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    Re: Week commencing 28th of July

    Ooooh Roooh ABerooooos!

    oh my, head spinning from all this learning..good stuff. yay for neuroplasticity.

    Mick, damn man... or dam rather. That's stuff we just don't really think about often. Glad you haven't washed away.

    Pauly, we should hit a taco truck on Lake Mead sometime when you are not inundated with family chores.
    I certainly remember the L&S show, good clean fun.

    Lav, my FB biz page is still a place-holder so stay tuned and I'll share when it's presentable... grazie.
    so cool you can do this as a true hobby and passion.

    PPQ, not familiar with that treatment but fingers crossed for you. Breathing is a pretty big deal overall.

    Not camping this weekend as things popped up but looking forward to zipping over to my ______ therapist today
    and working on graphics/logo etc. And of course therapy
    If I do swim in the pool I'll try to not gulp as much chlorine water this time. ugh.

    well, time for another pot of coffee (yes pot)

    be well loves!
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: Week commencing 28th of July

    MAE ALL...

    Mick...glad to hear the cold is clearing up, sure Julie appreciates it. LOL We're having the same weather again, 28 and waiting for storms. Nope, no jell-o. Helicopter handlers course, no thank you. I love to fly but the one and only time I was in a helicopter for some surveying work was enough for me. I'll stick with Cessna's.

    Det...staying tuned for your FB page. So is your ......therapist also a graphics art designer? If I were you I'd stick to garlic as opposed to chlorine. LOL

    Going to be taking it easy this weekend, not going to stress the breathing. Have a Super Sober Saturday all....PPQP

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    Re: Week commencing 28th of July

    Greetings Abbers,

    Iím sitting here watching CNN news coverage of today mass shooting in El Paso, TX. Death count so far is 19 but thatís likely to change. Two children, one only 2 years old were injured but are alive. 40 others also injured not to mention the impact this always has on the first responders & hospital staff. Enough already
    TX is filled with all those gun toting yahoo cowboys but none of them could take down a 21 year old shooter? WTH?
    I often wish I could pick up my family & relocate to a kinder, gentler space on the planet.

    PQ, sorry about your respiratory status. You have remained off the smokes?
    Trelegy is a newer drug but I understand itís method of action in opening up your airways & keeping them open while reducing the inflammation. I hope you get quick relief. Iím sure the heat & humidity is making your breathing worse. Now I really want Fall to get here!!!

    Hi Mick, doing well here. I sent the Golden out & she retrieved the 2 baseballs my grandson hit the last time he was here, haha! Heís a pretty good hitter for an 8 year old but you can never find the baseballs, Lol
    I have to take at least a half day off from the news once or twice a week. Iím afraid my head will explode if I donít!!!
    I meant to say we see those Chinooks frequently around here being fairly close to two military bases. Those things are NOISY when they fly over. I was impressed watching the video you posted. I hope the retaining wall holds.

    Hello to all the missing folks, hope everyone is well.
    Have a peaceful night.

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