in the states and always made me bring Reactine when I visited. Have you tried that? Hope you can find something that works.

    TG...yup it's the new gardening, smooshing! Just what you needed after all your traveling, a trip to the ER. Hope you can work some magic and get hubs feeling better.

    Lav...waves to you, you'll probably be posted just above me when I finish.

    Not doing any cooking tonight. Told the boys dinner was up to them. Have a great evening all...PPQP

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    Re: July 7th

    Good evening all,

    Running a bit late tonight, we had a community meeting to attend. It seems that a county land conservatory group has purchased a 180 acre property on our road & has plans to turn it onto a nature & wildlife preserve. They want to have a parking lot for up to 15 cars & there probably will be lighting involved & walking trails installed. This is worry us locals who live on this narrow, unlit country road. All of a sudden there’s going to be traffic here? We have no local PD to patrol the area & anything could happen back there so we went & voiced our concerns. We shall see what happens.

    Det, your pics are awesome! You & your girlfriend look like a match to me
    I hope the quakes settle down out there, that makes me nervous to say the least!

    Mick, I hope your bunnies have fun at bunny camp while you are away, haha!
    You pics are amazing as well & I’m sure you will be taking loads more in the coming days!
    Weather was not too hot today but tomorrow heatwave #3 begins with ? Days of 90 degrees or greater with tons of humidity. Yuck!

    Pauly, I hate to say this but the you probably should make an appointment to see an allergist. I think your allergies need to be treated by a specialist. OTC stuff is not helping obviously so give it some thought. Even if you end up having to get allergy shots for a while I think it’s worth a shot.

    Cyn, good to see you. Sorry your husband is still sick. Sometimes viral illnesses can hang around for quite a while unfortunately.
    Hang in there, I’ve been thinking about you
    No snake sightings today but there’s always tomorrow, haha!

    PQ, you beat me here fair & square tonight!
    I hope your sons brought you something tasty for dinner.

    Hello to everyone else & have a nice night all!
    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: July 7th

    Arf! Arf! ABeroooooos!

    heya gang, good stuff mostly I see, except Treegirl having to play nurse... it's a good thing us guys have gals to
    take care of us. We aren't always great at it for sure.

    Pauly, sorry you don't get out to adventure like you want to. Maybe just tell him yer running to the store, then come back 5 hours later in hiking boots
    with a nice tan

    Mick, those pics and your area are lovely.. I really dig how green it is there. I really like all different types of natural scenery.
    must say though i about had a seizure trying to read the text on that stone placard... Gaelic?

    Lav, hope the locals can get a fair say in that new project.

    PPQ, back was sore (better now) from rollerskating of all things... just a very different movement for me. Good to dice things up a bit though.
    stir-fry sounds great. Hope the boys don't burn down the kitchen tonight!

    a very good work day here i'm happy to say. Productive and mellow. May they stay that way!

    have a fantabulous snooze one and all and of course, be well
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: July 7th

    morning all
    looks like another hot one.
    Lav, how's the snake visitor? I might be repeating a story, but a couple weeks ago I found a smaller snake all caught up in some blueberry netting I had stored away, and cut it out, it took a bit of doing, anyway, I hope when it grows up, it will remember me and leave my eggs alone, yeah, right.

    Mick, looks like a wonderful out of the way adventure. looks so open and desolate. Speaking of desolate, Det, where were you on your hike? Also, wasn't there someone here that was into roller derby? Can't remember the name.

    Pauly, whenever I hear or read the word allergies, I itch. I hope it gets sorted out for you. My wife is very allergic to mold, and boy do we have it around here. She's also a smoker, which I believe doesn't help her.

    PQ, what was for dinner? hope they brought you something delish.

    TG, how's it going? hope your husband is doing better.

    well off to work, have a luverly day everyone.
    Liberated 5/11/2013

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