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Thread: oct27th

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    Re: oct27th

    MAE ALL...

    Lav...glad YB has bounced back, did you get the results back yet? Wow, I'm glad the tornado didn't get any closer to you or your daughter. good to hear that your clients are raving about your work, that's got to feel good. Looking forward to seeing the twilight photos.

    Pauly...sorry Romeo wasn't up to trick and treating. The change of plans and just staying home sounded great to me. I've become such a drag. Book and bed is what I look forward to.

    Mick...glad to see you didn't let any of the the halloween candy go to waste. LOL Raining again? What a surprise. No more midnight callers last night, actually had a really good sleep.

    My brother in law is in from Saskatchewan. Halloween was my sister's favorite holiday so he thought he'd spend it with the grandkids instead of being alone at home. Think it was the right decision as he's really enjoyed himself and is looking forward to going home instead of dreading it. He picked me up after work today and we went to my brother's for dinner. We had a very enjoyable evening and I actually lasted till 8pm. LOL Now it's time for B&B (Book and Bed). Have a restful evening all....PPQP

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    Re: oct27th

    Mae everybody,PQ,book and bed sounds good to me too I hate that I've become such a homebody,it's a bit worrying just cuz I don't wanna miss out on living life,there were a few events in October that I had planned to go to but either one of the kids were sick, didn't have the extra money or dammit just didn't have the mojo to go,now that it cold(for Vegas) I REALLY don't wanna do shit! Except sit on my couch and watch my shows haha,also doesn't help that hubs is exhausted after work so he's mojoless too,ah we'll figure it out,Lav,did the grandkids stop by on Halloween? Or are you too far out to just swing by? Mick,I didn't waste any candy either,got myself a nice stash of the good stuff,Snickers,Reese's,etc,Cyn,glad you didn't hafta go travel to your friend's place,PQ I forgot to mention that in the 16 years of working there nobody used to quit cuz it was a well running business,it's only after this new girl became in charge that things started to take a dump, we'll see what happens,much love to all and wishes for great BF Saturday off to fix a good!
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: oct27th

    Good afternoon all how we today then ? hope all is well ,,,,yes it's pouring with rain yet again today so again the rabbits are hiding out in the garage at least they are friends now.Over here tonight is Guy Fawkes night with the bonfires ...lots of bonfires lots of fireworks in fact there is one over the road from us quite strange how they celebrate a man who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament I wonder if they'd be so keen is to do that nowadays
    Hiya ppqp how are you today? hope all is well with you.yes it's raining and the bonfires are on tonight so it may be a damp squib so glad your brother in law came over from Saskatchewan it would make things a little easier for him as well I suppose .yes I can assure you none of the halloween candy went to waste in the slightest!!
    Hiya Pauly how are you today ?hope all is well there's nothing wrong with being a home person so you never let the Candy go to waste either good I love hershey bars they are gorgeous

    hiya Lav tornadoes do a bit of damage dont they?you know Ive got this vision of a lil ole Amish guy in his lavvy outside texting away furiously by candlelight .

    hiya teegee hows you today then?all ok I hope ..are you getting anywhere near sorted out yet?

    right all have a good weekend

    My wife just asked, "What was Jesus' full name?"

    So I dropped a bowling ball on her foot.

    I went to a shop today to buy a prosthetic limb.

    But when I got there it had changed hands.

    the new slimmers world cook-book is very up to date and now. For example it's full of glutton free recipes.

    I was at a seance for Halloween last night.

    I had the shivers.

    They must've used a hee bee gee bees board.

    A belated thought for the day for Thursday.
    For people of a certain religious persuasion, today, November 1st, is All Saints Day.
    I tried Asda, the Post Office, the Petrol Station, Woolworths (it was still shut), McDonald's and the local off licence. Not one saint to be seen anywhere, plenty of sinners though.
    Last Sunday, in church, father O’Malley was giving it large about about some of the more unusual saints who would be out and about on this day. Here are a few of those he mentioned and the beneficiaries of their patronage.

