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    Re: Dec1

    Good evening Abbers,

    Chilly but dry here today. We did a big run around gathering things today including 250 lbs of chicken feed. Man can those birds eat, haha!!
    Also picked up a few gifts, yay.

    PQ, I truly hope you had a better day today. I’m glad you’re looking forward & staying positive. Keep taking good care

    Mick, that’s a beautiful picture!
    I used to enjoy the sunrises when I worked night shift because I knew I would soon be on m y way home
    Glad you enjoyed your class. I imagine we could all use a refresher at this point.

    Cyn, I survived the boys but they can really cause a few tense moments, haha. Keeping them separated is vital!!!
    Hope the itchies are under control.

    Pauly, no therapist is just going to hand out the answers. They ask questions to get you thinking about how you can do things ‘differently’.
    Just like being on this site, you learn new ways of handling old problems without AL. We get free therapy here

    Hello to Det! Hello to Sam!

    Have a nice night everyone.
    I have an eye doctor appointment tomorrow morning, yay.

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    Re: Dec1

    MAE ALL...

    Mick...that was a busy day for you, look at all you accomplished. I once took a defensive driving course, to be able to drive company vehicles, and was amazed at what I learned. It should be taught in regular driving courses. Immersing myself in a hobby won't help with my thinking. I started CBT yesterday and am really looking forward to working through my thought process and changing it for the better. It will help in all aspects of my life. That pic looks like the sky is on fire.

    TG...thanks for the support. Hope you get the bug results soon.

    Pauly...yes you definitely have to have a good feeling about your therapist and I like mine.

    Lav...I'll say those birds can eat! How many do you currently have? Is it a regular eye appointment? I have an appointment with my ophthalmologist in January, just a check up but he's also going to do a field test. My Dad had retinitis pigmentosa, loss of peripheral vision, and it's hereditary. No issues he just wants to keep an eye on it. LOL

    Well it's off to face the music meeting with the boss at 11, if it actually happens. Would like to get it over with and move on. Have a great day all.....PPQP

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    Re: Dec1

    Mae everybody,PQ,I hope it goes ok,keep us posted Lav,that's alot of feed! I'm kinda glad now I didn't get any chickens just cuz so much work I already have with these animals, guinea pig needs feeding, watering, cleaning,dogs need everything,tortoises keep me on my toes in the summer and I'm sooooo glad they're in hibernation right now! Mick hows the arm/shoulder? I thought of you last night when Michelles knee was acting up and remember Lav telling you to alternate hot/cold,Cyn,hope you have a nice day,I hope we all do much love to all and wishes for a great BF Fryday!
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

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    Re: Dec1

    good afternoon all and how are we today then? hope all is well in the Madhouse. Very chilly over here again today it actually started Sleet snowing this morning feeling a bit pleased with my little self a friend of Julie's at work I was talking to Julie about someone she knew single parent with little boy and their television and gone wonky no upstairs in the spare room we have a 48-inch colour television with remote etc that never gets used not anymore we do we gave it away and apparently the little lad has not stopped watching it since that made me feel good just helping someone
    Was going to go for a walk today over the moors but apart from being a nightmare in this weather it is also foolish
    Hiya lav how are you today then hope all is well I
    Loved nights too going off as the day shifts begin

    Hiya ppqp you ok today then?hope so ...yep the course was take care

    Hiya pauly hope all is well .shoulder is tons better..not there yet by along way but def on the mend
    How is Michelle's knee doing

    I am trying to do this on my phone but with limited success every so often it decides it does not understand me and then at other times it just decided to stop

    hello tree girl how are you today? Have you found out what the mites were yet or is it too soon what temperature is it is dealt with pretty quickly
    Right folks that's me me apologies for this being a short one, but apart from just talking general rubbish not really a lot more to say so take care have a great weekend and stay sober

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    Re: Dec1

    Greetings friends!

    It’s still 46 degrees at 6 pm, not bad. It feels damp though so we may get some rain tonight.
    Had a good visit with the eye doc, there was a slight change in my Rx so new glasses ordered. Otherwise there was no problems.

    Well PQ, I hope the meeting went well. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
    I hope you can get some real R&R this weekend

    Pauly, we buy a lot of chicken feed at one time because the place we like is a little bit of a trip. We get the back of the truck filled up with feed bags then go a little farther north to a lunch spot we like. I have several tall metal trash cans with tight fitting lids in the chicken house where I store the feed (and try to keep the mice out of it, haha). I had 20 chickens all summer but lost one to old age early fall so I’m down to 19. I’m so used to having them I would feel weird without any birds, Lol

    Mick, I meant to say good job getting 45 out of London so fast. He was actually mad/embarrassed that the others were making fun of him, haha!!!! What a dork!!!
    Our House of Representatives is about to impeach him & he says they’ve lost their minds, LOL
    Glad you decided to stay & not go walking in a frosty day. Keep taking care!

    Cyn, how are you today?
    Det, how about you?

