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Thread: 9th Feb

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    Re: 9th Feb

    MAE ALL...

    Had a really good day at work yesterday and was able to leave early for the long weekend. It's family day holiday on Monday. Unfortunately when I got home my son was in a pretty bad way. He said he's never felt this bad before. So it was an evening of pacing, talking, pacing, talking. Will try to get him into his therapist on Tuesday. Planning on traveling a little ways north tomorrow to meet with some family members we haven't seen in a couple of years. He was really excited about it on Thursday so hopefully it'll help. Need to get some coffee into me so will pop in later today....PPQP

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    Re: 9th Feb

    Ahoy ABerooooskies!!!

    Lav, Italian bread? my weakness....oh yummy. I think I'm kind of infatuated with all things Italian come to think of it.
    tryiing to set aside a few minutes daily to learn the language on Duoling APP.

    still can't post likes or thanks. arg! thank/like you all!!

    shoots yesterday went well, albeit a big day but I'm relieved. Monday will be a huge test as I'll be bonkers slammed to keep up.
    I can only do what i can do... simple as that.

    no more cravings, yay! thanks all for the boost.

    Mick, amazing owl shots! what incredible evolutionary camo they have.

    Vallentines was way more fun this year with someone special I just made antipasti which we enjoyed by candle light... perfect.

    PPQ, best to you and son. we struggle with Darlense daughter and it can be so emotional I know. xxxooo

    well, time to make breakfast. gluten free toast with avo and one with egg.

    be well loves!

    oh... fancy dress gala tonight so yesterday I got a new sports jacket...look out. Mr Garlic is getting dressed up LOL
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: 9th Feb

    Good evening friends,

    We are kidless once again, haha!!!
    Itís funny how much you can enjoy a visit with a granddaughter. & tolerate a visit with a grandson, LOL. They were both good yesterday thru dinner, then he went home
    We drove granddaughter home because her mom is still not feeling real great & I didnít want her driving all the way here & back. That was fun.

    Cyn, living all my life so close to Philly, Italian bread is a big damn deal, haha! All those Italian meatball making mommas insist on good bread to go with every meal.
    It was super cold overnight & all day today. Looking forward to a high of 47 Sunday Hope your weekend is going well!

    Mick, Looks like you are in for it this weekend with the weather! Geez!
    Just think of all the nice spring grass that will be growing soon from all this water.

    Hello to PQ, Det & Sam.

    Hope everyone has a nice night!
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    Re: 9th Feb

    Greetings all and how are we today then question mark hope all is well the weather is performing as per lots and lots of lovely rain, But Wait For It tomorrow morning we are forecast to have sunshine not all day just the morning then back to rain again and next week we are in to storm Edna I think it is. Ok I'm going to show let's have a brew

    Hiya pauly and how are you today then question mark hope all is well with you yes us 60-year olds are quite active as well haha not yesterday the day before I did 22000 steps on my Fitbit hope you have a great weekend

    Hiya lav how are you? Hope all is well is the embroidery machine still broken or have you managed to fix it don't know about balmy weather we're having absolute barmy weather... it was trying to snow here earlier on but then turned to rain in fact the only thing it hasn't done is let yellow rays out

    Hiya p p q p and how are you today then question mark hope all is well in Canadia 1958 is 2 minutes till 8 at night yes I do use Google to check and search the internet, and yes you wouldn't have to leave some of of the rubbish that comes up
    Here's one for you you know how you said that's all cost quite a substantial amount of money to raise the in-ground plot ? No bearing in mind it is a community Project and helps the community is it not a viable proposition to get some local Assistance and my local Assistance I mean those convicted of crime but serving a community sentence or indeed prisoners who are eligible for day release.. it would be massive kudos for them and also great publicity for you

    Hello to everyone else but here there and everywhere take care and have a great weekend
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7




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