    St Drogo - unattractive people. St Polycarp of Smyrna - dysentery.
    St Friard - wasps. St Germain of Cousin - rural girls.
    St Bibiana - hangovers. St Catherine of Alexandria - stenographers.
    St Isidore - internet. St Clotilde - Disappointing children (???)
    It is possible I might have seen St Drogo with his flock entering Wetherspoons

    Alphabet acquiring FitBit means Google will now know when your heart has stopped before anyone else and can serve funeral ads to your loved ones!

    "When I were a young lad we were so poor we couldn't afford any clothes, but I remember one Christmas me Dad bought me a hat so I could look out the window".

    Tried to contact my uncle who died of bladder complications.
    I used a Wee Wee Board.

    "I'm finding it very hard to move on. I just can't imagine starting with something new right now", my girlfriend said as we were breaking up

    "I completely understand" I said, softly.

    "Do you really?" She smiled

    "Yes," I said, "that's exactly how I feel about the starters at the Chinese buffet".

    I can speak to dead window cleaners.
    I use a squeegee board

    Just contacted 2 of the Gibb trio, one of them is stayin alive.

    I got in touch with the other two on my Bee Gee board.
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    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 8..done that bimbling into year 9..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 10


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    Re: oct27th

    Good evening Abbers,

    Nice & cool & sunny today which was perfect for planting 24 tulip bulbs, a hibiscus root & a reblooming lily root. The ground was soft after all the rain so that was a plus

    Mick, YB just had a call from an amish guy in the dark, haha! They don’t text just make calls. This guy wanted to be the first on the list for a Tuesday morning run someplace. Work, work, work is what they do.
    So how do the bonfires do in teh rain? That must be tough. I. Hope you dry out soon.

    PQ, glad your BIL thought to come visit you instead of toughing it out alone. Any chance of him relocating closer to the grandkids?
    We’re turning clocks back tonight but I don’t imagine I’ll be sleeping any longer than usual. Hope you are taking it easy tonight!

    Pauly, it’s just normal to be at home more as you age. Now’s a good time to pick up some new hobbies - knitting, sewing, crocheting, painting etc

    Hello to Cyn & Det!

    Well we ran out to the supermarket & grabbed the last turkey breast they had so I’ll be dropping it in the IP tomorrow, yum
    Wishing everyone a nice night!

    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: oct27th

    Mae all -

    Glad everyone is chugging along... we had trick-or-treaters here at the apartment building (they gave us signs to put on our doors, so kids would know if it was OK to knock.) I put the "no" sign on our door, plus "Happy Halloween" and a basket of goodies - they were all gone by 9pm...

    I drove on Friday up to a client in my old home town, then up further into MA to help some friends who have sold their house. I went back to my CT digs, and spent the night (with my pooch in tow) at my old across-the-street neighbor. It was so good to catch up and hang out with her.
    Btw, Lav, they had terrible weather also up there - roads were closed, and power out in some of the towns.

    Glad everyone made it through Halloween OK... these trips away are great for me, as I get out of the congested traffic around here, but the long drives are a little tiring. Another trip on Monday...

    Lav, you are getting the Fiber award for cooking... how is YB doing with the big change in food? Hubs is down with a bad cold... I am wiping every surface down constantly... with just one bathroom to share, I wonder if I will be able to side-step this one, trying to! The plants you got in the ground sound great.

    PPQ, glad you got good rest after the neighbor's midnight knocking... that's crazy! Hope you are gaining energy each day.

    Det, congrats on the happy client - your work sounds great.

    Mick, what lucky rabbits to have hand-made toys! I may be taking my pup to doggy day care every so often, he needs some variety I think...

    Pauly, I am a "home body" from the get-go - crafts are a great idea, then you can actually see what you've been spending time on - I'd like to get back to knitting...

    Hello to Sam and all else dropping by... I'm going to have an early-morning nap... hubs' coughing, sleeping on the couch, plus a restless dog kept me up half the night... wishing all well today!!

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