    Have a nice night everyone!

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    Re: Dec1

    Me again...what a great day! No prog coord and no boss!! Felt like the good old days. LOL

    Pauly...boss didn't come in today, he was dealing with a migraine. Starting to wonder if this meeting will ever take place.

    Mick...glad you came to your senses and didn't go for foolish. What a nice gesture with the TV, I'm sure it made you feel good. I'm feeling really good and positive today.

    Lav...I had been dreading this meeting all week but this morning I thought yup I did wrong and fully admit it, but you've (the boss) been aware of the situation for 10 months since the last blow up. We agreed that you'd work on detailing my job description and nothing has happened. So in a way I'm glad this has happened since I'm not getting any support at work I'm now getting outside support to deal with work issues. We had a warmish day 30F but are forecast for snow starting tomorrow and continuing through Sunday. I think I have to accept winter is here to stay.

    I plan on having a relaxing weekend and I hope the rest of you do too.....PPQP

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    Re: Dec1

    Mae everybody,PQ by the time the "meeting" takes place all this will probably be blown over anyways so don't stress too much,I just looked at the who's online thing and it said 96 viewing 2 members and 94 guests that can't be right? Wonder what they view and who the hell they are haha Mick glad the shoulder is better, Michelles been back to work building stages and did something to her knee but it seems a bit better now,Lav,I get it with the birds you'd feel naked without their presence they've been in your life for so long,Cyn any word on the critters you found? Much love to all and wishes for a great BF Saturday!
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"

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    Re: Dec1

    Mae all -

    Mick, glad you didn't go out in the bad weather... and what a generous sweet gift to that little boy!

    Lav, wow on the chicken feed - so nice that those girls have become part of the family - btw, how is your beagle doing? Are you swamped with orders for your gorgeous ornaments?

    Pauly, that sounds like you have a mini-zoo at your house! Always busy, I'm sure. Glad to hear your sleep is pretty good normally...

    PPQ, that approach sounds great - isn't it wonderful to have a roadmap into the territory of our emotions and mental reflexes? You go girl!

    Hello Det and Sam, hope all is well --

    Well, the insects turned out to be something other than what is biting me... but they are bugs that can come inside, and they can cause skin irritation, and the habitat outside the door is their favorite!! So, I will be putting out diatomaceous earth today while it is sunny and dry to try to move them away from the door and our patio... This last dose of ivermectin seems to be helping- at least the welts are receding, sigh. I need a magic wand! Maybe an energy-worker could come and raise the vibration there! I'm crossing fingers that all will work out soon.

    Wishing all a good Saturday - may we be well!

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    Re: Dec1

    hiya all are we today then all good I hope ...A cold day today again ,Im out detecting tomorrow ..a place called Temple Bruer ,where the knights used to practice in days gone by .Its supposed to snow here on Monday.

    Hiya tree girl...hows you then? good hopefully the bugs arent the culprits?hope it is all worked out for you rapidly

    hiya pauly hows things with you in this mad world today?hope you are well.glad Michelle is on the mend too.WAe get the birds too ..but the magpies and pigeons hog front stage.

    hiya ppqp hows you then today? hope you are well,,,,as for the meeting one dont stress over it ,your health is worth a lot more.Glad you said winter was there ...and not here!!!its weekend ..enjoy yourself

    hiya Lav you ok?hope so..Iwatched the whole 45 saga ...he cant lie straight in bed! and then takes a sulk because people are talking about him..oh well our loss sad too bad bye bye ..theres a world thats wrong and Donald is right ..We have our elections on thursday...

    right folks have a good one

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    Re: Dec1

    Good evening friends!

    Cold & cloudy here but dry, I hear we’re in for a big rain on Monday.
    I have gathered ingredients so I can get a head start on Christmas cookies, haha!!

    PQ, yesterday sounds like a gift for you. Glad you didn’t have to get stressed out over stuff that should have be attended to nearly a year ago.
    I hope the snow isn’t too awful for you. Enjoy the weekend anyway

    Pauly, every morning, after the coffee has brought me back to life I feed the dog then cut up an apple & some graham crackers to take out to the chickens. It’s my routine & I would miss it if I didn’t have them haha!!! I hope your daughter’s knee is OK, geez.

    Cyn, sorry you didn’t get the report you were hoping for on the critters. The DE is good & safe to use. I use it in my chicken yard to make their dust baths. They keep themselves bug free
    Have you been taking any prednisone for the itching welts? I really feel for you

    Mick, I wish i could send my grandson detecting with you. I imagine you’re going to find lots of neat stuff. I just ordered some accessories to go with his detector for Christmas. He should be happy.
    Trump made such a huge a$$ of himself in London you would think he would be hiding under a rock somewhere. Today he’s complaining that ‘low flush toilets’ (water saving toilets) make you flush 10-15 times to clean the bowl HA HA HA HA. What a moron!!!
    I hope your elections bring about something positive.

    Hello to Det & Sam.

    Have a nice night all!
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