Greetings Abbers,

Had a nice day here for the local apple festival. Next year I really need to reserve a vendor table there, haha!
Had my older grandson all afternoon, just took him home. I need to get busy finishing up all the crafty stuff I need for next weekend.

Cyn, since we moved here there’s no more leaf raking, thank goodness. YB runs over them with the tractor to mulch them & feed the grass. My years of leaf raking are long over & my allergies are grateful, haha! I have never attempted to drive in NYC, don’t think I would survive it either. Hopefully you can find a few clients a bit closer to you
It’s been a few years since we went on a long drive down Sam’s way to see the leaves there, very pretty!

Mick, still waiting for you to share some of that rain, geez. How’s the situation with that nearby dam now? All fixed & holding up I hope!
Many years ago we were at the airport waiting to go somewhere & all flights were held up because Air Force One was landing there at the time. The plane is huge & I know it costs a fortune to fly. No expenses spared, huh???

Hello to Det & PQ! Would love to hear from both of you.
Hi to Sam & Pauly too.

Have a lovely evening!