Good evening Abbers,

Mick, I sure hope your hatless head is OK fella
Thanks for the pics, quite an interesting area to explore!!

Cyn, I haven’t gotten my trophy but I did get lots of peace & quiet today. The Amish guys had YB running them around all day.
I used the quiet time to make a double batch of this soup. I used farro in place of barley, boy was it good!!! Comforting Mushroom Barley Soup - Dairy Free Recipe
Our access to super fresh mushrooms helps a lot, so good.
Sorry about your knee. It’s possible to strain ligaments without doing much unfortunately. The usual resting, elevating & icing if swollen helps. I’ve been know to use an ace wrap for support.
Lateral Collateral Ligament Sprain and Injury
I hope you get relief soon

Pauly, soup hits the spot after a few days of heavy eating, good thinking
I hope everyone is well in your house.

Hello to PQ & Det!

Made a lunch date for Monday with a friend from FL who is up this way for the holidays.
We enjoyed a 56 degree day, mostly sunny today. Tomorrow rain moves in ~ better than snow I guess.
Have a nice night everyone!