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Thread: 24 November

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    Re: 24 November

    Good evening Abbers,

    Had a fairly successful day at the craft fair, made some $$.
    Several people ordered things but it remains to be seen if they actually follow thru - I have learned a bit.
    Cold & waiting for a snow then ice event starting after midnight. Snow - Ok, Ice - not so much!

    Pauly, here in the mid-Atlantic region we generally don’t spend that much time in sub-freezing temps. Sometimes you have trouble starting up your car in the morning if yo have an old battery though, ha ha!

    Mick, I hope you’re pampering that arm. You know you’re going to need it for a long time ti come.
    I’m personally glad the police eliminated the threat swiftly. A person like that doesn’t deserve to have his life spared

    PQ, what’s happening with you today?

    Hello to Cyn & Det!!!

    I’m tired so I’ll wish everyone a nice night!
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    Re: 24 November

    Mae all -

    Just a short one tonight, as I think most everyone will check in tomorrow (like last week!)

    Had another long day yesterday, driving up to where we used to live... I had things to donate and take to our old transfer station... I still have my old plates, not NY ones, so some things I can only take up there. I need to get even more things out of this apartment!!

    Long day today with stuff.... it is good to read what everyone is doing. Day off tomorrow, so I will post more. Hope all have sweet dreams tonight...

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